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Just wanted to not that:
If there is any help needed with a new thread.
Just comment below.
I can make a Ocean Blue Picture again to start a Thread nicely.

~Thats all.


Hmmmm, I'm trying to think of things that there are a lot of TFs of that don't have threads.

Here are some ideas

1. Muscles
2. Monsters (or myths)
3. Inanimate Things
4. Robots
5. Forced/Unwilling TF
6. Corruption
7. Science Based TF
8. Magical TF
9. Clone TF or Copy TF (into same/identical creature)
10. I suppose we could have a manly TF and a girly TF thread as well

If you draw it, they will come.


File: 136004788044.jpg (269.47 KB, 830x1220, 1357696995_onthebackofbull….jpg) Google iqdb

I suppose we could have a humor thread too


Can you make a starting picture for Macro TF stuff? Like people turning into big things or furries growing giant?


Also, any clue why the TF comic thread is now not bumping when people post in it?


dont know been like that for a couple days they arent going to fall off till theres like 10 pages of threads



Yeah, It'd be nice to have the threads with new images on the front page again


I have made the Macro/Micro one now.
>>2423 < Some more people want this?
Or the other suggestions wich >>2415 made?~
Or new Suggestions are welcome aswell.
Would be nice to see that more then just 1 guy wants a new thread in the Transformation Board.
Keep them up people! And thanks!


a transformation flash thread would rock! I mostly like male tfs, but female/intersex is OK too


File: 136234846899.jpg (36.9 KB, 400x400, whyhipawguy.jpg) Google iqdb

Would be sweet indeed,
But i don´t think you can actually make a thread on a board with pictues already.
Well, that´s what i think... not sure.
Can someone enlighten me perhaps?


I think he wants animated stuff such as adobe flash, which in reality could just chill in ya know.../flash/ but hey it's whatever


Looks like we could use a New Comics thread as well. . .


A photomanip thread would be cool.


That would be?
Is it that photo-edited pictures of Furries?
We had that on the old Pawsru as far i can remember.
But go on, inform me what it is.
And oh. ~horray? captcha is back v.v ...


Yes. As in, photos of people edited to look like furries.


Well i have to say for myself that that thread sounds very interesting.
2 things what I wonder,

1- does it belong to the TF board? And why?
2- what do others think about this thread? Interested?


I'm not huge into Photo manipulations, but if people have stuff for a thread . . .

What about a TF story thread, there are a million of them out there and most are pretty terrible, It'd be nice to see what other people have managed to find.


What about one page TF sequences?


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