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File: 135723861318.jpg (77.03 KB, 505x750, OkapiTFcoloredsm.jpg) Google iqdb


The sequence or the single image that make you love transformation!
for me it was this one...by arania kamiki


File: 135728619444.jpg (224.4 KB, 880x680, 1345073516_angrboda_diz_sm….jpg) Google iqdb

Im a girl and my tf fetish started with this image!


For me it was probably just too many cartoons



For me, well, old spanish movie called "Las gallinas des Cervantes " :) 1,5h of woman to hen tf :) http://www.transformationlist.com/transtv.html


seconded on too many cartoons


Aye, plenty of old 80s-90s cartoons influenced: TMNT, Batman TAS, Conan, Gargoyles, etc.

But as for the... 'fetish' itself, you can balme this artist's works in general, I remember first seeing them on the old Shadowlord website http://www.loboleo.com/gall_pics.htm

Loboleo, one of the best werewolf artists out there but unfortunately one that loves taking 1-2 years long sudden hiatus :S


I guess possibly video games as well


Umm... It definitely started with anime catgirls — Hyper Police, AFAIR.
Then cowgirls and Doc's lab. Ranzab, Loboleo, SolidAsp.
Then Arania.
Then TransFur etc.


File: 13639719878.jpg (122.33 KB, 326x500, Voodootf[1].jpg) Google iqdb



File: 136424334376.jpg (726.76 KB, 1280x966, agent_lovedoll_tf2.jpg) Google iqdb

The best single image, more me, was this one.

It's a little odd, as I don't really go for inanimate/suit/etc TFs, on the whole.


File: 1554647276664.png (355.2 KB, 675x591, 4e9b315a09b1159fcf8734141a….png) Google iqdb

not the first but mean it gets me going

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