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Any transformation that deals with costumes.
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The TF Comics and and Human into Animal TF Threads are now not able to be bumped (as far as I can tell).

My Guess is that they are both over 200 posts, and there is some automatic function that modified them.

Is there any way to change these threads so that they may again be bumped when people post in them?


make a new thread


But what about Thread redundancy? I Think we have a good thing going in the TF board with a few relevant threads that actually get posted in fairly frequently.

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TFs in which the subject is enjoying themselves.
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Startinf with my own Transfurmation ^^



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Pictures/Comics/Storylines that has to do with the subject shrinking.


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Post Tfs with someone losing control, being hypnotized, mindbreak, etc.
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One of the best, for sure!
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Transformation Board is here!
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Sometimes, all it takes is the right word in the right ear.

- I.


Pleasant surprise!


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Thank you so much!


Also just a heads up moved the TF thread from fc to here.


Can you also move JollyJack thread (http://pawsru.org/pawsX/fc/res/21436.html) here?

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