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Just wanted to not that:
If there is any help needed with a new thread.
Just comment below.
I can make a Ocean Blue Picture again to start a Thread nicely.

~Thats all.
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Yes. As in, photos of people edited to look like furries.


Well i have to say for myself that that thread sounds very interesting.
2 things what I wonder,

1- does it belong to the TF board? And why?
2- what do others think about this thread? Interested?


I'm not huge into Photo manipulations, but if people have stuff for a thread . . .

What about a TF story thread, there are a million of them out there and most are pretty terrible, It'd be nice to see what other people have managed to find.


What about one page TF sequences?


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soty's website is down right now,anyone know why?
i mean sure you can find pics at transfur and furaffinity,but did someone archive a collection of his art?


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Anything that has a character(s) from a video game.
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All Furries, All the Time.

No Humans allowed
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self explanatory.
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Post TFs that are better than other TFs here. They can be artistically appealing, or just particularly expressive, but these ones must be a cut above the rest.
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 No.37[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

~Art of Humans/Creatures/Animals into an Feral.
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Could someone please bump the TFTG thread to the front page? I can not figure out how to once a thread gets 200+ replies . . .


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Anything by this highly skilled TF artist!
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The Transformation Macro/Micro Thread.
Furs/Humans into Smaller/Bigger Furry/Anthro Creatures.


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