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Any Transformation that bends/blends gender
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Does anyone have Mamabliss's Lex? The comic where the anthro stallion turns into a mare?


Does anyone have Mamabliss's Lex Comic? The one where a woman turns an anthro stallion into a mare?

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I've seen some stuff posted here that I haven't noticed elsewhere and was wondering if y'all had any more?
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Any transformation from human(s) to animal(s). Can be a mix of animals both regular and humanoid.
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soty1s one ?


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That would be two parts of it, first and third, now just need the second piece and the last.


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Most of these are Human to Anthro..

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Prolific Artist. Let's round up the most appealing works.
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Could we get the TFTG thread bumped to the front? It's stuck on page two.


Arania has a part of her images reserved for paying viewers. Is there any chance of seeing any of those images here?


Seems the Thread is corrupted.
My comic Thread had this once aswell.
I guess you need to do the same as i did.
Copy the whole thread and make a new one so one of us could delete the old one. :/



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someone who can share this comic tnx :)
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It's uploaded on exhentai, anyways. End


Thanks a lot!

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Last one was taken down due to ???. Re-do time. Also, if anyone can tell me why it was taken down I would sincerely appreciate it.
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Hope you enjoyed!
Decently good mass TG TF into Drenai women so I felt it fits.
Could live without the mindless sex toy angle.


Whatever happened to that? Was it ever completed, or does anybody know?

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~All TF Comics/Art of JollyJack.
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What about "Pizza Time"?


I really wanna read this one.


bump for this


does anyone have pizza time now?


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Any transformation where the primary focus are hands and/or feet into paws. May include fur growth and bursting of shoes.
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