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I am sure some of you have heard of a few of these. A lot of transformation artists from Pixiv (including Edmol, Nojo, Greenback, Kojica, etc.) and elsewhere collaborate to publish together. The online stores, such as Alice Books, are mostly out. I was wondering if anyone knew where to acquire them or if anyone could post them.
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Ive been wanting to get the transfur..damn it why dont they just sell these as digital download


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If someone can find Trans Fes Side A for sale I can buy it and share it. I really want to find that one.

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Not just an attitude adjustment towards feminization, but towards the specific form of an idealized nuclear family unit of the 40's-60's, generally that of a happy and servile housewife and homemaker.
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Any Species, Any Gender, so long as it contains some kind of rubbery and or gooey TF
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Let's get some hard core Male TFs here, solo, group, sex.. let's post it all.

This little TF comic by Mark Wulfgar http://www.furaffinity.net/user/markwulfgar/
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this thread right here…. is my mother fucking fetish <3


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The sequence or the single image that make you love transformation!
for me it was this one...by arania kamiki
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I guess possibly video games as well


Umm... It definitely started with anime catgirls — Hyper Police, AFAIR.
Then cowgirls and Doc's lab. Ranzab, Loboleo, SolidAsp.
Then Arania.
Then TransFur etc.


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File: 136424334376.jpg (726.76 KB, 1280x966, agent_lovedoll_tf2.jpg) Google iqdb

The best single image, more me, was this one.

It's a little odd, as I don't really go for inanimate/suit/etc TFs, on the whole.


File: 1554647276664.png (355.2 KB, 675x591, 4e9b315a09b1159fcf8734141a….png) Google iqdb

not the first but mean it gets me going

File: 138480428772.jpg (108.98 KB, 400x560, the_last_dragon_by_locofur….jpg) Google iqdb


need more locofuria


Here, he's posting it for free, hope you have an account there!


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This is the thread for bizarre, distasteful, filthy,morally unacceptable, strange, off-putting,and otherwise WTF Transformations.
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Been looking for a T/F story.

Woman goes on a (research expedition?) into a forest, keeps a journal.

Bugs keep swarming her, even in her tent, and she gets slimy and starts hearing buzzing in her head. She dissolves into slime and insects in the middle of writing one entry.

I thought I saw it on transform.to but I can't find it anymore. Anyone have any ideas?

File: 138382018598.jpg (134.41 KB, 1280x966, 1337786637_denton_foufrost….jpg) Google iqdb


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a thread for magic colorful horses
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looks like all thread on this board is dead but take this


File: 137522755523.jpg (288.91 KB, 1280x1280, 1375221328_arnachybunny_pi….jpg) Google iqdb

ups this is first page




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