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bara thread anyone? Preferably Anthropomorphic
Also what do you all think of the new touching mechanic for x and y?


File: 137814264927.jpg (60.05 KB, 500x268, Pokemon-34-Bara-Pikachu-02….jpg) Google iqdb

I had no idea what "bara" was so I Googled it....O_O`


Lol. Me too. >-> So, I guess it was to do with human/pokemon cuddling, verging on molesting?


File: 137823145288.jpg (72.88 KB, 500x375, Pokemon-bara-34-machoke-03….jpg) Google iqdb

I have alot of achieved Pokemon porn but pokey bara is one thing I'm surprisingly short of,which is a shame because it interests me....;p


File: 137826367980.jpg (112.73 KB, 800x800, Fanart-Suspension.jpg) Google iqdb

No, no, bara is like...really muscular or masuline. In >>3753 the human is bara. In >>3756 the machoke is bara.

It's like the opposite of the word "bishounen" or "girly boy."


File: 137826385311.png (258.06 KB, 400x1200, Fanart-EmboarHugbyConch.png) Google iqdb

I...don't really like bara much, so these are the only examples I have, sorry.


File: 137840114397.png (473.37 KB, 500x667, Pokemon-Bara-34-Dugtrio-Fl….png) Google iqdb

Ok a little more...

Also I love this picture >>3717


File: 137840263165.jpg (148.27 KB, 1280x1020, Pokemon-34-Machke-maldu_mc….jpg) Google iqdb


File: 137840285752.jpg (401.37 KB, 900x655, Pokemon-Bara-echin_pokemon….jpg) Google iqdb


File: 137856990454.jpg (117.05 KB, 490x368, scrape.jpg) Google iqdb

I'll start this by saying this is the only thing you should use for Pokemon-Amie


File: 13785702606.jpg (120.27 KB, 800x571, 3f99240830c5c989f0b328db96….jpg) Google iqdb

Now for some bara.

...really, captcha? Deliver fedexsped?


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Daddy <3

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