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Look at that, a whopping two hundred people are posting images here. It's almost enough to make the admin of a shitty imageboard cry. This is truly a feat of mankind.

Keep up the good work, comrades.


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Yeah, pawsru.org was recently mentioned at lulz.net. Also, I'm sure there are displaced persons here ever since 8chan went down.


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Oh huh, that's pretty neat. I know Pawsru had a pretty decent presence on 8chan, it sucks knowing another archive is gone.



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It may not all be gone. 8chan's owner is about to launch its replacement and he is inviting board owners from the old 8chan to move their boards to the new 8kun.net

> 8chan (8ch.net)‏ @infinitechan Oct. 8. If you were previously a Board Owner on 8chan, please email us at admin@8kun.net with your shared secret if you are interested in migrating your board to 8kun.


It would be nice if c49191 migrated his /pawsru/ board.


File: 1570845088085.jpg (101.78 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_20191011_201253.jpg) Google iqdb


That'd be pretty rad, c49191 actually has a mod account on here too. Hell, I'd be willing to merge/mirror all 8chan Pawsru posts here as well he wanted, there were some choice threads over there.


Admin! Some jackass keeps doing it. Delete it immediately! It's in Feet/Paws.


Seriously, get rid of the troll post.

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