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Post them all! Male and female :3
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Who is responsible for this? I must know the artist.



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Um, was Sonic Colors intetionally baiting the fans with this sentence? When l heard this l wished he'd mentioned his unwashed feet. <3


I haven't played a sonic game since Sonic and Knuckles. What sentence are you talking about? I love any reference to sonic's feet being incredibly smelly, and dirty <3


'Basically Tails says his translator says horrible body odour- Sonic sniffs his pits, l can't shake the feeling the writer was aware of the 'pervs of Sonic, and l would've loved the fanservice.


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Brilliant Sonic shrinking a human story 18+


This chapter would've been great... If it had proper spelling/grammar.


You don't think l know that?



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I love imagining how stinky Sonic's sexy feet must be. They must smell like sweat and aged cheese.


File: 138480332563.jpg (45.39 KB, 1275x721, umvrad.jpg) Google iqdb

Can you say, copping a feel?


I wish they could make a reference to Sonic's feet smelling bad in the games or comics. It would be even sexier if Sonic's feet actually stunk in-universe.


That's left up to the imagination, idiot.


What type of shoes (in real) would be similar to Sonics or Shadows big shoes? I think it would look cool to wear big shoes like that, with a pair of baggy pants or something :3


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I enjoyed this one a lot.



U wot m8?


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