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>>4473 Thank you very much! :3

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I would so snuggle up to those paws!


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Here we go again!
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if anyone does find the source for it, let us know~


Looks like he's not here...



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Can we get a sock thread going?
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There is simply not enough sock pictures to satisfy my needs


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I know that feel, bro


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can we have a thread of Ximon's art?
some of them i cant find anywhere since X-Red is gone


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Paws that don't resemble human feet. Regular paws, hooves, talons...but no "feet!"
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How have we not restarted this yet?...wait, it's because flash files are not allowed and even if they were, max file size is only 3MB. Fix please mods?

Also, link: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/11320177/

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I'm seriously surprised that I have never come across any paw/foot or tickle art of this character yet.... I mean, just look at how damn cute she is! If I could draw, I would! But since I can't, I'm going to try and write up a story for her. Anybody interested in doing some "artistic service" for her?


I was on DA this morning and came across this cute Animal Crossing story


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Where are is the entire Board?
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It's not bad luck when it's just some guy who apparently can't get it up without messing with other people first for no reason. I feel sorry for him. Must be hard going through life like that.


you realize all of this whiny, snippy little shit like "oh what a no life loser" is exactly the laugh payoff the guy was trying to create with his spam? you should quit giving him what he's looking for imo. your post is dripping with butt hurt


So do we know whether there's a backup or not?


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...Still waiting for a back-up.

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