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Might be futa comic , so I'll wait until after midnight lol.


I wonder how much cash my little sweetheart got , haha. They got beat in less than 24 hours. The artist's quality was pretty even though , doesn't it?

Screw swimsuits , Nudity's the way to go , ordered mine. Can't wait to see it.


My Little Sweetheart was made as a benefical project, the ones who participated agreeded to do it for free (since it was for a good cause).


I think my point stands.


Check this out if you haven't! I think it will be pretty awesome.


bump :3


They have some pretty awesome stuff for milestones; check it out!


3 months later and still no link or smth?

come on guys


It's still not out yet. Shipping in the end of July. Digital versions when all orders are received.


Welp, it's august now. Any news?


still nothing :(
guys anyone?




Seriously? Nothing yet?


its literally the same shit its been for the past few months. they're waiting for all the physical products to be ready to ship to the higher buyers. Once they start receiving their products, then the digital versions will be released to everyone who bought them. And then there'll be a few ways to buy the digital version. I believe Atryl will offer it, doxy might, not exactly sure, but it will be available for purchase once its finally released.

Until then just wait until the physical products are finished. It wasn't just books, remember? There were mouse pads, custom figures, etc. They're all in the process of being stocked right now so they can all be shipped out at once. You could keep up on updates at the offbeatr instead of bumping this thread.


Word I hear is digital will finally be out December 10th


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