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legitimate request for bad images


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http://yp1.pony.pp.ua/book.php (Past pony comics)

http://derpy.me/PonyHypnosis (Hypnotize yourself to be ponies)

http://tulpa.info/guides/index.html (Create a seperate identity you can interact with, have sex with, and feels physically real. It also has its own opinions and grows over time. It can even possess your body and switch places with you.)

http://pastebin.com/u/PonyPlotWorship (Pony butts)

http://milkymare.imgur.com/ (Milkyway crotchtits images)

http://sherclop.com/ (Friendship is witchcrafts new home)

http://goo.gl/Mk8qg (Hot glue)

http://everfree.net/popup/radio.php (Pony music)


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He probably meant "tubby wubby pony waifu."


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Woo! He did a Celestia! But enjoy the lame inks guys, because if the faggot of a commissioner had his way, you wouldn't even get to see this at all.


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