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This February I have solely been working on updating my models, since focusing on finishing that allows me to get it done faster. This means that I had no time to do a new animation this month. Because I think it is really important (and especially worth it in the long run) to get the Alicorns and updated pony models done once and for all.
I progressively post some of this in my work in progress channel on Discord where patrons offer critique to help me improve my work.

Here are some of the things I got done this month:
I finished rigging the pony so that I can animate it to its full potential. Which means that I have better controls over all the important bits on the pony. I tweaked this rig a lot until it could do the things I wanted it to. The rig also allows me to save and share animations between any pony body which is very helpful.


File: 1584117718685.jpg (120.51 KB, 1388x599, 21a767cc75d1bb6d76445b8263….jpg) Google iqdb

The new face rig allows for expressive facial expressions. This was something that my previous animations lacked, since I was stuck using a rig that did not allow me to do much. The next animation is an example of something that will benefit greatly from this face rig update, as it would properly allow me to express the shy personality of Fluttershy.
Viewport pictures of some expressions I tried out, shared between Alicorn and pony:
The new genital rig allows for more collision and grippage to happen. So for vaginal animations I am now able to stretch it open more (fits for any size). The whole area can be moved, squished and pushed around. So the skin acts more like skin. In this image the cock pushes upwards which makes the ponut squish, and the surrounding skin is pushed away.
See one of the attached test videos. (The motions in the test video is not final animation quality, only animated enough to test the rigging).


File: 1584117761998.jpg (98.02 KB, 766x1204, b79c056ce7f95a6ed27cf6e804….jpg) Google iqdb

Same deal with the new mouth rig. It can expand the mouth to fit a varied amount of sizes now and the lips are able to move along the movement. This was something that was lacking in the most recent blowjob animation I did, so this will be a nice addition for future blowjob animations.
See one of the attached test videos. (The motions in the test video is not final animation quality, only animated enough to test the rigging).
The pony face has been altered to have a slightly sharper face aestethic. This means that the nose bridge has a different curve and the chin is now well defined. The old face was a little bit too modeled after the show head's silhuette, which made it lacking in the chin department.
The new pony body also has detailed interiors modeled into it.
I added a mouth interior, vaginal anatomy with cervix and rimmed circular shapes for the ponut interior. They will have to be textured and sculpted next to be finalized.


File: 1584117799066.jpg (317.92 KB, 1280x1560, 70396d3388c175a8e7c35df791….jpg) Google iqdb

What I will work on next:
In March there will be lots and lots of hair styling done. I would like to move on from using polygon based hair to strand based hair. I did a test previously of Fluttershy's tail and it worked well. So it is something I will be doing for Twilight, Fluttershy, Celestia and Luna next.
It's not just a visual improvement, because strand based hair allows me to apply physics (wind, collision and gravity).
Strand based hair = The hair is made out of individual hair strands, tens of thousands of them. Instead of one polygon model.


File: 1584117840921.jpg (110.81 KB, 1784x777, 07b502cee5b5ce7ef87d9ee0f1….jpg) Google iqdb

I will also need to texture the pony next since that is one of the last steps of my character creation pipeline. This includes things like sculpting the Alicorn bodies muscles. And texturing the fur. A couple of smaller tasks that need to get done aswell is to create the long Alicorn horn and a new closed wing model.
With the new rig I am able to use different heights for the different ponies, even doing the big height difference between a regular pony and an Alicorn worked. Which I tested here:
This Alicorn body will need 20% more tweaking to get the ideal shape, as this image was mainly to test out if I could do big height changes without breaking my rig/animations.
(2D art by Arareroll).


File: 1584117914334.jpg (171.1 KB, 1280x720, 8ceeb1ff89fa18f41470fe54e2….jpg) Google iqdb

Height changes is a cool addition to the new rig, which will allow each character to be a different height from one another. I will be active in the Discord and ask what you guys think the height of each pony should be whenever I create a new character.


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