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The futafolio by Kevinsano is out... I will create thread in case someone decided to share the futa and/or nonfuta versions sooner or later :)

personally I will be in heaven just with non futa version of Nightmare Moon x Luna picture

FutaFolioFAQ (most important part imho)

Q: What exactly IS the Futafolio?
A: It’s an image pack focused on Futas/Herms

Q: How can we purchase it?
A: Just follow this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1rFbqQ_-dvyhDf_g49PYqgBjLDAhBeDGorSS5Jj9XHjM/viewform

Q: How does it cost?
A: $7 for the regular edition and $12 for the artist edition.

Q: What other kinks and fetishes are in the folio aside from horse cocks?
A: No specific kinks, although I’ll try to do some cumflation and piercing edits before launch, when the futa portion is finished.

Q: I heard if I’m one of the first or so to buy the folio, I get a free sketch - is that true?
A: yes, the first 25 sales are entitled to a free single character sketch. The winners have been decided in the meantime.

Q: What is the content of the folio?
A: 13 color images with multiple variations, usually non-futa and 2 or more forms of futa. Not all images lend themselves equally to variations. Aside from the 13 color images (plus variations) there’s also a number of sketches included in their original resolution.

Q: What’s the difference between the regular and artist editions?
A: The artist edition consists of the original PSD files of the 13 color images. You can see how the images are built up layer by layer. Some of the PSDs still include the original sketches and concepts.

Q: What format/size are the images?
A: The majority of the color images are about 5000x5000px in high quality JPG. I’ve had to crop some of them for composition. The smallest is 2500x2600px, with some others being along the lines of 5000x3000px and similar. The sketches are all over the place, with multiple sketches on a single 5000x5000px sheet at times.

Q: What characters are in it?
A: The full list right now is Gadget from the Rescue Rangers, Korra, Jenny from My life as a Teenage Robot, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Luna, Nightmare Moon and Applejack.




I like big butts and I can not lie
You other brothers can't deny.

...Sorry,couldn't resist ;p




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thank you very very very much <3


for those wondering why this hasn't been leaked to shit yet, its because of what kevin is doin. It'll probably start spreading around once its cooled down, but basically Kevin is doing a milestone picture for every 75 copies, regardless of which edition, he sells. So just be patient and keep up with the futa folio milestones on his tumblr in the meantime.


this :)

and it the meantime we should be okay with that sexy Luna x NMM lesbian picture >>10103



Thank you kind sir, may the gods smile upon you


Thank you thank you thank you :3


So anybody got PoniParade?


so the last mile stone was reached when can someone share

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