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GUYS!! I've lost my clop folder, it was inside Roaming folder, now I can't find it. I had about 500 photos in there.
Please contribute and post some so I can get my folder back up!


tell me where i can drop 10.9G of pony porn and i might be able to help you out


From our friends on U18
You know how to use utorrent right?


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We need a diamond dog tread!
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her anger makes her cute

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Yeah, I do requests just for you fine folks.
Here's a sample of my style.
Whaddaya want to be drawn for you? ;3
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I'm tempted to see some anthro/humanized busty ponies :3

some requests are....meh lol


That reminds me of a fic I read. Actually had some art to go with it. Was consensual, though.


Humanized CMCs threesome.


I second that :)


If they're adult , and if the artist is alive , I 'll third that lol.

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A long time ago I got a file download of MLP porn, it simply wasn't enough so for the past few (8-9) months I've been making it bigger and better. Here's to all the Clopping that has been done and all the clopping yet to have happened


also for complete collection of it all (Pony, non-pony, and even safe for work) hit me up!

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