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Anyone have this? It's like 4$
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What I will work on next:
In March there will be lots and lots of hair styling done. I would like to move on from using polygon based hair to strand based hair. I did a test previously of Fluttershy's tail and it worked well. So it is something I will be doing for Twilight, Fluttershy, Celestia and Luna next.
It's not just a visual improvement, because strand based hair allows me to apply physics (wind, collision and gravity).
Strand based hair = The hair is made out of individual hair strands, tens of thousands of them. Instead of one polygon model.


File: 1584117840921.jpg (110.81 KB, 1784x777, 07b502cee5b5ce7ef87d9ee0f1….jpg) Google iqdb

I will also need to texture the pony next since that is one of the last steps of my character creation pipeline. This includes things like sculpting the Alicorn bodies muscles. And texturing the fur. A couple of smaller tasks that need to get done aswell is to create the long Alicorn horn and a new closed wing model.
With the new rig I am able to use different heights for the different ponies, even doing the big height difference between a regular pony and an Alicorn worked. Which I tested here:
This Alicorn body will need 20% more tweaking to get the ideal shape, as this image was mainly to test out if I could do big height changes without breaking my rig/animations.
(2D art by Arareroll).


File: 1584117914334.jpg (171.1 KB, 1280x720, 8ceeb1ff89fa18f41470fe54e2….jpg) Google iqdb

Height changes is a cool addition to the new rig, which will allow each character to be a different height from one another. I will be active in the Discord and ask what you guys think the height of each pony should be whenever I create a new character.


Oh Admin. The prick's back again. Delete that post and ban him.


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laundry day


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We need some chiggers bug horses in here!
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>Artist needed
Hecking what, artist is [spoiler]me[/spoiler] Cammy.


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File: 138594728560.gif (1.14 MB, 6.6666666666667E+38x6.4564564564565E+38, 1067721-ApplejackFriendshi….gif) Google iqdb


A Rar with 100 imags, enjoy ;)

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You hear me.
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File: 1580870049002.jpg (1.97 MB, 2860x1440, bigmacxshiningarmor.jpg) Google iqdb

Big Mac ravages shining armor's ponut and cream pies inside while zooming x raw seeing shining armor's innards fills up with cream pie.


File: 1580871168214.jpg (761.04 KB, 1481x745, bigmacxshiningarmor.jpg) Google iqdb


File: 1580873683679.gif (554.51 KB, 1047x523, bigmacxshiningarmors.gif.gif) Google iqdb


File: 1581070800259.png (1.54 MB, 1920x1040, replicating clopician mode….png) Google iqdb

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Dear Sainiku, its been almost 7 years since you left the server. I wish you are here to bring life again like in the old days. - Smile


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File: 1523696274094-1.png (154.77 KB, 3400x3400, YCH test2.png) Google iqdb


File: 1580515833040.png (1.17 MB, 1920x1080, MicSet_x_Molestia_Final_A_….png) Google iqdb


File: 1580558234097.jpg (1.03 MB, 3840x2160, A_Sensual_Dance_v1-min.jpg) Google iqdb

File: 1577488622661-0.png (543.64 KB, 776x1000, 722024__explicit_artist-co….png) Google iqdb


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File: 1577492701738-1.jpg (515.29 KB, 4639x2890, 1677728__suggestive_artist….jpg) Google iqdb

File: 1577492701738-2.jpg (306.91 KB, 4148x2652, 1677733__suggestive_artist….jpg) Google iqdb


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File: 1577492814727-1.jpg (196.36 KB, 2181x1851, 1687972__explicit_artist-c….jpg) Google iqdb


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File: 1577498178520-2.jpg (160.91 KB, 573x800, 3_273_u18chan.jpg) Google iqdb


discord x celestia


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File: 1577498844264-2.png (2.3 MB, 1500x2094, Page2_120dpi_u18chan.png) Google iqdb

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