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I like a lot of Furries. <3


File: 137789561130.jpg (170.81 KB, 620x413, groupoffurries.jpg) Google iqdb

Not the best image for the start of this thread. You draw this? >->

<---Much better image.


Obvious troll is obvious.


File: 13783616597.jpg (9.61 KB, 264x191, images.jpg) Google iqdb

Call me one if u must. But, when I see a retarded image like the one OP posted, I just had to rag on it. I'm only trying to make this site better. Also. retarded post is retarded(but, furries are still sexy)=P



Thew universe doesn't revolve around you. Was talking OP.


File: 138048704825.jpg (115.83 KB, 759x1166, mybad_cover.jpg) Google iqdb

My apologies for jumping the gun there.

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