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Has this board died? Its been over a month since any new material was posted. Are folks not interested anymore? Just wondering what the deal is.


Not dead anon, just very quiet, And there's some new stuff inside the threads.


you're looking at the pinned ones which appears first!
go to like page 3 or 4
He doesn't know how it works here


Not just this but the boards don't seem to refresh page by page until you hit the refresh button. :/


Dear admin - mods
please change the setting so the new posts will appear at the first page.
Why did you pin so many threads? pinning one thread is more than enough, not to mention most the pinned ones last post date to older than 1 month.
viewers might think the board is dead!


dear users

everything is the way it is for a reason. It'll get fixed someday, or maybe it won't. In the meantime you'll just have to deal with it.

the internet


its all pinned because this dude made a spam thing and would sit there typing captchas into it to flood the threds off the boards

things are pinned until the host gets backups set up but we've been asking for backups for years so we'll probably just have the captcha and stuck threads forever


threAds even


good luck I guess
Ah fuck!! What did hurt his ass in the first place? A ban?
I say add a 2-3 min's post limit.


nobody with access to the server knows how to do anything like that. i'm trying to get them to let me do it but it's going very slowly

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