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ermagerd bestalotee




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Awesome! Thanks!


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Please, post pictures like this


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Does anybody have the one by I think TaniDaReal or possibly Blotch of a feral fox aiming his cock to cum on a mouse or some kind of rodent?


why don't you guys call it beastiality


beastiality involves humans raping animals that are not sentient and cannot consent

ferals are sentient animals that can consent, also they're drawings not pictures.

that's basically the difference. did you really need someone to explain all of that to you?


You don't think an animal can consent?

If a woman sticks her ass up in the air in front of a dog and he decides to knot her, I'm pretty sure he's consented.


by the legal definition of consent re: rape, no. an animal cannot possibly give consent. if a woman sticks her ass up and a dog fucks her that woman raped that dog in the eyes of the law.

besides we all know that never happens, beastiality is dudes fucking animals. the only women who fuck animals are being paid lots of money by men who want to fuck animals


actually its more common among women really, cause the dog is more loyal, more trustworthy,and more loving then most men out there...yeah hell turn around and bang any bitch he can...but at least the dogs honest about it.
diffrence is like anything else sexual women don't talk about it that much, where as most men will spend 3 days telling you all about the hot chick they banged last week



Because a dog is more honest and loyal? Haha. That's pretty deluded. It's a domination thing. The dog doesn't ask permission. He doesn't care about the woman's pleasure, he's there to mount, nail, and knot.


It would be, but from a quick glance, almost all of the ferals in this thread are anthropomorphized.



I wonder what that'd look like without the "x-ray"


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Like this


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