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File: 13644033096.jpg (166.33 KB, 1024x1131, RNG_RangsRenderings2009.jpg) Google iqdb


Hey there... just wondering about your favorite animations and such ;)

By the way... does anyone have Rangarig's 2009 DVD who can share? :D

I've tried torrents, but here're no seeders... and I've checked the old pawsru thread... and everything was on Megaupload! D:

There was also this link ( http://yiffme.forum24.ru/?1-0-0-00000073-000-0-0-1296305552 ), but no luck... I can't download the full 4 GB mdf file .... so... it'd be awesome if anyone can help... pleeease? :D


File: 136440568038.gif (459.01 KB, 6.006006006006E+41x6.006006006006E+41, !!!!!!!682139177.gif) Google iqdb



File: 136451063048.gif (514.79 KB, 6.432362382565E+95x4.5516915416939E+95, 1152897876_kupopo_tigerwan….gif) Google iqdb

Classic one


File: 136473346815.jpg (302.61 KB, 1339x540, STEPS.jpg) Google iqdb

OP The link is working fine!
You didn't explain what wasn't working for you so i will assume you didn't know what to do because it was in Russian( I don't understand it either)

I believe you pressed the wrong tab on the second page which would explain why it didn't work for you

just follow the 2 steps on the image


File: 13648756951.gif (498.7 KB, 6.006006006006E+32x6.006006006006E+32, 0067-m29152_1276923441_mod….gif) Google iqdb

I did that, what you said... but when going beyond downloading 1GB it weirdly finishes and gives an uncomplete file D:

That's why I'm looking for a torrent or somwhere with split files.

(Also this thingy for the thread :3)


File: 136504563710.gif (872.85 KB, 3.9339339339339E+74x2.6626626626627E+74, rapdraps2.gif) Google iqdb


File: 136526018053.gif (1.54 MB, 3.043043043043E+134x2.3223223223223E+134, rapdbj11.gif) Google iqdb

Nothing yet? D:


Then I dont really know whats going on?
I remember downloading it from that link few months ago...unless you have a download limit on your system or net connection I cant tell whats going on!
Have you ever downloaded something bigger than 1GB (torrents don't count)



That's likely to be the problem. That's why I need it split in flies and/or torrent with someone seeding D:


File: 136580718638.gif (2.31 MB, 3.2632632632633E+125x3.003003003003E+125, Outback.gif) Google iqdb

This one is ... *UNF*

(Sooo.... will you help me? D:)


I will see what I can do.


File: 136603438965.jpg (318.99 KB, 1135x1280, 1277030858_wolfchildrusk_r….jpg) Google iqdb

For now I would say am at 3/5 with the uploading
But I cant be sure when I will be done.
uploading 4.16GB - you owe me big time dude


File: 136640722267.gif (780.77 KB, 6.2062062062062E+20x4.1441441441441E+20, }}561328-SplinterTeenage_M….gif) Google iqdb

*moans* yesss... so my collection will be complete!


File: 136656062422.png (69.39 KB, 1042x359, Getit.png) Google iqdb


Why are you splitting files on mega? I share things in the 4-6 gig range with no issues.


File: 136751495328.gif (736.95 KB, 1.200107510455E+22x800638651336636651, !!1260600090_zennithm_p096….gif) Google iqdb

Be very blessed!


I think the .MDF image needs the MDS file too, since I can't open with 7zip and my burning programs say omg you need MDS file


File: 136778449129.jpg (52.02 KB, 468x410, attnkttn.jpg) Google iqdb

He said he had a restriction to 1 GB or something - thats why I split it
I dont know about burning it but as long its viewable by Daemon Tools am happy.


I downloaded the parts and joined them together but can't seem to get it to play,doesn't seem to extract and yes I have 7zip.


>doesn't seem to extract?
When you join the parts you will need to extract it then run it with daemon tool!
Whats the problem you are getting?
if you cant extract it then try this - after joining the file add .7zip or .7z at the end of the file name.
(example) anon = anon.7z "no space" between the name and the dot.

Anyone else having this problem?


It is a DVD image and not an archive. You kinda sorta need the .MDS file which is generated with the .MDF file to mount it in most programs and extract it like an archive... Still, without, daemon tools (and only daemon tools... had been using virtual clonedrive) can mount it.


File: 137079723930.gif (1.53 MB, 2.7027027027027E+80x3.5035035035035E+80, HypnoStuffing.gif) Google iqdb


File: 137084403812.gif (132.69 KB, 5.0042047746049E+44x4.2127527127129E+44, m_1325751329181.gif) Google iqdb

Just make a torrent with µtorrent, takes like 4 seconds to make one, and another 10 to upload it.
Then so long as the uploader leaves µtorrent on, and the files in place on their computer, us here on paws can get it and download, seed, and start a wonderful new torrent.

THAT, and it'd be awesome for me, since my internet is incredibly unstable, and I can't usually download 25 megabytes at a time without disconnecting...


File: 137084420528.gif (785.02 KB, 3.6036036036036E+59x3.6036036036036E+59, 57618_Wolfblade_wb_butthum….gif) Google iqdb

I'll upload one or two more for giggles.


File: 137084431740.gif (532.47 KB, 3.5035035035035E+44x4.0540540540541E+44, 1342472975654.gif) Google iqdb

Ahhhh hahaha, I quoted my ID.
Silly me
Here's another of my faves


File: 137084462568.gif (1.84 MB, 4.994994994995E+59x4.3743743743744E+59, 1342470919132.gif) Google iqdb

Last one from me for now.

Hope to see a torrent


I've been looking everywhere for a flash where there are a bunch of orgies going on in multiple locker rooms. It'd be great if someone could post or link it. :3


File: 137158397421.jpg (1.53 MB, 3220x2174, Cover.jpg) Google iqdb

Hmm... Okay her is a torrent
Rangs Renderings 2009
R TIMES 5 Rangs Renderings 2005



File: 137161541660.gif (2.85 MB, 3.2031532031532E+269x2.9129129129129E+269, dinodiddlealt.gif) Google iqdb


File: 13736253456.gif (647.34 KB, 7.007007007007E+26x5.805045055035E+26, 1342357633678.gif) Google iqdb

Seed please!
Can't get it now, not enough seeds :(


File: 13739196892.gif (282.08 KB, 5.7557257357357E+20x4.5045045045042E+20, 7e066948c6e0dabdb8a95e5443….gif) Google iqdb

Classic one


File: 137526398451.gif (2.33 MB, 1.000100010001E+143x7.5075075075075E+107, f98ff657eb6456d73e94890054….gif) Google iqdb


File: 137526400936.gif (1.27 MB, 1.000100010001E+123x7.5075075075075E+92, c560913850ea22b5302a5d0cd9….gif) Google iqdb


File: 137526414760.gif (1.44 MB, 720720720720x1280128012801280, e5e5afda265097b1a992e054e5….gif) Google iqdb


File: 137694008198.gif (868.55 KB, 500500500500500500x707707707707707707, ((m_1376935642549_tumblr_m….gif) Google iqdb

This = UNF


Source. Now.


File: 13793064332.gif (1.29 MB, 3.2032032032032E+125x2.4024024024024E+125, 2b5d7c6616fef30761cd82dd8c….gif) Google iqdb

What about something like this?


File: 137953541845.gif (193.21 KB, 4.004004004004E+29x3.963963963964E+29, cumoncondomcanid.gif) Google iqdb

Like this :3



Whats the password in the bonus cd?


File: 138000497662.jpg (33.63 KB, 400x299, 6g8fur0b.jpg) Google iqdb


there is no password on the iso files


could have just checked TPB instead of asking cause that's how I ended up getting my copy.

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