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Why no sexy fatties in this thread?
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Ooooh, more chubbies being pounded by their sweet lovers.


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I Know you probilby get this question alot but can you send this file to me my email is Noelzman@hotmail.com THX


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Am I the only one here that when they think "chubby" they think of a bit of body fat over a build to give a bit of a stomach, butt and all that? I don't think "fuckin fat like jabba" when the word chubby goes through my mind. Please tell me I'm not the only one that thinks this XD


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The're to skinny! Someone get some twinkes! =3



No they're not, they are chubby enough. Chubby ≠ Fat. Chubby means you got a bit of a gut, not much. Fat is what OP posted. chubby is what >>18930 posted


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I love this can I get the source?


Do you really want some chubby sexyness??

Check this: https://e621.net/post?tags=valoo


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