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Well, all that work, gone. Think we can we try to start over? And hopefully no more spam bombings.
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Any vids of Syler husky going at it?


Not that long ago there was a humongous fursuit stuff image pack. All of sudden it disappeared ( Anyone has any collection with images that they can share online? Upload it to Mediafire or 4shared please, those places are most download friendly.


Why don't you upload a torrent?



I think you misunderstood :D I was asking if anyone have fursuit collections that they could create image packs from. As i read in this thread a lot of people here don't know how to create torrents even when it's as easy as just hit create new one in utorrent (


If anyone is interested in the Lav and Der murrsuit video, it can be downloaded here:


Just be sure to click the GREEN download button.



Erm, lav and der have asked people not to share their video.


Perhaps they should have given a little more forethought to the idea of putting it on the internet, then.

If they didn't put it there, perhaps they should rethink who they decide to trust with it.


I dunno. Their name says "Lav and Der." I'm pretty sure it's them :P



That's the subject area, not the name area.


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I got some videos of a murrsuiter doing something rather disgusting. He goes to the bathroom in his suit basically shitting and pissing in it. Where can I upload them?



The face of the fursuit shitter.
I don't know who he is.


Please be generous and don't upload such stuff.

Ps admin why did you agree on using recaptcha services? I had to click like 20 times before i found something readable.


because every time we turn off the captcha the site gets spammed like crazy

we are very popular among people who like to annoy furries



It is unfortunately


BTW solving the Captcha 1 time.


Some of the fursuits are really cute and some such as the bunny and coyote I find to be creepy.







BTW I am a fursuiter myself but I don't do anything murry or yiffy in my fursuit.


Lav n Der post images of them doing naughty stuff everywhere on the web. Once it's on the web, it's on it forever. Their own fault. Need to get their heads out of their ego infested bums.


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Do partial fursuits count?

I got a folder full of roo porn.


yes dump please
or upload


no crux suit yiff?



Dropbox works.



ONLY if they are wearing a FURSUIT HEAD. THat image wouldn't work as "Murrsuit" material.


I;ve met both Lav and Dar a few times, at some of the cons I've been to. I like those guys-I think they're cool.


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Dude that is just simply horribly beyond any imagination terrible! I hope the guy is just simulating because and that is some cacao stuff because i never seen such liquid diarrhea before.


He's into some nasty shit.

Another pic of Starhusky.


Please stop posting Starhusky's shit. It's disgusting and I nearly threw up. Seriously, gtfo with that crap.


quit posting the shitty pictures already

we're all perverts here but.. ugh. just ugh

next one to post shit or a shitty diaper gets banned. if thats what you want to post and look at keep it to yourself


or go to thenewboard i don't give a fuck what you post there as long as it isn't cp


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>I have no respect for what the people who provided the porn ask of me, Instead I just use the "If its on the internet" excuse


there was a fur on FA that wanted to wear the shitty diapers of other furs at a con...oh the humanity...



Sorry admin.

I will leave the messy fursuit stuff on plush.yiff where it belongs.

dial opeakall


Do you think this torrent is safe? Found it online...




Only way to find out is download it and scan it. Virus won't infect until it is opened if it is a bunch of videos. If it's a .rar, well, don't know about that.



It looks like the stuff from fursuitsex.com. All of that stuff kinda sucked. Ugly guys and derpy suits.



That stuff is terrible. I downloaded it and it's just awfully done.


Ritsuka Ayogi: Hey,, when I checked in at MFF regis., I was hoping I'd see you there and get a chance to talk with you somw. Maybe at the next con, we're both at??


Anyone have Fuzz Wolf's videos? His furriesxtreme has some, but they don't load.



Anyone got any Koinu-Kun? You know, the pink husky?
He was kind of like the Marilyn Monroe of fursuiters for a while there…




These furries are the reason no one likes furries. seriously, those who use fursuits for sex should keep it behind closed doors. It ruins the fandom for us clean furs.



"These gays are the reason no one likes gays. seriously, those who have gay sex should keep it behind closed doors. it ruins society for us straight people."

Sounds familiar.


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