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File: 136267813118.png (426.43 KB, 1110x1249, IMG_14012013_180943.png) Google iqdb


Hey all. I'm looking to rebuild my avian collection again. Could we get some good pics in here and help me remember what artists to look at?
I'll post some of the ones I like and some commissions I got to start.
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File: 137201145943.jpg (148 KB, 1280x915, kyma_storm-gryphon2.jpg) Google iqdb


File: 137201161091.png (2.73 MB, 1652x3468, Jackrow_tengu.png) Google iqdb


File: 137201172031.png (1.74 MB, 1280x1142, hologram_54821458.png) Google iqdb


That's all for now.


File: 138273868288.jpg (155.66 KB, 1600x1000, quofalcon-242785_submit_73….jpg) Google iqdb

File: 136331413170.png (253.56 KB, 800x581, kangarooclose-up.png) Google iqdb


G'day mate. Let's see some more of those cute kangaroos again(would prefer anatomically correct ones.) But, post what you find.
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File: 138048665573.jpg (171.04 KB, 734x950, 20c3fda7a7e83568654a2003b9….jpg) Google iqdb


File: 138107932660.jpg (140.88 KB, 1280x1026, m_1380730180869_dodgercr_1….jpg) Google iqdb


File: 138229355677.jpg (61.82 KB, 428x600, 1fcfb08f15f2e6a37740a569c8….jpg) Google iqdb


File: 138229360127.jpg (51.22 KB, 800x586, 03da689f52a24b57fc52efe695….jpg) Google iqdb


File: 138229363915.jpg (32.98 KB, 550x421, 54ffad07c3f915567027facd85….jpg) Google iqdb

File: 137262455619.png (1.06 MB, 850x1100, fc93223_bxjpg2.png) Google iqdb


do eny 1 got the rest of this ?


File: 138204416933.jpg (102.85 KB, 618x800, 991dd981ece470c6915767c88d….jpg) Google iqdb

Page 1


File: 138204427499.jpg (113.85 KB, 618x800, c3089c6842c1a225e23708abfe….jpg) Google iqdb

Page 3 since you already have 2


File: 138204441559.jpg (111.57 KB, 618x800, fa67d9b31c40b927bf0167966f….jpg) Google iqdb

Page 4


File: 13820445897.jpg (108.5 KB, 618x800, d6f9a0488aa4181b1dca60171b….jpg) Google iqdb

Page 5 i think it might be the end i'm not sure

File: 136598377956.jpg (128.43 KB, 800x762, 56533875d6a77866ebde136bc4….jpg) Google iqdb


Recently started getting progressively more into this stuff.
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File: 137208120411.jpg (223.21 KB, 1144x882, 1366035398_ruaidri_x003t.jpg) Google iqdb

we're actually not you know, nobody will ever have to worry about how it feels to have lube in the fur under their tail. relax!


File: 137211841711.jpg (115.44 KB, 800x702, 418cff278b64cbb37f92fe9c8d….jpg) Google iqdb

Think of it as a type of hair gel to keep every thing smooth(if you know what I mean. =3)


If you've got a better suggestion...?


Honestly,I think it'd depend on what you use, and also we aren't anthropomorphic so I don't think we should worry about it. ^w^


File: 138198115162.png (263.75 KB, 800x685, 5f49a2a3ce.png) Google iqdb


I think the rough pawpads and freaking CLAWS are of greater consideration than the fur...

File: 137717849748.jpg (194.91 KB, 920x887, image.jpg) Google iqdb


Someone pleease post




File: 138073540131.jpg (1.64 MB, 2272x1704, Belize_Speed_Bump_Sign.jpg) Google iqdb

Did someone say Bump!?



File: 138170456040.jpg (55.85 KB, 387x631, stitchsolo.jpg) Google iqdb


Time for some Solo stitch images. Male only please.


File: 138172436470.jpg (24.92 KB, 477x597, stitchpose.jpg) Google iqdb


File: 138172440298.jpg (19.65 KB, 620x476, stitchpresenting.jpg) Google iqdb


File: 138172461949.jpg (26.57 KB, 658x534, stitchsolo2.jpg) Google iqdb


File: 138189205335.jpg (60.96 KB, 647x800, 03948042b99cd51660e449d141….jpg) Google iqdb


File: 138189212044.jpg (92.82 KB, 800x766, 9166892abfd294937e800863ea….jpg) Google iqdb

File: 138156975130.jpg (297.25 KB, 3264x2448, photo.jpg) Google iqdb


File: 136414591335.jpg (585.51 KB, 1000x725, 031-hot-gay-dragons.jpg) Google iqdb


anything like this
(scalies are acceptable)
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Thanks for the ones you posted here, at least! I'd gladly know of it if you post more elsewhere.


File: 13794182908.jpg (209.93 KB, 1280x1146, 1379259433_blithedragon_dr….jpg) Google iqdb


Please kindly? Maybe you could put them on a blog or something, or on e621?


bump for the dragon 3D pics.



whoa. Like, can we get more of those sexy unicorns plz? damn...

File: 136261389892.jpg (805.16 KB, 1200x946, darkgoose_[371]_cms291_amb….jpg) Google iqdb


Are there more pics with males jerking each other off?
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File: 137073158390.jpg (133.71 KB, 800x768, 3c35f2598117a9203fa4760cf0….jpg) Google iqdb

You got it. =3


File: 137073166691.jpg (73.07 KB, 680x687, 5df90a154d1ecdbae3263a8661….jpg) Google iqdb


File: 137073174313.jpg (135.05 KB, 800x712, 9d0765dae384dafa7b32aad27f….jpg) Google iqdb


File: 137073859262.jpg (126.74 KB, 727x800, furryhandjob.jpg) Google iqdb



File: 13751005346.jpg (242.84 KB, 1000x775, CoxAssfinger_u18chan.jpg) Google iqdb


So is there any new stuff from Gideon's Corral?
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Thank you, U cunt gargling twat.


Wow, I've seen some pretty awful retorts in the past, but that just takes the cake for "most obviously written by an adolescent" comment all the way. Damn.


FYI, I like cake. And I will gladly take it(even though it's mostly a lie.).


Nice euphoria bro
#rekt #memed


If that's a complemet, then ty(cuz, that's the first time I've heard that word.) =)

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