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Source please?


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Since the spam flood we lost all those wonderful screenshots and video links! Repost please! Along with new content. There were some real gems in the thread including a rather cute posing feline.. So challenge set!
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And that's all my choice bits of filth =p enjoy



Dat tiger!


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Ignore that I forgot to put antialiasing on.


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These are just the ones I liked best/aorbrushed, you can go check out the whole set here if you like what you see: http://imgur.com/a/mIyd8#0

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And that's why he leads the pack. =3


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If I ever saw this in a mall, I'd be okay with it.

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We need pics of "straights" going for the D, willing or unwilling


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we need more on this subject, its adorable~


bump, seriously. seriously.

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this needs an anus




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Solo bunny boys....I want to see them, can you fellows contribute? I'm new to the furryness...i need some fap material o///o



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I perfer my furries, without pants. Thank you.


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Relax, stare deep into the spiral....

Good Boy
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that's an interesting point you've made there but i'm still going to delete any pony i see posted outside the pony concentration camp


MLP Section made, still posts outside of where MLP section.

MLP section isn't there "just 'cause", it's there for a reason.


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this i found on u18chan
it's really really good


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So kinky right now.

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Let's get some of that sexy dino on here, and "ride" him. Solo or with friends.
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Nice. This one is my Fav. =3


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and then if you go back up there's the ending


if you go the site e621 and do a search on guilmon, you'll find a new comic in the works, and on http://rule34 you'll find the other comics of this artist.


been there already


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