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File: 131026568290.png (389.09 KB, 1000x564, 1307478662_dracojeff_trapt….png) Google iqdb


The digital download and mail copies became available June 27th. Does anyone have this who wouldn't mind sharing?


I'll do ya one better.. How's about going and finding the picture's in his actual gallery



Can anyone show me where it is, I might buy it since no one around seems to want to share it.



$20? Ouch no wonder it hasn't been routed around and he emails people specifically so you have to talk to him to get them...I don't want to spend that much for only 30+ pictures XD.


File: 134839395459.jpg (377.28 KB, 569x1100, f4ccc762cc103a96cac31d3662….jpg) Google iqdb

Its impossible to share the CD. ive looked everywhere and down right was willing to trust fishy looking site. on the brightside i have a few trap images from draco


File: 134839402687.png (674.27 KB, 1044x1059, 03f61cb1ff2169e5ee1fa6c161….png) Google iqdb


File: 134839409419.jpg (370.6 KB, 746x800, 2b71c0cf562b279382e9b3a41f….jpg) Google iqdb


File: 134839435169.png (403.68 KB, 671x1000, c44aa59b15dccce23feb61c3f1….png) Google iqdb



I believe he meant it's impossible to find a reliable download for it.

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