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Lets get this going again


And this time less Coldcunt level retardism please. If the character is officially a girl like Mik by Tsampikos then she belongs in /F/. None of that "well she looks like one!" bullshit.


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saying that a flat girl looks like a cunnyboi also says that you've fallen for a trap



Nah. I'm just recalling all the stupid bullshit that was here on the old Paws.


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How could dis happen?


File: 130888683460.jpg (131.66 KB, 850x558, sample_48210896f8ac2562255….jpg) Google iqdb


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:3 original content


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You realize your own retardism in this post, right? A "cuntboi" is a flat chested girl. Really, unless something else is going on it's a girl, and belongs in /F/.


File: 131039569066.jpg (584.99 KB, 925x1197, fc87460_1294287158_Poolsid….jpg) Google iqdb


The mods were quite specific that anything running the gamut from full-on cuntboy to flat chested Mik not only can be posted on this sub forum, but is welcome here.

Of course you are right, cuntboys are just flat chested girls from Mik to the manliest of them. But that's no different from how dickgirls are just boys with tits. Should all dickgirls be forced into /m/? I think they'd have an issue with that (hint: they did in the past)

As for the idiots still saying Mik is a girl so she doesn't belong in a cuntboy thread: You're idiots. All cuntboys are girls. Dumbfucks.


I would be careful about saying all cuntboys are girls. A female to male transsexual that has gone through all the steps of becoming a man will typically not have the surgery done to add the penis (Modern science still can't provide an aesthetically pleasing functional penis) and are effectively cuntboys. However, they don't consider themselves as girls, that's kind of the point of the entire process. They don't want to be a girl, and they don't want to be called a girl.

I would say, out of respect for the artists, or character's owner, if they state that the character is a cuntboi, then it is one, and if they say it is a flat chested female, then its a female.


File: 131041421427.jpg (54.17 KB, 531x800, fc88540_ec0b34fb0180cd3ddd….jpg) Google iqdb


So you're deciding that certain characters don't belong here because this FICTIONAL character might FEEL that they are a girl or boy regardless of their genitalia? This is porn. We're not talking about real people. A flat chested character with a vagina, actively marketed as such by its artist to court customers that like that kind of thing, belongs here.

We've had this discussion before many times. The mods said that Mik is allowed in this sub forum so live with it.


File: 131041466136.jpg (141.04 KB, 800x730, fc87131_Mik3.jpg) Google iqdb


Hurr Durrr maybe we should ask all the artists of every dick girl hosted here if that particular character identifies as male or female and every one that is male should be removed since they totally aren't a dickgirl if they identify as male even though they have tits.



I said you shouldn't call cuntboys girls because they are not girls. Good job at missing the point. Also, this is the herm board so a dickgirl is fine too.



Since you're intent on being as dense as possible, I'll rephrase, since my point went right over your head.

Saying a flat 'boyish' girl doesn't belong on this board is like saying a male who happens to have tits doesn't belong on this board and by your criteria of what fits your arbitraty labels we should ask each individual artist or fictional character how that character feels abot themselves before even thinking of sorting things based on what they LOOK like. As if this wasn't a VISUAL medium.

As for the name game you're playing, maybe I'm just old fashioned, but if you have a vagina, you're TECHNICALLY female whether you feel like one or not. If you have a dick you're male. You can identify however you want, you can think you're the transgendered queen of Pluto for all I care, but cuntboys are biologically female.

The fact that I have to explain to anyone that a person with a vagina is biologically female is really rather depressing.



Shut the fuck up retard



A male-to-female, without breasts but with a vagina surgically added, is a cuntboi. But still biologically a male!

Let me repeat: STFU retard.


Sure is autistic in this thread


I agree with this post. It's disrespectful to the character's creator. The character is an extension of the creator.

We should ask before we go any further.


File: 13104808961.jpg (618.56 KB, 1200x876, fc87140_1289260126_tsampik….jpg) Google iqdb


Yeah, I'm sure that the artists would appreciate it if, before pirating their artwork (much of which comes from paysites) we respect their feelings and ask about the psychological gender of their character so make sure their stolen work is properly categorized.

I suppose I'm the only one that thinks all this talk about respecting the artists on a board that actively steals from them is hilarious.

None of you care about the artist's feelings or else you wouldn't be here contributing to the board. So shut up and fap.

Meanwhile: more Mik.



Remember when I cried about you posting pictures of Mik in this thread? I don't either. I never once stated that I didn't like the pictures you were posting. I simply said that cuntbois are not females. Some people obviously agree with me, since this thread is not in the female section. You are making a case against an argument I never presented.

Biologically speaking, mammals are female generally when they have 2 X chromosomes and male when they have one X and one Y chromosome. However, not all females have a vagina, and not everything with a vagina is a female. Which is completely besides the point, since these characters are not real and biology doesn't even apply to them.



Mik is officially a FEMALE and thus belongs in /f/. Since when are FEMALES considered HERMS?



Choke on a dick faggot.


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File: 131056835914.jpg (202.07 KB, 1080x834, fc93234_PoolsideManner9.jpg) Google iqdb

"Which is completely besides the point, since these characters are not real and biology doesn't even apply to them."

There. You make my point for me. And I'm less talking to you and more to the people who whine and cry about how Mik is 'female' and doesn't belong in a thread about flat chested characters with cunts, even though she's a flat chested character with a cunt.

"Mik is officially a FEMALE and thus belongs in /f/. Since when are FEMALES considered HERMS?"

Mods agreed that Mik could be posted here. End of story. You'd think you whiny pussies would have gotten this bawwwwww out of your system back then.

As for whether they're considered herms, technically they aren't. Neither are 'true' cuntboys OR dick girls. NONE of those things meet the criteria for herms if you want to be a technical douche about it. So I'll stop posting flat chested boy-ish girls as soon as you stop posting girlish guys with tits. Neither are herm. Your logic fails.


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File: 131056859966.jpg (106.01 KB, 648x950, h781_05e6b16e1711146254f5b….jpg) Google iqdb


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You retard?


Deal with it faggot. Just cause they say it's OK doesn't make them less retarded. Stupid fchan level mods.


God damn it he's right STFU.
A hermaphrodite has both a penis and a vagina.

Since there aren't any specific boards for females with penises or males with vaginas, they belong HERE.

You small-minded retards need to get off the internet. You're ruining it for everyone with common sense.



>Common sense

I don't believe you know what that really means.


i stared it all in the first place. it's staying stop youre bicthing


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File: 13107632334.png (815.47 KB, 1200x900, h522_Ychan%20-%20h%20-%20c….png) Google iqdb



No. Things were better when you stayed gone.


blow me ass-hole


Does it really matter about cuntbois/dickgirls? I would stick FICTIONAL penis into thier FICTIONAL corresponding entrances no matter what they are called or label themselves.
You jibbering gooks ruin my boner(s) =\



You're the bitch and that's a bitch's job.


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This is hot.

If anyone has the colored version that would be awesome.


File: 133676539759.png (123.08 KB, 529x900, tightfit.png) Google iqdb

Damn difficult captchas. Read above.


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File: 135508399041.jpg (183.45 KB, 1920x1030, servalcarshow_001.jpg) Google iqdb

Here, have an SL c-boi for your viewing pleasure...or angst.



File: 13578078978.png (123.14 KB, 462x998, aduleon_myles_coloured.png) Google iqdb


File: 13606954249.png (396.68 KB, 724x850, 61cb891f3f08aa05f0c79fcf23….png) Google iqdb


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File: 136234279026.jpg (288.21 KB, 1000x773, 6603d8cc3fa1a1600c21bde631….jpg) Google iqdb


Not a Cuntboy, just a Cub Female. Look at MMbianca's page on IB


it was taged cuntboy


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File: 13716943882.jpg (115.57 KB, 1280x704, image.jpg) Google iqdb


File: 137261264217.jpg (89.35 KB, 935x1280, Loiosh-Hagfish.jpg) Google iqdb

Not a cuntboi, but looks enough like one :) Our friend here is a hermaphrodite glaucus atlanticus (blue sea slug).

If you like those, you should check out my gallery on FA, there are a number of other sea critters on there like that.


never ceases to amaze me how male with female genital herms are called a terrible slur and nobody even bats an eye about slinging the word around. really speaks to how the furry world is a stereotypical nerdy-misogynist male dominated culture, maybe even worse than video game "culture"


oh, and i hadn't even read the thread. naturally its full of people calling each other ableist and homophobic slurs.

bunch of garbage babies. way to prove me right though



Sure is Tumblr social justice fag in here



I looked at the cuntboy tumblr and Lmao,. Talk about being sensitive faggots.


Oh, my god, shut the fuck up. Go... I dunno, shit up Homestuck. Isn't that what you tumblr assholes do?


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what a waste of space. i should just delete this whole thread

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