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File: 135418805365.jpg (271.95 KB, 1280x1149, H457546457.jpg) Google iqdb


No idea who drew this, can anyone point me in the right direction?

Okay I know there's a signature and date on there but I'm feeling super lazy right now.


I am not sure, but by the technicolor seizure rainbow I would say is Gullacass os something like that


Seriously? This artist is that obscure that no one knows anything?

Gullacass didn't do it btw, thanks though.


I tried a reverse image search on Google, but there was only one link not to Pawsru. That link wasn't any help, it just lead to another image board.



Aww, I was hoping someone would bring up something...

Oh well thanks for trying.


It's Neolucky/Luckypan. Signature matches perfectly, as does the style. Where exactly this was posted I don't know, and it doesn't appear on e621 under her name. Either the image was given to a few specific people and subsequently leaked, or it was posted through normal channels and simply slipped through the cracks of the internet. Could ask her.



Awesome, thanks for the info.

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