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Seriously? First hit on the google search engine man...


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Although page 4 IS missing. The way I understand not drawn yet.


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By her monologue, I think she's trying to sell us this thing, like in some sort of TV advertisement. I actually won't be surprised if this will happen in our fucked up world, when after some time the last taboos will disappear and there will be advertisements about dildos and anal beads and shit, on TV, without any shame.


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I just love how he first gives his characters the face of a derp redneck (they are like "DUUUUUUH"), and then he makes them all cute and sexy.



So guessing you've missed all the condom and lube ads too.


Of course I missed them, because there aren't any of them in my country. And when I talked about ads, I meant them showing how to exactly use these kinds of things. It's like, you come home after work/study, lay on the coach, turn on TV, and there this hot chick jumping on a dildo and orgasming, and then says to you: "With this new ULTRA PUSSY DESTROYER 9000 my sex-life became more juicy and all of my girlfriends and some boys are envy of me". With that kind of ads there won't be need for a porn. You'll even be so tired of it that you'll just shout "Get your slutty ass out of my sight, I want to see the news!"


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the 4th page, only penciled though


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