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i read a comic called "A Gift Given" and i saw something that said "confused? read 'Crushed Velvet'. where can i read that?


File: 137656850714.jpg (655.45 KB, 625x677, crushedvelvet_rar.jpg) Google iqdb

>>33980 Here is rarjpeg with chapters 1-4.


how do i extract that?


File: 137668344290.jpg (164.87 KB, 629x571, Jpgrar.jpg) Google iqdb


All four chapters are extracted, but they're .pdf files.....what do I do from here?


update your computer past the point of 1994 and get a program that can read a pdf file.



be warned, this is actually reading. no pictures or comic


Quite an enjoyable read. But one problem, the story isn't over with chapter 4. Is there more of the story, or did the author just not finish?


Sadly, I'm pretty sure the story was never finished. FA account only has Ch. 1, and going through SexyFur siterips it looks like he never posted even these known chapters through there (you can find many other stories by this author there).

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