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does anyone know where I can get this?


I 2nd that.


I third that.


want :U


we need to get an army on this O_0




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Why Not bump !!!!!!!


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>>33815>>33991 Guys, I just going to warn you. This is nothing but a TROLL Thread TRAP..Their NEVER going to post it..All your doing is feeding said troll or trolls.


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Oops, I'm doing a thing


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Gonna leave out the cosplay part of the comic, it honestly isn't that good. If you guys really want it, just let me know and I'll post it. Pages are gonna jump from 21 to 28


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Enjoy, I guess. I personally think it fell pretty short, wasn't that great in my opinion, but whatever.


And here is DL link for full doujin
pw: kusaba


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>>34328 Ok, you've proven me wrong, go fig... ^.^


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yeah, well, you never know if its just gonna randomly pop up or not. Sometimes they do, such as this, sometimes they dont, such as Kayla-na's Skylanders vs. Ponies thing. Managed to bump into this and just got around to uploading it.

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