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Dupe found. Download next here. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10947366/


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The end.


I actually like the ending, it shows she likes to act out roleplays and fantasies with her lovers.

However the first few pages of the comic terrify me by the implications.

It shows that the world in which Furs and Humans coexist also has domesticated animals that look exactly like their anthro counterparts. It also shows that characters get off sexually roleplaying as their feral breathern and.. ugh...

I am thinking to hard, this comic has given me a seizure and a tumor.


Seems to be missing the page that JN posted to his blog



Go to this




dafuq did I just fap to? :z


nice save naylor. that was almost the creepiest fucking thing ever


>roleplaying as their feral breathern and..

>that was almost the creepiest fucking thing ever

Ya'll better not be talkin shit about feral.


Wow.. your "creepy" threshold is set very low.
As part of the "furry paradigm".
In most furry universes all 3 creature types
existed in the same universe.
Furry, animals and humans...
So it's not out of the question a furry role playing a non-anthro or a human playing a pet for a furry.


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hell why not ill fap to it...


Uhhhhm, doesnt look 7:30 to me...


The only creepy thing there is how he goes out of his way to portray how she behaves inhuman, and than make goes out of his way to make her look human.

Actually, when I think about it, the double standard of going out of his way to make her look human while the shep gets a free pass is way creepier.


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I should note... this isn't THAT bad. Pretty much everything she did there are things done by human submissives: bondage, cageplay, "puppyplay," and so on.

Naylor's done MUCH worse. His "Fall of Red Riding Hood" series, for example. At least this time around the human male is enjoying himself with an eager lassie, instead of being turned into an emasculated sissy slave to demonstrate Randian Objectivist superiority whatever.

Have another Naylor pic to remind ourselves that, as much of a twit as he might be, he wouldn't be so annoying if he didn't draw decent art.

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