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off to a good start, i think this deserves a place here for future pages




Who made this?


reallynxgirl i think


it's by shadowoflight on FA, it's a spin off from the main comic which contains mostly gay and incest, and gay semi-rape


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shadowoflight and the-shadow-of-light are 2 different accounts which the first one is an empty account (most likely a watcher)


>>33264 Ah, I knew it was something like that, forgot that it was split like that.


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page 2


I consider lion king fan-boys to be the bottom shelf of the furry fandom



Nah, That'd be the Sonic fanboys and all their Tailscub porn.


I'd say bronies and sonic fanboys are about equal, lion king would be the next level up from that.


I dunno, I usually give that spot to people who sift through the furry fandom trying to assign a hierarchy to whose predilections are somehow 'better' or 'worse' than someone else's, as though their shit somehow doesn't stink.

(Yes, I realize I'm now included in that group. Ah well.)


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page 3


i'm guessing this comic is dead?


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