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A tread for Twokinds porn. Everything is aloud as long as its Twokinds related.
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thats evrything


And now I realize that the thread title is spelt wrong. Mod mind changing that?


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<-Yeah...I know, not exactly pr0n, but still...weird boner.


I think anything is good at the rate this thread updates


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Anyone want me to post the othe wallpapers?


Yes please.
And is it wrong that i saw the birthday picture as a explicit picture?


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Nope, although i think most in this thread would want to eat the cake more now that its had flora on it XD


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any one know what an "adopia" is? the captcha just called me it.


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it won't let me post two of them, i think tom put them up somewhere in his dA gallery, go have a look if you want them.http://twokinds.deviantart.com/


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I think tom making wallpapers for each season so hopefully there might be more of these as time goes by.


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Wrong thread?


Fulgrim not gay enough.


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my favorite comic! where the eyes are 3 miles above the nose. its basically the coneheads if they had their eyes on their foreheads.


guess it's better than if they had their eyes up their butt


No that's where my eyes are.


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Yay new content. ^_^


Does anyone has the entire comic for download from 1st strip to latest?
I don't really feel like saving them 1 by 1.


Thats what I did :P
And just search it on Google or read it online if you really can't find a download.


Actually let me rephrase:
Anyone has the entire comic collection since it began up to current episode with the higher res images?


So someone who payed towards the kickstarter and got all the highres and updated images then? If thats the case I need help with that to :P


No I mean the higher res images on the website that began maybe since last chapter or the one before when you click on it it displayed a larger res image.


Oh I got them, will post them in two days or so, away from my main computer atm. If anyone has the remastered images that kick starter backers got them could they post them to?


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Just waiting on the follow up image fan art for this..


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Its a shame knowing the daily comic updates are going to stop soon ;-;


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was about to post them then I realized that I didn't have them all. I would wait till the next kick starter or something. On the last one he offered a full digital download of all the comics with the updated art. that's what I will be doing.


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