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Password (For file deletion.)

File: 136926552931.jpg (60.35 KB, 350x448, dragons-hoard-volume-3-630….jpg) Google iqdb


Does anybody have the whole comic yet? It's been months and still nothing...




I ordered this from the rabbitvalley. After 2-3 weeks (when arrived) will be uploaded. Please be patient. ;)



Thanks, its very VERY appreciated (assuming this isnt a troll like the last guy)


File: 137017635639.jpg (92.66 KB, 1280x648, order.jpg) Google iqdb

No, I'm not trolling! Just I had enough of that nobody took the trouble over to upload this several months ago. Here's the proof:


tip: tracking number, order number and date make it super easy to find out who you are


Glad somebody is getting this.


thanks for being the person who will finally deliver this to us!


At last! I'm finished! I hope you will appreciate because I suffered lot of with the scan and the image enhancement.


P: famous (long) word from Mary Poppins.


yeah cool and whats the password? ._.



password?? why?




why the password is so complicated, I dont know, but thanks for uploading

Pass: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious


I do not understand ... what is the pass?


I'm indoctrinated to think that a passworded .rar is a package of viruses... (especially when is about torrents)

This is kinda suspicious.



its all good, i downloaded it last night, no virus's


the file is bullshit. downloaded it today and extracted it, theres nothing in it.



well thats weird. its gotta be the password. when i tried last night, it didnt work i thought it was broken, but i copy and pasted the password in this thread and it worked, so idk


File: 137045828066.jpg (217.9 KB, 1193x826, you're_trying_too_hard.jpg) Google iqdb



its passworded because otherwise the file sharing sites automatically crawl through uploads looking for terms of service violations. setting a password means it's encrypted

rars do not give you viruses. passworded rars do not give you viruses. torrents do not give you viruses.

executables give you viruses.

it is quite impossible for an archive full of pictures to have a virus


omg finally,thank you !


One can embed a virus in a picture, it used to be very common. OS's have become better at preventing such exploits so you don't see it so much anymore.

Passworded rars how ever are no more likely to have viruses than any other rar. as was said its to get around file sharing sites scanning your content.

There are many fake passworded files out there, its normally pretty telling that they are fake when they include a link to some weird site that you should never visit.

In this case we have a guy offering the file and telling us what the password is, seems ok to me.


500mb!? Can someone upload a smaller resolution version?



can someone upload this to a faster site.. like mega or something:)


thanks but seems like it's missing a lot of pages



File: 137079142539.png (24.15 KB, 940x471, sync.png) Google iqdb

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