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File: 136918029523.png (1.04 MB, 778x1200, 1369178361_kadath_busted_c….png) Google iqdb


Does any one have this or any other Kadath comic in its entirety? Thank you.


Do you not understand what a one shot comic is?


They're one page comics with no backstory and no continuation, just a short story told on one page that won't be continued


Why the fuck are all cops Dobermans?! Fucking stereotypes!


It is part of a series of one-shot comics from a portfolio of one-shots.

Does anyone have any of his other comics like Dangerous Bedroom Behavior?


@Anon above: do you want dangerous bedroom behavior or other stuff because I can upload w/e I have.


@Anon Below Anon Above: Yes?


Fuck this Anon shit, its confusing. Per your request, I've uploaded 4 comics. These are: Coffee Meet, Dangerous Bedroom Behavior, The Prince's Pawn, & Too Much to Handle
Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?045q8ke6uivj1w3


The cop to the left only has one boob


File: 137316236414.png (887.45 KB, 768x1200, 1372978761_kadath_night_mo….png) Google iqdb

Anyone have the new comic?


Bump for new comic





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