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Once again, asking for the second ones, not the first ones.


Dude, if I may say, I'd just go to u18chan.

This place is dead most of the time and is just falling apart all together.

Well at least this board is, everything keeps getting wiped do to shenanigans and bullshit.

Mods and admins barely care anyhow.


>Mods and admins barely care anyhow.

The mods all care and Foxcroft is the only admin that cares. The only other admin is Bart, the site owner, HE is the one that shows pretty much no interest in maintaining the site anymore.


I'm the guy who scanned in the first two books and posted them online at u18chan.

I haven't bought these yet and likely would not scan them if I did as it was more effort than I cared for the first time I did this.




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