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any update yet?


Nope, last time CS updated was last Sunday.


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TUX? Tux!


My God...
What have I done?!? D:


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So she says it's off limits, but then lets Pink Finger her after eating her out??
WAT? 6_9



It's off-limits to everyone except Pink. (Red has a hard crush on Pink, see...)


boy, you are some kind of dumb


When is there gonna be an update???


Is comes when it comes. So keep calm and have patience.


I came. :3


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Very hot, but DARN I was hoping for a nice internal cumshot. Ah well, still good stuff.


I want jelly titties.

why do red and pink still have shirts on?


yeah I've been asking for the shirts to come off the whole comic lol


Five bucks says we get to see the pervert across the way passed out/bathed in his own cum/with a bloody nose.


The bunny perv looked like he had bigger junk, he shoulda just came over, red and pink seem easy enough


Don't give kamicheetah tips, you won't get any credit when she steals them.


If the comic gets better for the idea I'm all for it, not like looking for credit on someone else's project. If I had any real part in the creative process that might be a different story however :P


Too be fair, that's like porn story 101 right there.


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was pretty clear he wasn't getting any lol


I get they are bears but are they gummi bears? Just wondering....


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Sort of. They're cinnamon bears.


i guess they, blew his load out quite literally


I...don't understand what the joke is here.

"Blowing his load" already *literally* means (is commonly accepted to mean) exactly what happened, and there is no double-entendre to make it make sense as a joke.

If you heard about a guy who...I dunno, died because he slipped trying to kick over a bucket of something, then you could say "looks like he kicked the bucket, literally!" That would make sense because you're showing how the euphemism also applies in a more literal way.

This comment makes as much sense as hearing about a guy who died of natural causes and saying "looks like he kicked the bucket, literally!"

I'm confused.


>>3386i think they ment it by how much spooge came out


The joke is he used the word literally correctly, And people on the internet find that confusing.


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I want to live in this world.

It looks delicious, sexy, and fun.

Pretty sure I'd be a cannibal though. Eating all the candy people.


Huh. This is interesting.

Williams is poking fun at (or at least acknowledging) her own abandonment of the Ask Pink and Red blog, bringing it full circle, and probably giving us either closure or a rekindling of that project.



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So I guess they're watching this "video"
I really hope this just leads to more sex and not drama


I think that fruit bat is not a herm but a male, because it does not have a vagina, and male fruit bats can lactate, and that is the reason why it has boobs.
And the pink girl is probably pregnant now and will have a half-bear half-bat mutant offspring.


...or y'know, maybe it's a porn comic that doesn't really need to prioritise obeying the laws of nature and biology.

quit sciencing everything up and fap already.


Instead of saying all that crap, I will keep it simple: SHE IS A SHEMALE!! Duh!


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When I look at a thumbnail and can't see her mouth because of a low res, I see this.



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The presence of that giant sack of flour and lone wooden barrel is throwing me off my immersion into this sexy candy land.


C'mon Red! Hiding in a pantry ain't gonna do! Especially if you have a cat. They find you! lol



You don't have a barrel? They are great. You can put 5 tomatoes or 5 green apples (or 5 of anything, really) in there and it will stay fresh for a thousand years.

Sacks of flour are only useful if you have a kitchen. I mean, you can eat it raw, but it's hardly worth the bother.


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So do you think they cry tears of Sprite or something?


probably tears of crystal pepsi


They also puke rainbow, pee fruit juice and poop chocolate.


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>poop chocolate
Mmm, chocolate...


File: 137835425950.jpg (14.96 KB, 480x360, ngbbs4d5da6f6d0b11.jpg) Google iqdb

did you say CHOCOLATE?!



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"Mm, chocolate? This gives me an idea. Do you think what I think, Pinky?"
"Yeah, we're gonna take over the world again."
"No, Pinky. We are going to make a version of "2 girls 1 cup" video with these two characters, Red and Pink. And THEN we're going to take over THE WORLD!"

"They're Pinky, they're Pinky and the Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain!"


at the same time i felt a flood of good emotions over the show... then i thought about the scenario


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ugh this would have been so much more amazing if they got topless in the last scene.


>ugh this would have been so much more amazing if they got topless in the last scene.
>If they got topless
>They are topless


heck, Red's even completly naked
>assuming those pants dropped completly


Maybe he meant that they could've become even more topless... like, you know, drop their skin so there are just a skeleton.


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It attached itself!


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Wait... What? I have no idea whats going on anymore


my best best is as they are made of candy, they can, with that cream thingy, re model their bodies a bit ^^


I was thinkin' they borrowed the penis from the gingerbread man from that Halloween party comic, then attached it. But then again, that was more purple.


I laughed at that way more than I should have.


he meant the last scene with cherry, and I agree. It took 29 pages to finally see some sweet gummy titties and that was far too many.


Yeah I was implying there should have been 28 pages of those gummy tits out of shirts during the scene with Cherry.


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Nothing bad? You turned her into a herm. Jelly babies, anyone?


No balls, no sperm, no babies. No mercy.


Looks like the colorist has been sleeping on the job...


Door is slowly opening.
10$ says the bat comes in and scenario becomes a train-fuck.


I'm putting $20 on the bunny boy making an appearance.

Then $50 on him actually getting in on this action.


Unless the artist is trying to portray motion, I don't think Red's butt in that last panel doesn't make sense based on the position that she's in. :P


Fuck. I meant, I don't think it makes sense. Lol, whoops.


Anyone else notice the door squeak open? ;)
Looks like someone's about to get a big "surprise"!


Or maybe it's just a cat.


Glad I'm not the only one who caught it


if it makes more sense, you're actually looking at Pink's tail, not her bottom


It's definitely Red's thrusting; you're seeing her hips in two different positions simultaneously (because still image).

Not my favorite way of doing that, but everything else more than makes up for it. :)


File: 138089614156.jpg (273.78 KB, 1060x1600, 138046772616a.jpg) Google iqdb

Here's a "switched" version, judge for yourself.


Wow. Nevermind, Kamicheetah just derped.


File: 138141731292.jpg (287.87 KB, 1060x1600, pg32.jpg) Google iqdb

New Page


Ha! Called it! :D


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File: 138201802149.jpg (232.05 KB, 1060x1600, Kissypg34FIN.jpg) Google iqdb


They should use that creame on the bat lady i say X3 Doubt it though.


Heh if only the could use that creme on the bat lady, would be interesting what could go on.


Next Round of Betting:

Will they use the creme on Berry the Bat?

$50 on hells-to-the-yes.


doubt the cream works on Batty.
Red and Pink are cinnamon bears (something similar to gummy bears)


I'm sorry are you trying to think logically about a furry comic with futas and creatures made of candy that have a cream that lets them sculpt extra body parts?


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Holy shit, this is hot!


File: 138287869274.gif (360.31 KB, 500500500500500500x278278278278278278, fireboner.gif) Google iqdb

You don't say, buddy.
My crotch is on fire from desire.


Let see


Let me see


Hi people




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There is now no possible way this comic can get any better.


IS cherry a cock vampire?!?! XD


Bathing in gummy dickgirl semen with tentacles.


That, good anon, smells deeply of overkill.




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Tail titjobs.


pretty rare one ^^ , well atleast you get a glimpse of it


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