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i'd like to re-post all in once, but now -thanks to the contributions of the usual retarded- it can takes long..so give your help to rebuild this page


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lets do it :)


File: 13688222303.jpg (343.82 KB, 1060x1600, PROMOpg03FIN_cdkl_u18chan.jpg) Google iqdb


File: 13688223155.jpg (386.31 KB, 1060x1600, 136354782863.jpg) Google iqdb


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All done. Spammers can never kill us!!!


so any updates today or are we in the unknown on next update?


CS hasn't updated at all this week.


Must have moar cant wait till the next update! obtw, on a side note.. Anyone know any other comics besides Sleep Tight and Quickie that involve these two?


Not really a comic but there is this image set, I think it's called Time Well Spent.


Wasn't really much of a comic. I like a story plot lol


File: 136946906750.jpg (283.87 KB, 1060x1600, PROMOpg10FIN-copy.jpg) Google iqdb


File: 136951543054.jpg (343.3 KB, 1060x1600, PROMOpg11FIN-copy.jpg) Google iqdb



I choked on my gum when I saw that bottom left panel... literally almost died laughing.


File: 137023848940.jpg (359.75 KB, 1060x1600, PROMOpg12FIN-xgsb.jpg) Google iqdb


Is his penis supposed to be circumcised? Damn, it looks creepy.


Ugh, thank you! I thought I was the only one who thought that. What is it uncut or sheathed?


Haven't been here since the last mass fuck-up.

I was expecting some revenge scheme by the Tiger guy gone wrong.

What I got was hilarious peen-lust induced delirium! xD


i think the skin is just pulled back

also... really hoping for a threesome


How much you wanna bet the bunny is ACTUALLY naked just to screw with his head?? >;P


nhaaa... but i bet he'll get the promotion at the end, so without competition the other two can fuck in peace


File: 13707281572.jpg (16.76 KB, 450x372, omfg-cat.jpg) Google iqdb


Lol, penis critics. Never thought I'd see the day, honestly I didn't... xD


Who wants to bet that it isn't actually his imagination here, and that guy's just naked and fucking with him?


File: 137082989343.jpg (46.76 KB, 640x400, balthier.jpg) Google iqdb


It's neither. Artist is retarded.


well... someone here sure is special ^^


File: 137112732428.jpg (21.22 KB, 600x362, Srsly.jpg) Google iqdb


And yet I bet if I could look on the HD of your computer, you would have as complete a collection of his art as you could manage to get for free, and if I checked your history, you'd have been scanning all around for his art, or following threads on various sites to see more of his art. Even if you DO'T do this, you take the time to stop into any thread with his art just to make derisive comments, because you have nothing better to do. Comedy.


File: 13711918194.gif (237.91 KB, 2.002001962002E+154x2.0020018219419E+144, shy.gif) Google iqdb

Um,... Can we just get back to the comic??
(i mean, if that's okay with you.)


>>tries to calm people down
>>posts a pony

Shiggy diggy.

Just because you'd take any old deformed cock into your hole....


File: 137123836411.jpg (27.2 KB, 500x337, 01kxvf2z.jpg) Google iqdb

Well, since Fluttershy didn't work, I guess I'll be more direct...


It is an interesting penis. Much like the spot on Jupiter.


File: 137174342167.jpg (60.64 KB, 250x250, 23219350.jpg) Google iqdb


People who like to look at dicks. Which, you know, judging by the context...

Seriously, though, that thing is just wrong. Either it's an extremely thin and long sheath, or it's foreskin that isn't actually attached to the shaft, so presumably you'd be able to just roll it all the way back if you wanted to. Which is freaky as fuck.

For reference, if you somehow didn't know, the skin is supposed to connect to the head via the underside of the shaft, where that V-shape sort of area is. That's what holds the entire thing together. That spot is NEVER supposed to be exposed. It looks severely wounded like that and that makes me very uncomfortable.



I'm pretty sure whatever he's supposed to be is entirely fictional since he looks like a cross between a rabbit and something out of a Doctor Seuss book. The weird penis is obviously just another special snowflake feature. How much longer are you going to have to spout off and enthrall us with your extensive knowledge of penises before you get over it? If it's really too much for you to handle just stop reading the comic.


File: 137189063635.jpg (314.27 KB, 1060x1600, PROMOpg13.jpg) Google iqdb


DAMN! Beat me to it.

Also, DAMN! He's not actually naked! T_T
(Rofl xD)



I'll be honest, I thought showing him dressed (subtly) in the last panel was pretty slick.

(well, slick for a furry porn comic)


well.. this will be fun to watach so to speak and wait a sec.. that cup's logo he's holding on No. 33438 looks very familiar



lol, i was wondering when someone was going to notice that. it showed up in the last page as well.


For others, myself included, who just want fap off to the comic and don't really givva darn about such trivial details, I repeat myself; WHO THE HELL CARES!?

You beat me to it. Thank you.


>> I repeat myself; WHO THE HELL CARES!?

You do, apparently. Yoiu're the one keeping the discussion alive.
And others in this thread cared, as you can see.
If someone finds the penis so weird they can't fap to it, considering this is PORN, isn't that a valid reason to complain?
How new are you that you can't understand this?


File: 137213312558.jpg (9.25 KB, 460x325, 140_460x325.jpg) Google iqdb

The cup has the Aperture logo :P I love it!


File: 137213332565.png (136.67 KB, 450x422, portal_aplabs_mug.png) Google iqdb



It's just such a small trivial (That means "insignificant" BTW) detail to me that is simple look over.
Ignore a tiny dot on a 55in TV screen and what do you got?
If it urks you so bad, stop reading and get gone.
How new are YOU that you can't understand THAT!?


File: 137234193944.jpg (25.09 KB, 450x600, batmanVscandleja.jpg) Google iqdb


Please stop crying, please? Seriously. If you find the look of the penises in this comic to be "too weird to fap to", then maybe move on to something more to your tastes?

Also, a slight adjustment to your definition of "porn". Despite the fact that there are sexy parts in this comic, it's not just a series of pictures for you to jerk off to, nor do you really have to look at every panel of nudity and immediately pull your cock out. This is an "story" more than it is "porn", much like a movie with a couple of sex scenes built into the overall story isn't porn because of those few sex scenes.

Simply put, you're staying here and complaining about how much you hate being here, but when people suggest you leave and go elsewhere, you refuse to budge. If that's how you feel, stop complaining, read the comic and... I dunno. Stop complaining. :P


Then why can't YOU ignore people complaining about it? They're not even in the comic!

Oh wow, look at all that hardcore assuming you just did!
One, I'm not crying. I was merely pointing out the flaws in >>33453 's logic.
Secondly, this is porn. This isn't "like a movie with a couple of sex scenes built into the overall story", this is a porn comic with some story to pad it out. Come on, it's on Club Stripes, can you seriously say it's not porn?
Thirdly, I'm not even pulling my cock out in the first place. I don't like gay porn. Again, I only saw that guy's post and felt like commenting on it.

All in all, I just like how a bunch of guys went "That cock looks a bit weird" and then all the white-knight jumped out with "THERE SHALL BE NO CRITICISM OF THIS COMIC!"
This thread wouldn't have been derailed if you'd let other people give their opinions.


You all are taking this shit way too seriously....


I mean seriously. I feel like I am in a Naylor thread....


Bravo for being the drama whore stereotype furries, you started everything from a coffee mug in a Gunmouth comic...


wanna watch with me? I have popcorn.


File: 137252815222.gif (495.88 KB, 5.005005005005E+26x2.7927927927928E+26, tumblr_lwf80v81yZ1qcp905o1….gif) Google iqdb

I'll take you up on that offer


What are you talking about? This whole argument started over the rabbit's dick.



that was is season 1




People aren't hating on the cup, dude. In fact, everyone who commented on it seems to like the easter egg.



yeah, i got a kick out of the easter egg myself.


god dammit why are there like never any new threads on this board?

this place is so slow!


its because of the spammers driving people away. I think the problems is fixed now that they [in all relevant threads.


File: 137304476595.jpg (363.03 KB, 1060x1600, 14.jpg) Google iqdb

anyway.... ^^ new page


Magical pants


Don't be stupid, It's just Dowel's imagination.


Do you really belive he was naked for real?
C'on guys dont be silly


*FacePalms* NOT paying close attention to the story I see.


What? You're reading this for the plot? :-)


Both the plot and the pictures like any comic. DUH! I like a good story. Sure you can go with the pictures alone, but with a good plot make it come alive and won't seem dull. And I'm pretty sure I'm not alone on this.


Goddamn I have been coming here for weeks! Or maybe months to watch just nasty hardcore sex and it's still hasn't gotten to that point. Probably 3-4 pages till then.. meaning I have to wait another month. Fuck man.........


You and me sir, enjoy a unique porn experience.


As do i.
I'm not one for gay, but the story of this is quite intriguing.



I don't normally do this, but...'not one for gay'?

It's like when people say 'a gay' vs 'a gay man'. It may be very poor grammar, but it also just feels so...offensive. Ignorant speech about gay people is hurtful, even when it's positive.

Dont' think that makes sense? Tell a black guy about how 'black people sure can run fast' and see how hurt HE is by such ignorant--yet positive--speech.


Not everyone is a butt hurt little whiner though... Like I for one, cannot be offended by anything anyone says. ESPECIALLY through the internet. Some people just need to learn to stop being so counter-hateful it's equally as bad as the ignorance and racism that caused it.


pfft... the only reason to why some people are butt hurt-because they mistakenly sat on my lap and i had my pants off


...what the hell are you talking about?



You dumb shit, gay is an adjective.


You do realize that same words can be both adjectives and nouns right?


There are nouns in there as well.

>You dumb shit


Yes i see the point and as i read my comment again after posting, i felt like i worded it incorrectly.
Perhaps M/M would have been suitable?



No, you worded it fine. Perhaps "gay stuff" may have been better but it was still fine enough.

Frankly, >>33670 is just fucking stupid.


File: 137406973995.jpg (24.13 KB, 480x360, CutItOut.jpg) Google iqdb


It's these kinds of sudden reactions that make people change the adjective of gay from simply a description of homosexuality into an insult or a harmful comment. The guy said he's not one for gay. As in "gay stuff". There's nothing wrong with that.

Also, being a black guy, we DO run fast. It's mostly the legs, and the height. Why would I take offense to someone stating the obvious? The trick is to NOT get pissed off or feel the need to rage or comment on every little use of a word you personally feel is offensive.

Sometimes, people saying something is gay when it involves two men who are talking about fucking another guy while one of them is nude, stroking his cock? ...Is spot on correct, with no insult intended.



People just need to get thicker skins and stop LOOKING to get offended by everything. That's part of what the hell is so wrong with this world nowadays.





File: 137434306568.jpg (318.97 KB, 1060x1600, PROMOpg15FIN.jpg) Google iqdb



... wow

so, uh, didn't feel like drawing very much for that page huh? a little of that ol' copy and paste?


i mean what's actually happening is cute thought but i can't get over the laziness of the execution



Well that was a rather disappointingly boring and lazy update.


I'll agree its a bit lazy, but I see as to why in this specific scene. He says he won't, then he takes a drink and says he will. Kinda funny.


kindy funny though


when you say lazy do you mean how long it took to get posted?


*Blank Stare* No. Look at the picture. See that all 4 frames of that picture are almost identical aside from small tweaks and the change in background? ANYONE who appreciate good artwork can see that.


Good to know ( thought you were one of those who dont understand how pay sites work - I came cross few)

As for the page it wasn't because the artist is lazy.
Its something that happens alot in anime...like someone says something and suddenly
they are in a different area in the same position looking or doing something that will
lead to the opposite.

At least thats what I think he was going after with this page.



You ever stop to think that... the guy just didn't move that much? And just likes that pose? ( We all have ways we carry and hold ourselves. ) Is he supposed to be drawn waving his arms around while chilling at the bar?



A decent point, but if that was the case, then he do the same pose for the rest of the comic which would seem even MORE lazy and make the comic extremely dull for the reader.


Oh lawdy it's a scene in a gay porn comic without dicks being rammed into orifices and cotton candy firing out of nipples like jet planes. The world is gonna end.


look at all these strawmen getting tossed around, damn


seriously I thought it was hilarious...
Boohoo, one page where GM used the same pose... one page o.o Better than when it's porn and an artist uses 3-5 frames just to show thrusting with little change between each... I mean did you look at fasttrack37d's Keeping Warm... but only one person b-tched cause there were dicks... I bet if they were nekid and getting blowjobs in the last two no one would bat an eye...


"well hmm, i can't argue that the latest page isn't a lazy copy paste hack job, what should i do? oh i know, i'll bring up some completely unrelated shit and start talking about that!" - this thread


I always did like this sort of comic layout, quick and rather comical.


File: 137527950428.jpg (367.7 KB, 1060x1600, 16.jpg) Google iqdb


>>33850 lol random by outta nowhere




OH! I see. I thought it was random at first, but Mark is making a live video to the website of Him and Dowel for Abe to see. Kinky!



We wouldn't carry ourselves the same way all the time either, it depends on the situation. I could see him hanging out that way when just standing around in a cubicle/against a bar though, myself.


I think he just got horny and wanted some cock, so the video was made because hey, that's what they do. I don't reckon they knew Mark would see it at all - though it is a good composition.


>>33912 Agreed!!


File: 137608906265.jpg (309.64 KB, 1060x1600, 17.jpg) Google iqdb

getting fun ^^


Bet that chick makes the worst fucking duck lips in all of her selfies



god damn it, lol


File: 137611133052.jpg (15.6 KB, 240x240, damn!.jpg) Google iqdb

*Shakes head* Saw THAT lame joke coming.....


File: 137612693889.jpg (33.38 KB, 418x455, dowell_rapetime.jpg) Google iqdb

You know what time is it.


File: 137627052871.jpg (58.44 KB, 700x525, asianbedjumpinggoblins_u18….jpg) Google iqdb


File: 137632086319.jpg (141.42 KB, 715x590, MOZGUS_HERETIC_3284.jpg) Google iqdb



File: 13764953946.jpg (42.38 KB, 418x384, what_the_fuck3.jpg) Google iqdb

WHAT, dare I ask, was the point of THAT?


File: 13765857601.png (110.12 KB, 440x533, themanwholaughs.png) Google iqdb

the LULZ, of course


Now that the point of it is clear i would like to inquire as to its origin?


Berserk, one of the greatest manga, ^^


File: 137676814034.jpg (54.45 KB, 462x559, Mouth-face.jpg) Google iqdb


File: 137679278055.jpg (11.1 KB, 261x195, 1011331_3363782589978_2048….jpg) Google iqdb

>>34016 I find no humor in that. Pointless


File: 137680212055.jpg (119.06 KB, 640x480, whats_going_on.jpg) Google iqdb

I wonder if Dowel is still raping Abe the whole time while everyone post random shit. Maybe he killed him after the last page here so the comic is over?


File: 137702734247.jpg (262.68 KB, 1060x1600, 18.jpg) Google iqdb

nah mate, its quite hot ^^


File: 137705561921.png (32.66 KB, 242x230, fe2.png) Google iqdb


Well, that escalated quickly.
I don't want to spoil anything, but I think that while they're at it, someone (*cough*Mark*cough*) will "accidentally" walk in and film it and then post a video on a porn site and name it like "Office jerks jerking it off", and then Abe won't be able to send a video of Mark and Dowel to his company because otherwise they'll send a video of him and Dowel.



I'm putting my bets on it being another dream sequence.


That being said, what I think will happen is Mark will film them and put the video on the company website like Abe said he'd do to Dowell, thus getting both of them fired and Mark getting the job that opened up.


File: 137719112158.png (155.77 KB, 1281x1066, Tom_is_watching_you_mastur….png) Google iqdb

lets vote about what would you do if you were Abe in this situation:
a) do nothing;
b) call for help;
c) punch Dowel;
d) start humping Dowel's head;
e) fart, laugh and piss into Dowel's mouth;
f) wake up.

If I were Abe, I'd call for help. And by help I mean another hot guy to do Dowel from both ends... ah screw it, who am I kidding. I'd panic and ran away screaming like a bitch.


I see nothing wrong with Abe grabbing him by the hair and making Dowel choke a bit xp


File: 137737911470.jpg (251.94 KB, 1060x1600, 19.jpg) Google iqdb


File: 137806687597.jpg (130.95 KB, 374x525, i_am_legend_will_smith__1_.jpg) Google iqdb

Provides the hottest comic in months.... no response.... This place has truly gone silent.


lurker here.

I appreciate you.


people are alive ^^, yey... i'm just worried... this site is getting really really slow


Yeah, what cha gonna do? Spammers spark aa pulse every once in a while.


I also appreciate content, I just don't bother to comment since the place gets nuked every time I come up with something witty to say.


File: 137812497842.jpg (261.51 KB, 1060x1600, 130830.jpg) Google iqdb


amazing 0.0



so many hilarious/awesome posts gone forever between the spam and that spree of delete happy moderation

its a travesty

ty everyone who posts content even if its quiet there's a lot of people who appreciate you


Onta you are a mod here, help out a bit, not just delete stuff xP


where is the rest?


The whole comic isn't out yet, it gets updated every week or so


File: 137849257747.jpg (224.16 KB, 1060x1600, 130905.jpg) Google iqdb


Fucking love his inner oral shots


Am I the only one who wants to know where the story will go and not just in it for the sex scenes... I can't really say much, I want more of them too!

Captcha: the foyearse

I think the captcha is hitting on me...


>34277 same here I can't wait to see where the story goes lol


Abe and Dowel fuck each other, Mark films them, sends the video to their boss, they get fired, Mark gets a promotion, end of story.


Don't be stupid, Mark and Dowel banged and posted their videos to a porn site and they didn't get fired.


In the world of Furries, everyone works at least part-time as a pornstar.



'Tis true.


Well as there is no std and you can get pregnant when you want I think it is a great thing ^^


I think it's more of a hobby... Something to do at the end of a busy work day or at work in some case!


Not at work, though, did they?


File: 137925402573.jpg (251.03 KB, 1060x1600, 22.jpg) Google iqdb


Properly fixes his pants back on then snowballs him. Nice!!


sooo cute :3


Oh my gosh! This is the first time I've ever seen Abraham and Dowel kissing! 8D


Yo dawg, have a taste of your own sperm.
If Abe has his cum in his mouth, does it technically counts as if like he gave himself a blowjob?


when you give someone a blow job, then kiss them with that cum still in your mouth and trade it back and forth, thats called snowballing.


File: 137947382579.jpg (31.81 KB, 613x533, 171.jpg) Google iqdb

Thank you, that was a very important information.


File: 137954427785.jpg (92.02 KB, 400x307, 1283692335369.jpg) Google iqdb


File: 137964858853.jpg (65.17 KB, 600x337, BDDefinition-Clerks-k-1080….jpg) Google iqdb


File: 137986415096.jpg (291.94 KB, 1060x1600, 22.jpg) Google iqdb

that's that for now ^^


Noooo! i want more D:


where did the green pen come from?


*Blankly stares at you and sighs* It was the pen Dowel had taken from Abe earlier....


...And he returned it to him in a very hot way!!


oh right, pen from page 2, way back at the start when it was interesting


File: 138016212049.gif (977.18 KB, 5.005005005005E+50x2.4024024024024E+50, standing-ovation(2013_03_1….gif) Google iqdb

I love the way this ended.


Horrible ending. There was so much promise in this comic, but the author had to first prolong it and then abruptly drop without any actual plot development.


What do you expect from a meet-and-fuck style furry comic?

Just be thankful GunMouth didn't jam any magic portals in, or new characters for no reason. Or just let it drop dead mid comic like he has with others...


The ending would've been better if a magic portal opened in Dowell's ass and a new character jumped out of there for no reason. Seriously. The scenario had much more potential, but now I feel like I was dickslapped for expecting sum drama.


if it had a good plot people would whine that there wasn't enough fuckins

if it has good fuckins people whine that there's no plot

im not even going to whine about the whining though, the whines are more fun to read than the comics around here


Quit yer whining, whiner. You're trying to sound cool, but you're just coming across as kind of a dick.


File: 138032433695.jpg (92.22 KB, 599x358, HowAboutNo.jpg) Google iqdb

I know the comic was supposed to be the two gay guys first meeting and then... something... but...

Wha hoppen?

Why would it cut off right *there* of all places? This is more like where it should have gone into part 2.

Also... I'm pretty sure if some guy, whether I thought they were hot or not, sucked my dick then spit it into my mouth along with a pen I would: A) Throw up all over their face. B) Choke on said pen, THEN throw up all over their face. C) Kick their ass afterward, whether it was A or B; that shit's nasty. I mean seriously dude, no backsies. If you're gonna suck it out, then it's yours now. Keep it. I can make more for myself anytime I want.


Yeah, I bet you'd do that if some guy sucked your dick.
I think Abe didn't do anything because he's a pussy. Even Dowel is more manly than him, because he just took what he wanted. If he wanted, he'd already knocked at Abe's "backdoor", if you know what I mean.
If the story continues, I hope to see Mark and Dowel simultaneously make a "real man" out of that momma's boy Abe.


lol you think im cool



fuck are you saying?
did you even see what happened?
how could he do that and put the pen in his mouth at the same time? there was no panel inbetween at all where he could have put the pen in or whatever.
also even if the pen wasnt there, why would you even think of him spitting his cum, instead of like, you know, swallowing it and then kissing him. or anything
he could have done anything, except like the thing you seem to be whining about the most. what the fuck


Two words: GAY MAGIC.


File: 138075042019.jpg (43.75 KB, 835x774, 1283033579539.jpg) Google iqdb



I put my dick there and imagine that hand doing stroking moves.


Be sure and use monitor protection. Computer viruses are running rampant!


I have anti-trojan condoms. And if I'll caught something, I can use my USB-adapter for a penis and delete the viruses using an antivirus program.

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