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i'd like to re-post all in once, but now -thanks to the contributions of the usual retarded- it can takes long..so give your help to rebuild this page
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people are alive ^^, yey... i'm just worried... this site is getting really really slow


Yeah, what cha gonna do? Spammers spark aa pulse every once in a while.


I also appreciate content, I just don't bother to comment since the place gets nuked every time I come up with something witty to say.


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amazing 0.0



so many hilarious/awesome posts gone forever between the spam and that spree of delete happy moderation

its a travesty

ty everyone who posts content even if its quiet there's a lot of people who appreciate you


Onta you are a mod here, help out a bit, not just delete stuff xP


where is the rest?


The whole comic isn't out yet, it gets updated every week or so


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Fucking love his inner oral shots


Am I the only one who wants to know where the story will go and not just in it for the sex scenes... I can't really say much, I want more of them too!

Captcha: the foyearse

I think the captcha is hitting on me...


>34277 same here I can't wait to see where the story goes lol


Abe and Dowel fuck each other, Mark films them, sends the video to their boss, they get fired, Mark gets a promotion, end of story.


Don't be stupid, Mark and Dowel banged and posted their videos to a porn site and they didn't get fired.


In the world of Furries, everyone works at least part-time as a pornstar.



'Tis true.


Well as there is no std and you can get pregnant when you want I think it is a great thing ^^


I think it's more of a hobby... Something to do at the end of a busy work day or at work in some case!


Not at work, though, did they?


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Properly fixes his pants back on then snowballs him. Nice!!


sooo cute :3


Oh my gosh! This is the first time I've ever seen Abraham and Dowel kissing! 8D


Yo dawg, have a taste of your own sperm.
If Abe has his cum in his mouth, does it technically counts as if like he gave himself a blowjob?


when you give someone a blow job, then kiss them with that cum still in your mouth and trade it back and forth, thats called snowballing.


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Thank you, that was a very important information.


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that's that for now ^^


Noooo! i want more D:


where did the green pen come from?


*Blankly stares at you and sighs* It was the pen Dowel had taken from Abe earlier....


...And he returned it to him in a very hot way!!


oh right, pen from page 2, way back at the start when it was interesting


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I love the way this ended.


Horrible ending. There was so much promise in this comic, but the author had to first prolong it and then abruptly drop without any actual plot development.


What do you expect from a meet-and-fuck style furry comic?

Just be thankful GunMouth didn't jam any magic portals in, or new characters for no reason. Or just let it drop dead mid comic like he has with others...


The ending would've been better if a magic portal opened in Dowell's ass and a new character jumped out of there for no reason. Seriously. The scenario had much more potential, but now I feel like I was dickslapped for expecting sum drama.


if it had a good plot people would whine that there wasn't enough fuckins

if it has good fuckins people whine that there's no plot

im not even going to whine about the whining though, the whines are more fun to read than the comics around here


Quit yer whining, whiner. You're trying to sound cool, but you're just coming across as kind of a dick.


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I know the comic was supposed to be the two gay guys first meeting and then... something... but...

Wha hoppen?

Why would it cut off right *there* of all places? This is more like where it should have gone into part 2.

Also... I'm pretty sure if some guy, whether I thought they were hot or not, sucked my dick then spit it into my mouth along with a pen I would: A) Throw up all over their face. B) Choke on said pen, THEN throw up all over their face. C) Kick their ass afterward, whether it was A or B; that shit's nasty. I mean seriously dude, no backsies. If you're gonna suck it out, then it's yours now. Keep it. I can make more for myself anytime I want.


Yeah, I bet you'd do that if some guy sucked your dick.
I think Abe didn't do anything because he's a pussy. Even Dowel is more manly than him, because he just took what he wanted. If he wanted, he'd already knocked at Abe's "backdoor", if you know what I mean.
If the story continues, I hope to see Mark and Dowel simultaneously make a "real man" out of that momma's boy Abe.


lol you think im cool



fuck are you saying?
did you even see what happened?
how could he do that and put the pen in his mouth at the same time? there was no panel inbetween at all where he could have put the pen in or whatever.
also even if the pen wasnt there, why would you even think of him spitting his cum, instead of like, you know, swallowing it and then kissing him. or anything
he could have done anything, except like the thing you seem to be whining about the most. what the fuck


Two words: GAY MAGIC.


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I put my dick there and imagine that hand doing stroking moves.


Be sure and use monitor protection. Computer viruses are running rampant!


I have anti-trojan condoms. And if I'll caught something, I can use my USB-adapter for a penis and delete the viruses using an antivirus program.

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