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Why Can't I Hold All These Wipes?
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If you can wait until tomorrow I will upload it...


Anything else?


This >>34726 would be nice.


File: 138404100738.jpg (313.71 KB, 662x2935, blind_date_by_jollyjack-d6….jpg) Google iqdb

New Aspara.

Lara croft tentacle porn please.


As a guy who likes his porn with a cup of sappy feelings, I think JJ did a brilliant job here. I hope this one sells a lot.


Have you got it yet? According to his furaffinity page, she ends up eating him.


Where the hell did you read THAT?


Last image is her, lost in self pleasure, her fangs bared, torn cloth around her teeth, wreckingt he apartment, with no-one else. I just naturally assumed.


I didn't see anything about the being the last image. Might be a flashback or something.


It's a flashback. She gets turned on and worries about losing control of herself like that, right in the middle of an outdoor restaurant.


Sooo, after that little voraphilia-centric interlude, anyone got the second-to-latest?


Arizona Ashley
By the way I think that his lastest comic is actually one of his better ones.


What do people think are JollyJack's best comics?


Actually, that's a good question.

Someone list and number every comic and we can start voting.


1.Arizona Ashley
2.Art Lover
3.Awaiting Pickup
4.Dar Demon
5.Big Barn Big Voice
6.Blind Date
7.Bulking out
8.Calamari Grimoire
9.Call Centre
10.Catgirl Socialite
11.Cherry Bakewell
13.Dairy Aisle
14.Demon Elevator
16.Dragons Nest
17.Dry Oats
18.Epic Empress
19.Fairy Study
20.Fairy Study 2
21.Farm Girl
22.Favourite Toy Redux
24.Fitting Room
25.Five Items or Less
26.For Science
27.Frisky Titan
28.Gargantugum Gatekeeper
29.Gecko Girl
30.Getting Comfy
31.Girl In the Tower
32.Going For the Record
34.Great Bear and The Squirrel
35.Halloween Moon
37.Island Fruit
38.Jaguar Spirit
40.Kitty Cupboard
41.Kitty Hulk
42.Lonely Diner
43.Mischief Maker
44.Monster Movie
45.Morning Jog
46.Next Starfighter
47.Nice Suit
48.Pillow Fight
49.Pizza Time
50.Quality Footage
51.Red Assignment
53.Seies 47
54.Shower and Steam
55.Silk Elves
56.Silk Elves 2
57.Solar Cream
58.Space Rock
59.Spontaneous Dragonification
60.Tentacle Posession
62.Were Chloe
63.Wolf Peak
64.Wylderness Spring
65.Zebra Zoo Girl

I really like Halloween Moon. Just a straight transformation sequence, but it's awesome.
I also really like Fireside. Just feels like it has more character to it than any of the others.
Tough choice. One of those is my fave.


I actually really liked the silk elves. I've been hoping that he will get back to them but no such luck, yet.Arizona Ashley, kind of bleh, perhaps to many tentacle expansion comics for me.


Honestly, I think Arizona Ashley would have been fantastic if Page 9 and onward hadn't happened.


Yeah, I was about to buy it until saw the listed kinks.

As for the best, I dunno. I like Great Bear and The Squirrel but only because i'm a Scarlet fan.


My faves so far are Next Starfighter and Pizza Time. It would be nice to see these two together in a follow-up comic, having to adjust their lives to their new bodies.


My favorite is definitely Quality Footage. Favorite Toy and Reduex close behind. Art Lover. Need more fur-on-female stuff from Jack.


My favorite is definitely Quality Footage. Favorite Toy and Reduex close behind. Art Lover. Need more fur-on-female stuff from Jack.


Could someone post the Pizza Time and Arizona Ashley up here? My duchebag computer won't let my download them from any of then download sites.





I've always liked the belly inflation so I like:
14.Demon Elevator
1.Arizona Ashley

The hottest one in my opinion is:
26.For Science

And I can never forget when I discovered Jack all those years ago and saw:
37.Island Fruit


What about Going for the record


Second hottest in my opinion


My top five are Big Barn, Fitting Room, Going for the Record, Juicy, and Series 47.


I have the same kind of problem as that other Anon dude, sept the problem is my computer is a 3DS, so if anyone has one you know how they work with the internet. I'd like to see the pizza time and arizona ashley comics to!, and series 47 if that's not asking too much


I wanna see that new one, I think it's called "Blind Date" and Arizona Ashley!


I've heard some bad rumors about arizona ashley actually, It's not one of those tentacle inflation things where they fill her up untill she pops and dies is it? Or is it like demon elevator where she pops and then is miraculously ok in the next pannel?


No, there's no popping whatsoever in that comic... so there's no need to worry, man.


Well that's a load off my mind! Thanks for letting me know! I wouldn't mond looking at it then if someone uploaded it.



I only have a 3DS, I can't download anything, just view it. I'd really appreciate if someone would post Arizona Ashley here. Thank You!


I would appreciate if someone posted it here too, everytime I try to run the download it F**ks my computer up so would someone please be kind to a dude with a crap ass computer and upload it pretty please!?! preferible as jpg images?


"buy comics for me!"
"post comics here in the format I demand"
"chew my food for me!"


Why the hell does it need to be jpg images? if it even does get posted here, just deal with what F**king format the dude/dudette was kind enough to put here dingbat!


1. Its an image board. 2. Jpg or pngs are preferable to download links because of less exposure to malware. 3. Because i ask nicely?



Ehehehe... He does have a point.




Can someone upload fairy study 2 and 3 please?




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