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The link is dead


The Randian God got butthurt. Find another place, spread it around.

This file has been taken down by:

File Name: Housecats ~ Jay Naylor.zip (6.47 MB)

Company: jaynaylor.com
Email: jay@jaynaylor.com


you know if everyone who likes to talk shit on naylor all wrote him some emails it could be a pretty funny day

im gonna go send him a love note right now


I just deleted the file and it's still up for downloading for some reason now.


If you still have the file, why not re-upload under a different name? Just call it Kittycomic413t5 or something that might not get noticed. We can all rename them ourselves after all.


I have this full comic. Is there any reason I shouldn't post all the pages here instead of using a download site? Not OP, by the way.


if you want to put in the effort to post the pages please, by all means.

the only reason anyone posts a download link instead of the pictures is effort. its kind of annoying to type the captcha a bunch of times. but please do if you're willing it makes the board nicer for everyone if there's plenty of pictures posted


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I didn't put the whole thing up before because the boards kept getting wiped.


cool comic

althought im having some trouble explanding the images.

anyone else cant expand them at all?


I haven't been able to expand images in a long time. I don't know what's up with that, I thought it was just me because nobody else said anything.



No issues expanding images here.


Does anyone have the new Naylor comic yet? I saw it came out a few days back.


Next time check /fc/ catalog before making request. See >>33493


There's a Catalog?


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