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File: 13574568669.jpg (1.32 MB, 1912x1348, FacesoftheFandom.jpg) Google iqdb


I thought it’d be convenient to post all the comics made by all the artists proclaimed big-name by the majority of fandom so nobody would need to backtrack across the pages.


File: 135745712020.jpg (871.65 KB, 1424x1400, artdecade.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: Artdecade

Public Site: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/artdecade/ , http://www.artdecademonthly.com/

Content: All MM unless stated otherwise;
A Cold Day (Free, Clean)
Abe in the Gym Showers (Paysite, Watersports)
Collection (Payside, BDSM)
Drawers (Paysite)
Familiar (Free, Incest)
Fishing (Paysite)
He Who Tells his Secrets (Paysite)
Ice Cold (Paysite)
Only If You Kiss (Paysite)
Only If I Love You (Paysite)
I'm Not Strong (Free, Clean)
I've Seen It Before (Paysite)
Kung Fu Perverts (Paysite)
Lovin Tree (Paysite)
Palm of My Hand (Paysite)
Siege of Maastricht (Paysite)
Siege of Maastricht 2 (Paysite, Ongoing)
Tell Me About It (Paysite, MM, F nudity)
The Luck of Fools (Paysite, Ongoing)
Trappist Tradition (Paysite)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?sei6q9hcmdxdouc

Filesize: 197 mb

Commentary: From what I've seen, the themes of his early comics starts out with one guy tricking a heterosexual into a romp. Lately with LoF and SoM the artist is incorporating a storyline that admittingly blends well that makes me "Yeah, I wanna know what's going to happen." The style I notice is a bit simplistic, but it's solid and enables him to update quickly.


File: 135745722175.jpg (922.84 KB, 1437x1300, Black-Rat.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: Black-Rat

Public Site: http://black-rat.deviantart.com/

Content: Every Comic in this list features TF into muscly anthromomorphic creatures, especially female subjects. Male transformations shows no genitalia and therefore

will not be classified under nutidy, female transformations however exhibit nudity for the most part (and muscles), 'Concealed' usually by fur or complete abscence of

the areola regions. And no, no comics portray sexual interaction between the characters, likely at the insistence of the artist's standards.

A Laughing Matter (Nudity)
August Commie Comic (Concealed)
Baseball and Moonbeasts (Nudity)
Batpanda (Nudity)
CARROT (Nudity)
Cave Raider (Concealed)
For the Moo
Full Moon Muscle (Nudity)
Go Huskies (Nudity)
I Werewolf
JackJackie (Nudity)
Kitsune Jackal (Dupe of The Feather Thief)
Kiyone the fox (concealed)
Ling Xiaoyu Panda (Nudity)
Mistress of the Night (Concealed)
More Milk, More Power!
New champion
No one gets what they want
Rooth Transform comic
Signs (Concealed)
The Feather Thief (Dupe of Kitsune Jackal)
The Perfect Costume (Nudity)
Werewolf Commie (Nudity, not related to Russia :p)
Werewolf Commission (Nudity)
Wood Spirits
Xilimythzord (Unfinished)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?qabgx80699rx8km

Filesize: 141mb

Commentary: To be honest, I find the musculature development of the pages more appealing than the TF themselves, due in part to my guilty pleasure of female muscles.
The artist was my main source before the days of Zaruchan and Pokkuti. But this is a recommend for TF and muscular enthusiasts.


File: 135745781086.jpg (726.63 KB, 1272x1200, Bonk.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: Bonk

Public Site: http://bonkifiedart.com/ , http://www.furaffinity.net/user/bonk/

A Warm Welcome (Tail Heat, MM)
Be My valentine (Paysite, MM)
By the Heart (Free, Clean, Discontinued)
Christmas Present (Tail Heat, MM)
Christmas Wish (Tail Heat, MM)
Gathering Wood (Paysite, MM)
Getting Lucky (Tail Heat, MM)
Getting Wet (Sexyfur, MF)
Good Trade (Tail Heat, MM)
Horn of Desire (Clubstripes, MM)
Jumping the Bunny (Sexyfur, MF)
Kip and the Beanstalk (Paysite, M Tentacles)
Midnight Movie (Free, MF)
Money Shot (Hardblush, MM)
Poking Cupid (Tail Heat, MM)
Sex on the Beach (Paysite, MM)
The Offering (Sexyfur, MF, Unfinished)
Trial of Endurance (Tail Heat, MM)
Welcome to the Farm (Sexyfur, MF)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?lgbrkedayqriyjz

Filesize: 93 mb

Commentary: Whenever it comes to Bonk's MM comics, one partner is tall, endowed and with the physique of a trainer. The other partner is a twinkie. Not usually my thing, although 'Gathering Wood' momentarily swayed me. But when he does MF projects, he hits it like a sniper. As you can see, sign up to Tail Heat for future MM projects, and Sexyfur for the MF ones.


File: 135745886194.jpg (1.03 MB, 1484x1404, Chamachama-sanRokkinpo.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: Chamachama-san Rokkinpo!

Public Site: Defunct (Formerly Pixiv)

Content: Much of the material untitled, ergo unsorted.

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?a68ssjgjn25npz5

Filesize: 130 mb

Commentary: One day, a generous poster informed of a japanese artist who wiped his gallery, but offered a link to everything he managed to save before the artist rage quit. An artist I never knew, but I really wish I did when i decided to take a look. Long story short, the artist drew loads of materials and comics based off select characters of Usavich and Happy Tree Friends, for the most part in a very non-cannon for visually engaging theme. Of course, obligatory gore for the HTF material.


File: 135745951064.png (1.09 MB, 1590x1404, Bussaca.png) Google iqdb

>>2450937 Hopefully fixed

Artist: Bussaca

Public Site: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/bussaca/

Clear and Present Danger (Free, MF)
Easy Money (Free, MF, Unfinished)
Goaltending (Free, MM, Crossdressing)
Little Bit of Everything (Free, MFM)
Sex n Boots (Physical Purchase, Issues 1 and 2, MF) [misnamed Sax and Boots to mislead Mediafire filters)
Slippers (Free, MF)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?6tquw47bpu4b7bb

Filesize: 38 mb

Commentary: The comic 'Slippers' alone is worthy quality and length to be printed and sold, yet he posted them for all to see on his site. It is only because he made a modest sale of Sex n Boots long ago I find myself willing to post what content I know he has done. That aside, very talented drawing firearms and sci-fi armor concepts from what I saw of his gallery.


File: 135746011293.jpg (1.25 MB, 1484x1400, DaiGaijin.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: Daigaijin

Public Site: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/daigaijin/

Afterschool (Free, MF, Censored)
Better Late than Never --> Honesty at Last (Free, ongoing, MF, or eventualy, Ongoing)
Dahlia (Free, MF)
Dawns Christmas Present (Free, MF, Censored)
Fisting Lesson (Free, FF)
Habako-Time (Free, MF)
Icespell (Free, MF)
Krystal Session (Free, MF)
Loki and Diana (Free, FHerm, Censored)
Mischievous Mirage (Free, MF)
Shopping (Free, FF)
Spirit Paw (Free, MF, Foot Fetish)
titty (Free, MF, Enema, Censored)
Zapher and Dawn (Free, MF, Censored)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?8tz6220k524ybbi

Filesize: 74 mb

Commentary: Gained fast attention for the ongoing Kung-Fu Panda comic. But he has done numerous projects before and on the side, censored a few of them maybe but to too distractingly. I've only trivial nitpicks, just that he tends to drag our certain scenes that be resolved much quicker. But my opinion is hardly justified for his pro-bono submissions.


File: 135746089461.jpg (762.52 KB, 1420x1404, Dktorzi.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: Dktorzi

Public Site: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/dktorzi/ , http://www.furaffinity.net/user/dktorzi/


Bokko and Pervert Cat (Free, Cub? MM)
Vampire Witch Kitty (Free, MF)
Chilky and Dyach (Free, MF)
Kitsune (Mare and Tare) (Free, F/Mcub)
Chakat Season 1-3+Prequel (Free, F/Mcub, FHerm, Herm/Mcub)
Daydreaming (Free, MF, Multiboob)
Double Trouble! (Free, MF, Multicock, Incest)
Kitsune (Free, F)
KOT Canceled fancomic (Free, light MM, light MF)
Lilu Auction (Free, M/Fcub)
Little Secret 4 (Free, MF)
Nala Girl Scout (Free, M/Fcub)
NS Comic (Free, M/Fcub, Incest)
Oasis Red 1-3 (Free, Mild MF, nudity)
Oasis Tome 1-2 (Formerly Pay, now Free, F/Mcub)
Occupational Hazzard (Free, MFHerm)
Pandaren vs Tauren (Free, MF)
Sold (Free, MM)
The Madness (...)
The Vampire wolf and Tess (Free, MF)
Unknown (Free, F/Mcub)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?bvzb7by6xx3ou6o

Filesize: 64 mb

Commentary: As outstanding as his artwork is, the only 'cub' material I can ever get a boner from is shota, aka young boy with hot milf. I'm a boob guy. Ahem. So due to my compulsive drive to collect everything, I have to include the older-guy-with-young-girl projects. Inb4 y'all call me out on denial. If there's anything to critique, I must've waited years for the Chakat series to finally complete. So not much hope for his other projects to complete anytime soon.


File: 135748760890.jpg (1.17 MB, 2840x1400, Elton.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: Elton Portilho

Public Profile: www.furaffinity.net/user/eltonpot/

Content: [All content found from Sexyfur, and MF orientation]
Countryside Climax (MF)
Hot Dog, she got two weiners! (MF)
Inside Jessica (MF)
Jailhouse Lesbos (FF)
Lustful Dance (MF)
Troupical Touch (MF)
X-Mas (MF)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?wj08829ddhcfdfv

Filesize: 36 mb

Commentary: On one side of erotic comics, I like proper exposition, on the other, there is the pure abscence of dialogue which at leaves the comic much better. To me, his artstyle is the kind that were he to draw a standard comic format (panels and such), dialogue bubbles would actually hamper the quality of the comic, simply because it would distract you from the artwork. The artist of wordless lust I call him, although you can possibly imagine the sound effects as the pages go on.


File: 135748840756.jpg (1.41 MB, 2344x1400, Fluffball.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: Fluffball

Public Profile: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/fluffball/

Content: [All Content Free to view]
Alice in Wonderland (Clean)
Brilliant Error (F Nudity, TF)
Coleen (MF, Milking)
Dana (F Nudity, TF)
Elves (MF)
Encouragement (FF)
Evening Invitation (MM)
Gadget commission - First Kiss (MF)
Jennet's Transformation (TF, F Muscle Growth)
Milf (MF)
Movie Night (MF)
Orientation (MF, Milking)
Paying Customer (MF)
Roscoe's Pet (MF)
Rude Awwakening (MF, FHerm, MFF)
Seduction (MF)
Shower Room Antics (MF)
Shower Surprise (MF)
Squirt (M Tentacles)
Staffing Urges (Clean)
Surprise Time to Pay Up (MM)
Taking the Initiative (MF)
Tasty Treats (MFF)
Too Big (MF)
Trapped (F Tentacles)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?1f97w7d28788cmf

Filesize: 45 mb

Commentary: Many of the items here are continuous, but instead of numbering them, the artist instead gives each one a different title, so I refer to each sequential piece by the title of the first page. Most of these are Pin-ups. But the artwork is solid, all submitted freely.


File: 135749113538.jpg (947.52 KB, 1628x1400, dnapalmhead.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: DNApalmhead

Public Site: http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/dnapalmhead/

Content: [All materials contains Macro and Muscle Growth and Free to view unless stated otherwise, singular M's and F's will only go as far as nudity, nipples, or

single erections unless stated otherwise]
A Growing Relationship (Mild MM)
All the Fun of the Fair (F Nudity)
Basket Case
Bren or Brenna (Gender TF)
Comin Achoo (Inflation)
Cougrs Don't Dance (FHerm)
Nudity (F)
D.P. (M)
Da Beers (M)
Danielle (F)
Do the Moco-Lotion (Mild MF)
Double Trouble (F nudity)
Fishy Buisness
Free Lunch
Go For Broke (Herm)
Happy Big-day To You (Mild MM)
Hub and Trey (M)
I'll Eat My Hat (M)
In The Bag (M,F)
Inphenity (F)
It's On
Lana is a Gas (F)
Lizards in Love (Mild MF)
Macro Court
Macros (Mild MF)
Marbles is all Wet (M)
Masterbakers (M)
Miss State (F)
More or Less (F)
My Dinner with Ame (No growth of any kind...impossible...)
My Man (F)
Nerida is Swell (F)
Nightmare of my Dreams (F)
Out of Sync
Personal Day (M)
Pinch for an Inch
Puff Piece (Inflation)
Pumped Up (M multicock)
Rampage Inc (M)
Red vs. Blue (Inflation)
Second Skin (M)
Tell Me Another One (M)
Temple Raiders (MHerm)
That Old Feeling (F)
That...Shrinking Feeling (Micro...even more impossible!)
The Big Date 3 (F)
The Buff Card
The Merger (M multicock)
World of Giants
XXX-Mas (Mild MF)
Zero Chance

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?f02820h2b9tk022

Filesize: 174 mb

Commentary: First of all, holy shoot did my hand get sore sorting and compiling all this. Macro may not be my thing at all, but I acknowledge this artist's talent for satisfying the oh so famous niche for macro art. Strangely, despite all the nude shirt-pant ripping scenes, not once does any of the comics depict the character expelling...fluids. So I gather if one here were to try and commission a comic, he's very likely not to draw direct penetration or city drowning money shots. In any case, it appears this artist is the poster boy for furry macro.


File: 135750616365.jpg (1003.97 KB, 1478x1384, Furronika.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: Furronika

Public Profile: Defunct

Content: [MF, MM, Beastiality, Cub (Talespin), See Commentary]

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?2fywck04m2c0chl

Filesize: 103 mb

Commentary: So much of his comics are unnamed (allegedly a he, even though the name sounds like Veronica) and unfinished It's no use trying to sort them properly. I guess one thing to note is that unlike most artists, Furronika draws his females arguably as one would really age. Slight sag, which would classify as a milf figure is some circles. Some have noted though it looks uneerie on his Lion King anthro fanart. And then there was the Duckman fanart. The next fact is that furronika earns first place in porn dialogue. There are things he can get his characters could say the most ridiculous things only furronika could ever think think of.


File: 135750623071.jpg (1.06 MB, 1732x1624, Furryrevolution.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: Furry Revolution

Public Profile:

Furryrevolution Comic (Pay, MM)
Greek Tradition (Free, MM)
Madagascar (?, MM)
Medieval Trade (Pay, MM, Enema)
Secret Narnia (Free, MM)
Yoki and Bobo (?, MM)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?to711t55lvl3jzb

Filesize: 20 mb

Commentary: A lot of detail on the dicks, I'll give him that. First thing that comes to mind is when FR (Danilo at the time) momentarily left the fandom the first time he found out one of his Purchasable comics posted online, at the time I believe it was genuinely his first experience with his own work being scanned. Appears to have mellowed up when he came back, albiet censoring the majority of his FA gallery.


File: 135750911657.jpg (1.32 MB, 2276x1604, Gnaw.jpg) Google iqdb

>>23846 whoops, his profiles http://www.gideonscorral.com/ and http://www.furaffinity.net/user/gideon/

Artist: Gnaw

Public Profile: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/gnaw/

Book Ended (Bunnielove, MF)
Clutch Play (Clubstripes, MF)
Day at the Nurse's Office (Bunnielove, MF)
Engrid's Bone Toy Holder (Sexyfur, MF)
Exceptional Service (Pay, MF)
Gamma Tamma (Free, F, TF)
Hazel Poker (Pay, F)
Hazel Valentine (Free, MF)
Hazel Weiss - Hunt in Mid October (Pay, F)
Hazel, Raven and Heidi (Clubstripes, FF)
Kitsune (Clubstripes, MF)
Lay the Dragon (Clubstripes, MF)
Lions Laid (Sexyfur, FF)
Long Time (Pay, MM)
Love is Blind/Blind Love (Clubstripes, MF)
Nico no Hito (Unknown, MF)
Night Shift (Sexyfur, MF)
Pan Handling (Free, FF)
Sasha and Naomi (Sexyfur, FF)
Shower (Clubstripes, FF)
Sleep it Off (Clubstripes, FF)
Sleep it Off 2 (Clubstripes, FF, Ongoing)
The Show Must Go On (Pay, MM)
Window Watcher (Clubstripes, MF)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?kdaxnaeabxrne8v

Filesize: 52 mb

Comments: I have nothing but blind praise for this guy, and most replies even in the most pessimistic image boards do the same. He is most certainly one of the prime pillars and reasons most would pay years on end on. One of the few artists I'd like to admire his artwork aside from his comics. The materials on both paysites are worth checking out, but his submissions on Clubstripes stand out in particular. The blight use of coloring, and although one may not care, the characters in Gnaw's Clubstripes comics appear to have an established history together, friendship or romance, which leaves a bigger impact than most sex-at-first-sight comics. Blind Love, of course cemented most proclamations of Gnaw being best artist ever.


File: 135751124861.jpg (983.31 KB, 1604x1600, Gunmouth.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: GunMouth

Public Profile: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/gunmouth/

Bump in the Night (Clubstripes, MF, Tentacles)
Bad Company (Clubstripes, MF, Tentacles)
The Trial (clubstripes, MFM)
What Goes Around (Clubstripes, FF, FHerm, Slime)
Private Lesson (Allegedly, Pay, MF)
Raiders of the Laced Arc (Clubstripes, MF, Tentacles, Ongoing)
Muffins (Allegedly, Pay, FHerm)
Quickie (Clubstripes, MM)
Sleep Tight (Clubstripes, MM)
Legend of the Golden Phallus (Clubstipes/Pay, MF, MFM)
Time Well Spent (Pay, MM)
Private Lessons (Pay, MF, FF)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?r9rth3trx51szix

Filesize: 60 mb

Comments: Sergal! Sergal! Omigawd Sergal! For months the boards ranted about that. But the reality is that GunMouth is a very outstanding artist. His knack of mixing humor and eroticism together in one scene. The flexible range of range of expressions. So it's good GunMouth has branched between the Hetero and Homosexual variety of materials, proving no diminished quality. And of course his over-arcing tentacle ladies (and men) arc that's a perfect hook to enlist suscribers.


File: 13575125294.jpg (761.41 KB, 1634x1204, FredPerry.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: Fred Perry

Public Profile: www.furaffinity.net/user/fredgdperry/

Adventures in Sonicland (Free, MF)
Cheetah & Strype - GDXv1 (Pay, MF)
Doity Rats 1-2 (Pay, MF, Incest)
Dragen's Schooldays (Free, MF)
Every Full Moon 1-2 (Free, MF)
Fuck Like Rabbits (Doujin, MF)
Game Night (Free, MF)
Goldie Cock and Th'Three Bares (Pay, MFFF)
Gym Workout (Free, MF)
How Dragen Met Debra (Free, MF)
Ladies Night (Free, FF)
LVL DOWN (Unsure, MF)
Michael Makes New Friends (Free, MF)
Michael's Hobby (Free, MF)
Misunderstanding (M)
One on One (Pay, MF)
Patty (Free, MF)
Poolside (MF)
Poor Red (Free, MF)
Pup and Bun (Free, MF)
QFLR (Doujin, MF)
Riding Little Red (Pay, MF)
Returning Home (Free, MF)
RGB (Free, MF)
Roommates (Free, MF)
Terry X3 (Pay, MF)
Trolls V Elves (MF)
Twister (Free, MF)
Valentine Treat (Free, MF)
Weekend Visit (Free, MF)
What does Cat need with a lap (Free, MF)
Wolf in Sheep's Hinie (Pay, MF)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?myr9xaa9em0zd3v

Filesize: 45 mb

Commentary: Most of the content that can be freely seen on FA, owes in part to DragenGD for commissioning every single comic from Fred Perry. So a part of me really thanks http://www.furaffinity.net/user/dragengd/ for allowing Fred Perry to expand his collection. All the free to view content is in sketch format, to save commission costs understandably. The official purchases, which has been fully inked for published stands out magnificently. My odd tidbit is why some of his anthropomorphic girls have flat faces while the males have fully extended jaws.


File: 135751381695.jpg (844.89 KB, 1840x1402, Gideon.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: Gideon

Public Profile: http://www.gideonscorral.com/ and http://www.furaffinity.net/user/gideon/

Adventure Hook Inn (Pay, MM)
Arizona & Showshoe (Pay, MHerm, Size Difference)
Devil's Advocate (Clubstripes, MM)
Gideon Bestiary (Pay, MM)
Gonan and the Goblet of Spooge (Pay, MM)
Livin Large (Free, Herm, Macro)
Love the Year of the Tigress (Free, MHerm)
My Little Brony (Pay, Pinup, M)
Night of the Shaggoth (Paysite, MHerm)
Shayde-Raven (Free, MM)
Summer Crammin (Clubstripes, MM)
Tails From the Front (Pay, MM)
Tam's Gideonification (Free, TF, Herm)
Tristian Oakenroad vs The Oak (Free, MM)
Lands of Luste (Pay, all genders)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ji2jurtkckag3t4

Filesize: 114 mb

Commentary: Ah, the king of tube cocks, twin torpedos and eraser nipples (sometimes all at once). So I'll say it up front, yes, they are good for a pose, but you can see why Gideon rarely ever draws scenes of intercourse comics or otherwise, not unless the one recieving it has a black hole in their colon. As such, most pics you would find are poses. That's the gist of the negative criticism. But one should admit there's a big niche in the fandom for hyper phallic/trophic traits, which Gideon is all happy to oblige. It would not be surprising why some apply for Clubstripes solely for the artist. My personal taste is whenever he draws his girls (female or herms) with a noticeable tone in their physique...you probably tell at this point where I lean on the fetish scale.


File: 135751428817.jpg (794.38 KB, 1668x1392, Jailbird.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: Jailbird

Public Profile: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/jailbird/

A Tale of the Oasis: (Free, MF)
Attraction (Free, FHerm, Taur)
camping Comic (Free, MF)
Collection Time (Free, MF, MM)
Crush (Free, MF)
First Time (Free, MM)
Fooling Around (Free, MM)
Going Public (Free, MM)
Goop (Free, M Tentacles)
Locker Room Raeptime (Free, M/Intersex male)
Takes Two (Free, MM)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?a6pbt6b89nl0nax

Filesize: 16 mb

Comments: I think I'm going to hit the double-standard mine here. Aside from Crush, most of the comics in this collection are fairly short, but I believe well worth a good look. Not that it's a bad thing, the artist started out doing anthro fanart of South Park and Repoman Genetic Opera, then comes along a series of short erotic comics before finally coming down to Crush, the talk of much image boards. Sometimes that comic arose heated discussions because our preconceptions of Student-Teacher relations in real life counting as statutory rape, even if it was the student that seduced the teacher. As far as the rumors went, the artist wanted to stop the comic altogether, but then the viewers backpedaled and begged him to finish, which he did and all went well. I dunno, one shouldn't apply controversies in fictional material, that is unless the artist is practicing it itself, which quite frankly is not the case. *sigh* No point throwing logs on a damp fireplace.


File: 135757049673.jpg (1.53 MB, 2968x1432, JamesHoward.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: James Howard

Artist Profile: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/jameshoward/

Content: All forms of vore in this collection are non-lethal unless otherwise stated.
Alpha 1-8 (Free, MM, MF, MHerm, Extreme Insertion, Anal Vore, Unbirthing, Vore, Cock vore)
animallia (Free, MF, MM)
comission-basti (Free, Nudity, Vore)
comission-cougar (Free, MM, Non-Anthro, Vore)
comission-endlesshunter (Free, Vore)
comission-entey (Free, MF, Unbirthing)
comission-entey02 (Free, MF, MM, Unbirthing)
comission-gothyk (Free, MF, Vore)
comission-murdockthemoogle (Free, Nudity, vore)
comission-nasuki (Free, MM, TF, Unbirthing)
comission-nite (Free, MM, Vore)
comission-ravynarcadiovalos (Free, MM, Oviposition)
comission-eocoshin (Free, MF, Cockvore, Macro)
comission-soline (Free, MF, Unbirthing)
comission-sorablue94 (Free, MM)
comission-starsage (Free, Micro, Nudity, Vore, Sounding)
comission-suel (Free, MM, MF, Non-Anthro)
comission-talonblaze (Free, Vore)
comissiontogepi1125 (Free, Micro, MM)
comisson-zenny and alpha (Free, MM, Vore)
gamma (Free, MM, Extreme Insertion, Size Difference)
kaeldu (Free, MM, Cum Inflation)
Kit (Free, MM, Vore)
office (Free, MM)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?x2qogbus90j84a2

Filesize: 128 mb

Commentary: Imagine my surprise, the first chapters of 'Alpha' starts out nice and clean, then all of a sudden it turns out vore-ing of any nature is commonplace in that setting. Most submissions attempts to apply humor to the vore-ish settings. Nothing other than you definitely need an acquired taste for the fetish's to garner entertainment from it.


File: 135757062069.jpg (973.53 KB, 1600x1366, JamesHardiman.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: James Hardiman

Public Profile: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/skunkworks/

creativity Challenge Meme (Free, Clean)
Dead Bitch (Free, Nudity, Gore)
Spotlight on Skunkworks 1-3 (Pay, F, FF, MF)
Lori (Pay, MF)
Manila - At the End Of The Evening (Pay, MF)
Natasha (Pay, F, MF)
Onyx (Pay, FF)
Party Crashers (Pay, F)
Performance Review (Pay, MF)
[A truckload of portfolios, skipping the titles]
Reflections (Pay, tribute comic by various artists, MF, FF)
Something to think about (Pay, MF)
Student Driver 1-2 (Pay, MF)
The End (Free, Gore)
The Night Before Christmas (Pay, MF)
The Ups and Downs of Anthrorphic Relationships (Pay, MF)
Three's Company (Pay, MF)
Trouble Brewing (Pay, F)
When You're Not in the Mood (Pay, Clean)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?xj9dad14wq0yh3j

Filesize: 118 mb

Commentary: Yes, I'm aware of his hypocrisy and double standards when he tried to disown subjects and deny ever drawing certain criteria. There's nothing new I can say about the subject. What actually bugs me is just, how does he expect his latest ventures to make himself as much a profit from his porn portfolios? He was like, the guy who made high definition porn before high definition was invented, a wee bit exaggeration, but that was his charm. And then he changed it into an anti-furry-pedo mascot. I have a few theories where he's going with this, but surely he'll end up fatiguing it. In any case, I prefer to dwell on the stuff Hardiman drew before things started taking a different turn.


File: 135760517726.jpg (1018.45 KB, 1836x1712, JayNaylor.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: Jay Naylor

Public Profile: http://jaynaylor.com/ , http://www.furaffinity.net/user/fisk/

Amy's Little Lamb Summer Camp Adventure (Purchase, MF)
Bad Boys (Purchase, MF)
Bad Love (Purchase, MF)
Bath Time (Formerly Free, MF, MHerm)
Beth's Night In (Purchase, F)
Beth's O-Natomy (Purchase, F, MF)
Breeding Bobbie (Purchase, MF)
Brother maintenance (Free, MF, Incest)
Catboy (Purchase, Nudity)
Cruel and Unusual (Purchase, FHerm)
Doggone (Discontinued, MF)
Girly (Purchase, MF)
Good Morning Tommy (Purchase, MF)
Haukaiu the Hero 1-2 (Purchase, MF)
Honey I'm Home (Purchase, MF)
Intensive Care (Purchase, MF)
Kitty Sutra (Purchase, MF)
Lucy's Scrapbook (?, MF, Incest)
Mercedes and the Wolf (Purchase, MF)
Mikey Begins (Purchase, MF, MM, Pegging)
Mrs. Doris Henderson (Purchase, MF)
New Worlds (Discontinued, Clean)
No Remorse (Purchase, MF, MM, Incest)
Not a Chance (Purchase/Free, MF)
Nun Cat (?, MF, FHerm)
On The Rebound (Purchase, MF)
Passion (Purchase, MF)
Puppy Love (Purchase, MF)
Puss'n Boots (Purchase, MF)
Rachel's confession (Purchase, MF)
Rest Your Gun Here (Purchase, MF)
Samanta (Purchase, MF)
sarah (Free, MF)
Selfless Love (Purchase, MF)
Short Shots, (Purchase, MF, Pegging)
Sissy's Issues (Purchase, MF, Incest)
Something New (Purchase, MF)
Straight Girls Kissing in the Shower (Purchase, FF)
The Adventures of Huckeberry Ann 1-4 (Purchase, MF, FF)
The Adventures of Lance Cannon (Purchase, MF)
The Best Friend's Brother (Purchase, MF)
The Better Mousetrap (Purchase, MF)
The Cottonwine Field Notes (Purchase, MF, TF)
The Fall of Little Red Riding Hood (Purchase, MF, TF)
The Naked Truth (Purchase, MF)
Those Small Town Rumors (Purchase, MF)
Trish's Doodle (Purchase, TF, MF)
Trixie's Creep (Purchase, MF)
True Love (Purchase, MF)
Undies (Purchase, F)
Wicked Affairs 1-2 (Purchase, MF)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?jet5x8am9e68hkn

Filesize: 199 mb

Commentary: There's virtually no hope in heaven or hell anyone can discuss about him calmly and neutrally. I emphasize neutral. His latest projects stygmied by his personal inflections and political philosophy. A philosphy that is not appealing to anyone who doesn't follow the same philosphy, even if you like Bioshock, wink. The problem is, that happens to be the majority of the western population. I had to imagine an alternate reality, where all the comics he ever drew remained as they were, but he just so happened to be an Anglican Egalitarian to rid myself of extreme bias, so that the characters actions are of their own choice. Inb4 tough luck.
The controversies of the double standard infidelity, unassertive males doomed to be set aside or only deserving to be treated sexually like ladies, the jabs at the judeo-christian establishments, his fascination with rimming. And that poem. If another artist with a different lifestyle had done the same scenarios, it wouldn't have been that much of a big deal. Though unnaceptable in real life, it's an acquired, but genuinely sexy scenario in a fictional environment. But because this is Jay Naylor, you just know there's something ulterior in his critical comics. An artist should never project his personal ideology and inflections in a character of his creation. Very much impossible for an artist to avoid during times of stress. Still doesn't make it right.
There's one thing though I can praise Naylor for. A golden aspect. With his webcomic Better Days, Jay surgically composed the lives of many characters beginning from their early childhood to full on adulthood, experiencing dramatic points in their lives with visible signs of aging and physical development with every passing chapter. The entirety of the webcomic was kept separate fromt he sexual escapades of the adult catalogs, yet they existed in canon. Everything that transpired in the webcomic simulated moments you could likely relate to. This leaves a much larger impact when we finally come across the comics featuring the characters first erotic appearences.
He was exceptionally teary and regretful when he nearly killed his twin sister, he played chess with a man who used to work with his father, he was coerced to have sex at the age of ten with a sexually abused girl, it was his kinda-sorta first girlfriend's father who got him interested in firearms, he lived under the notion he was the one who directly killed his principal who was about to rape his mother, he...slept his sister after she got dumped by her boyfriend and implied was still doing it mutually, and finally enlisted in the US army before the events of Best Friend's Brother.
Her first boy was in fact going out with her just to seduce her mother, she had her brother play-date a friend to make her stop feeling bad, she...slept with her brother after her first breakup (And severely implied they kept going at it for some time), she got revenge on her second boy by cutting his hair because he didn't put on a condom, managed to pry her future husband from a very sexually disfunctional roommate of hers, all before the events of On The Rebound.
The point is, whether you like them or not, the events of the webcomic allows to put much more depth and impact to your feedback, fuel for your rage or lust for the content. Love it or hate it, Jay Naylor was a vital aspect of the fandom, a slight chance an introductory for some people into the fandom to share the hate or love with you. But despite all of that...
Fuck, I just want my porn.


File: 135760660671.jpg (1.06 MB, 1588x1620, JollyJack.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: Jolly Jack

Artist Profile: http://jollyjack.deviantart.com/ , http://www.collectedcurios.com/

Content: All materials are Purchases, any titles with only Nudity tagged is female nudity.
Angel International (Clean)
Art Lover (MF)
Bar Demon (FF, Tentacles)
Big Barn (MF, Growth)
Bunnies (F, Tentacles, TF)
Calamari Grimoire (F, Tentacles)
Call Centre (Nudity, TF)
Catgirl Socialite (F, TF)
Cherry Bakewell (MF)
Chloe (Nudity, Growth)
Demon Elevator (MF, Cum Inflation)
Dairy Aisle (Nudity, TF, Growth)
Dracorobics (Nudity, TF)
Dragon Gem (M, Macro Growth)
Dry Oats (Nudity, TF)
Fairy Study (Nudity, Growth)
Farm Girl (Nudity, TF)
Fitting Room (FF)
For Science (FF, Growth)
Frisky Titan (MF, Growth)
Gargantugum (Nudity, Growth)
Gatekeeper (FF, TF)
GeckoGirl (F, TF)
Going For The Record (MF, Macro Growth)
Graveyard (Nudity)
Halloween Moon (Nudity, TF)
Hypernip (Nudity, TF)
Island Fruit (Nudity, Growth)
Jaguar Spirit (Nudity, TF)
Kitty Cupboard (MF, TF)
Kitty Hulk Syndrome (Nudity, TF)
Max Cat Comic (F, Macro Growth)
Maxi Gain (M, Macro Growth)
Mishief Maker (Nudity, TF)
Monster Movie (F, Multiboob, Macro Growth, TF)
Morning Jog (Nudity, TF)
Nice Suit (Nudity, Growth)
Nurse Sally (Cleanish)
Panther Panties 0-1 (TF)
Pillow Fight (Breast Expansion)
Quality Footage (MF)
Rundown (TF)
Shower and Steam (MF)
Solar Cream (Nudity, Macro Growth)
Space Rock (Nudity, Macro Growth)
Spontaneous Dragonification (Nudity, TF)
Supersize (Nudity, Macro Growth)
Tentacle Possession (FF, Tentacles, TF)
The Great Bear and The Squirrel (MF)
Tremendous (Growth)
Were-Chloe (Nudity, TF)
WereW (Nudity, TF)
Wolf Peak (Nudity, TF)
Wylderness Spring (MF, TF)
Zebra Zoo Girl (Nudity, TF)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?gp2v67655ph641v

Filesize: 147 mb

Commentary: Not meaning to throw fire wood into a damp fireplace, just recalling past events. When one politely removes your content, you do not rub that in their faces, especially with a picture. You only make all the other image boards pirate your stuff out of spite instead of genuine interest. For the content itself, hmm...stylistic. It requires a variable degree of being able to not mind the impossible anatomies. He knows his inking, that's for sure. And he has shown he can do good erotic scenes without pandering to any fetishes and aside from the 'bimbo-transformations', hmm, kinda, yeah. But when you have the girl outgrow the planet, I rather doubt their personality is the last thing you should think of. If anything through, that dick move of his did surely ruin many chances, even for me, to enjoy his work.


File: 135762882873.jpg (1.07 MB, 1896x1592, Kadath.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: Kadath

Public Profiles: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kadath/

A Helping Hand (Free, MF, Incest)
Boob Job (Pay, MF)
Casual Waggling (Free, MF)
Coffee Meet (Pay, MF)
Dangerous Bedroom Behavior (Pay, MF)
Day In Day Out (Free, MF, FF)
Diodon (Free, MF, Incest)
Double Team (Free, MF, Multicock)
Draco Lee Rose Commission (Free, MF)
Far Too hard (Free, M)
Interlude (?, FF)
Kitchen Fun (Free, MF, Incest)
Morning Bath (Pay, MF)
Nyrath's Secret Grimoire (Free, MF)
Sketch Comic (Free, MF)
The Prince's Pawn (Pay, MF)
Too Much to Handle (Pay, MF, Incest)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?96s1gdh72bi3ebc

Filesize: 73 mb

Commentary: A pretty okay person from what I've observed. Posting the first comics he once sold years ago, previews virtually half his latter comics to encourage you to buy the rest. I feel the one shot comics (Which I included for once) actually reinforces and establishes the characters more in the official comics Kadath sells which makes the scenes between them all more dynamic. Another thing I can praise Kadath for. He only once had to bring up incestrous relations of two characters once in one short comic and not again since then. Unlike some other artists that has the tendency to have their characters say "Oh lil'bro, your cock feels so warm!" "Ah, son! I'm gonna cum!" "I love you mom!" every page! His latter comics, no dialogue bubbles, no internal monologue, the artist expects you to know ahead. So kudos to Kadath not hammering the fact. It leads to an interesting scenario on Kadath's sketch comic that the character's sexual escapades leads to a strange love triangle. Or, a love square with a diagonal line between two of the corners.


File: 135762888237.jpg (816.46 KB, 1664x1600, Kamicheetah.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: Kamicheetah

Public Profiles: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kamicheetah/

A Friend in Need (Clubstripes, FF)
Booty Call (Clubstripes, FF, MF, Tentacles)
Licorice Whipped (Clubstripes, MF)
Oral Fixation (Clubstripes, FF)
RPG (Clubstripes, MM)
RPG [Edited Boobie Version]
Special Delivery (Clubstripes, MM)
Upgrade (Clubstripes, MF)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?es7quyu9uarse0h

Filesize: 19 mb

Commentary: I'm gonna confess. For the longest time, longer than I really should have. I thought Kamicheetah and Gunmouth were one and the same. Part-"Oh, he changed names" and their styles I feel are very similar. So imagine the online kick in the face I got when I voiced my impression to some fans. So when I inspect closer, yeah, Kamicheetah's style has a more shinier texture to his characters. Which may be odd given that they're supposed to have fur. Funny thing about 'RPG' some viewers voiced their complaint that because one of the partners looked so effeminate he may as well been drawn a girl. So, somebody edited that character to have boobs throughout most of the pages, to the point it really blends. And what does Kamicheetah do? He drew a whole comic of his two character's thoughts and implicitly appreciating the effort. I wish I saved that page. Dear dog, if any of you have that feedback picture, I would gush. Non-sexually. This puts the first impression that Kami's a good sport of his stuff being posted online. Where Gunmouth has his Mora Boogeyman arcs. Kami here has his Candyland and Cybernetic porn within Clubstripes. Something I can get behind of.


File: 135770528773.jpg (1.88 MB, 2556x1500, Karno.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: Karno

Public Profiles: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/karno/

Content: Much of the contents gets circulated between free to view on FA and compiled into something to sell, very hard to categorize.
AC Commish (MF)
Audience Participation (MF)
Big Little Brother (MF)
BigBoys (MM)
Bolla (MF)
Boyscout (MF)
Bunny (Nudity, Shrinking)
Changes (MF, Unfinished)
Close Encounter (F)
Close Inspection (MF)
Ordeal by Horsecock/Darka (MF)
Dinner Date (MF)
Game of Inches (Nudity, Micro)
Here There be Dragons 1-2 (MF)
Horny (MF, Unfinished)
How Much (MF, Unfinished)
Karno the Mailman (Clean)
Lost Teekapage (MF)
Mass Murder (Clean)
Mink & Melody (FF)
Mink Jam (Clean)
Miriam's Nooner (MF)
More Partran Literally! (MF)
Naughty Bunny (MF)
New Comic (MM)
Partran Parties (MF)
PeRkS (Clean)
Pleasure Boosters Convention (MF)
Pony Rides (MF)
Program Switch (MF, Unfinished)
Risa (F, Breast Expansion)
Scwingo Condom (MM)
Sen's Penance (MF)
Sparring (FF)
Spokane PBs (MF)
Stud Farm 1-2 (MF)
Teeka (MF)
The Catmouse game (MF)
The King's Inspector (MF)
The Inspector Returns (MF)
The Mink (MF, FF)
The Price (MF)
The Race (Clean)
The Suit (Clean)
The Widow (Clean)
Tinapage (F)
Two Tons of Fun (F)

*The following titles are several comics and oneshots packed in one, some segments may be duplicates of the titles above and even each other)
{AnimalPornCD (No actual beastiality, all anthro) [Happy Campers, The Secret Life of Toons, Fair Trade, The Collectors, Doing Good, Ginny the happy little bunny, Perverts, Picca Does It Herself, Pigs in Heat, Live Stock in A Friendly Visit, Party Girls, Sex - A Mink Story, First Day on the Job, Adventures in Babysitting, What are the Odds?, Puppy Chap 2, Teeka's Kink, Dinner Date, Good Medicine, Three little Pigs, When the Dragons Come, Recharge, Sleepwalker, Keeta's Day, Puppy Dreams, Melodrama] <--You can see why I immediately stop tallying the tiles at this point.
Big Funnies
Big Willies
Caroline in Roslyn
Jim & Picca
Kitten Kelly
Savage Funnies

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?9249d0mofp9opk4

Filesize: 548 mb

Commentary: "Size Queen - The Artist" is the best way to generalize Karno of the fandom. What makes him stand out is his constant sense of intentional silliness and humor across virtually every comic. Had a very big habit of drawing endless political comics to express his thoughts of things like gun ownership, religion, etc (meant to be taken in an exaggerated manner of his actual stances) in a manner of journalist satire. Despite not taking much of it seriously, it's kinda entertaining because I started out with newspaper comics in my childhood. So, I might have a bias in liking Karno. Big boobs, big dicks, but not too big that it won't fit. That about sums it.


File: 135779205986.jpg (1.91 MB, 2368x2300, Linno.jpg) Google iqdb

Thank y'all for the responses, and for the requests, you'll see soon enough. C:

Artist: Linno

Public Profile: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/linno/

Camwhore (Tealheat, MM)
Dixie Banks (Sexyfur, MF)
Firefighters (Sexyfur, MF)
Free Pass (Sexyfur, MF)
Gunbunny 1-2 (Sexyfur, MF)
Last Call (Sexyfur, MF)
Marie Blackstar (Sexyfur, MF)
Megastrike (Sexyfur, MF)
Tentacle Cave (Sexyfur, F, Tentacles)
The Star (Sexyfur, MF)
Trapped in the Football (Tailheat, MM)
Zabala (Tailheat, MM)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?6hu0uy0vr3vfr35

Filesize: 110 mb

Commentary: An have an unfair bias against this artist. The designs of his characters remind me of a cheap production of Canadian children cartoons. Not very pleasing to my eyes, even if the design is intended to look as such. I acknowledge a lot of work was put into it. Half the time though he really misses because of a displeasing distraction every panel. But in the words of Tribute - Tenacious D, it's a matter of opinion and mine is likely against the majority. Surely there are many who would like what I don't like. I to be honest, I could enjoy two of these titles. Although those ones are the MF materials.


File: 135779281172.jpg (1.18 MB, 2160x1900, Luka.jpg) Google iqdb

Oh, and my mistake, Kamicheetah is a girl.

Artist: Luka

Public Profile: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/luka/

Content: All MM and Digital Subscription
Break Time
Charlie and the Spartans
Floor Control
Luka '10
New Recruits
Personal Training
Shower Fun
Third Wheel
Training Day
Tzel's Night Out
VIP Client

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?4j6z5xddr4d8chi

Filesize: 23 mb

Commentary: It's not that he's bad or anything. But I genuinely believe he pitched a personal subscription site way too soon. Maybe to sell his comics individually, but even for my standards, that's being too nice. His artstyle is way to simple at the time it honestly wasn't at the proper quality to sell. A nice, if weird setup for his comics (apparrently the fate of the world rests on a male porn club). He gets the base of the male physique down and the angle of the poses alright, and I must admit, I very much like the faint lining of the abdominal regions, but the rest of the inking and lining is very lacking, the regions of the genitals and penetration are way to simplistic even for it's time, no way to tell where the hair on their scalps even begins. On the other hand, the rumor that someone hacked his subscription site to extract the comics, then render the website defunct with malware just to destroy the artist's motivation, was just mean spirited. Thankfully the artist resurfaced and is showing slow improvement, so I have some hope for him in the future.


File: 135779415812.jpg (1.84 MB, 2101x1500, Mariano.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: Mariano

Public Profile: http://mariano.kemonoart.org/ , http://www.furaffinity.net/user/marian0/

A date with Vulpa (MF, Unfinished)
A drunk lovers night (MF)
A mystical adventure (MM, Cub)
Anthro Misdreavos (MF)
Big Fuzzy in XXX land (MF)
Big L (MF)
BigM and Gato Girl (MF)
Busted (MF, F)
Busy day at office (FHerm)
Callie with her younger lover (MF, Cub)
Caribean Blue (MF)
Charizard Training (MF)
Crossdressing Games (MF, Cub, Crossdressing)
Curiosity can be dangerous (Gender TF)
Digi fun in the forest (FHerm)
Digivixen action (MF)
Doggy Incest (MF, Cub, Incest)
DragonT (MF)
Eveolution battle march (MM)
Fly Me To The Moon (MF)
Gay Renaboy (MM)
Girls Just Wana Have Fun (FF)
Good Morning Vincent (MF)
Harvest (MF)
Kimba the white lion meets Simba the lion (MM)
King (Clean)
Kira and Vulpa (MF)
Kyera's dugeon of lust (FHerm)
Leash (MF)
Little Red Hood A Different Version (MF, Vore)
Live to Screw (MF, FF, Cub)
Live To Tell (F, Nudity)
Lost Bets (MF)
Lusty Beach (MF)
Lynx Season (MF)
Mariano's comic strip theatre (Clean)
Medieval Lizards (MF)
Mother's Day (MF, FF, Incest)
My GF and I Playing (MF)
Once Upon a Forest (MF, FF, Cub)
Rough digi butt sex (MF)
Salvation (FHerm)
Sexy Dragon Tales (MFHerm)
Shaman (Clean)
Shift (MF)
Shy Dragon (MFF)
Simba's Return (MF)
Starfox (Clean, Unfinished)
Starfox LP (Clean, Unfinished)
Suger sugar in the summer time (Gore)
The Boy (MF)
The utimate Halloween showdown! (Gore)
Tom and Jerry extreme (Gore)
Wendy (MF, Incest, Unfinished)
Winds of Change (MF)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?jz0bct3xvcb073a

Filesize: 107 mb

Commentary: When he first surfaced online, his comics were drawn in the simplest manner of MS Paint, Live To Tell borrowing heavy DBZ formulas. And dialogues posted in script format rather than standard air bubbles. Yet many artist, of their own volition, draw fanart of LTT's main characters. To summarize LTT...DBZ with furry boobs. And there's not much you can complain about that. Vulpa was essentially the muscle lady of the fandom before Hopey. Mariano's artstyle, even at its most simplest form, works maybe due in part to the faces and eyes that only he can pull off. To paraphrase some personal anecdotes, he draws not to make a masterpiece, but to have fun, but that makes his art all the more entertaining.
The one negatory I need to bring up; lately, Mariano has been drawing really weird stuff. So weird I swear none of the japanese have done it yet, so weird cub artwork will be the least of your objections, so weird, I had to make a conscious decision not to include those comics on this list. Several starts out nice and sexy, and then without warning in the last panels, *Gobble, Gurgle, Poot* All his stranger content were commissioned, but that only invites more fetishists with the perception he'll accept anything. But for the normal content, he fulfills every percent of your expectations, the coloring a strange blend of pencil crayon and proffesional coloring that works only with Mariano. Made all the better when he uses other mediums aside from MS.
So in a prime statement of hypocrisy. A wonderful artist, although I wish he had slightly higher standards> But not too high he's not willing to draw Vulpa and Ru porn....yup. I wanna set the record straight, despite all I said, this man has been my most favorite western artist in the fandom.


File: 135787600121.jpg (1.67 MB, 2200x2000, Markwulfgar.jpg) Google iqdb

>>23987 Kinda embarrassing I did put the spaceman comic in there, but forgot the update the mediafire link. So as you suggested, next time around.

Artist: Markwulfgar

Public Profiles: http://markwulfgar.com/ , http://www.furaffinity.net/user/markwulfgar/

Content: Very definately incomplete, I'm afraid. Unless dictated by the free tag, all other tiles you'll need to pay for it in some way. All MM material as well.
Babysitting (Unfinished, Cub)
Belong (Cub)
Daddy Lion's Rage (Free, Incest)
Daddy Love (Incest)
Digimon Fanfiction
Drunk (Cub, Incest)
Gross 1-11, Too Far 1-5, Xmas
Hank And The newbies
Hercle and his Pet (Free)
Horny Digivolution
Kenai (Free)
Torrle's Commision (Free, Unfinished)
Project Big - The Guardians (Free)
Legacy 1-5
New Boss
Pass the grade
Project big - The Guardians (Free)
Sauna Inspector
Self Discovery - Exploration
Straight Flexible Adventures (Unfinished)
StupidGits commission (Unfinished, Inflation)
The King and the peasant
Torrle's Commission (MM)
Werewolf by Insemination 1-2
Wuffy (Incest)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?eiy8es2r56x2up2

Filesize: 186 mb

Commentary: So in a fit of blind bias, I really like and want more of the manly incest he draws. *Ahem*. I actually enjoy his older content instead of currently, and I lie comfortable I'm not the only one with the sentiment. One comic begins as a standard babysitting scenario, next thing it becomes a demonic ritual of some sort. Another starts out with werewolf sex, and then they introduce a plot point where a whole dimension of werewolves exists...actually, his older material was just as weird.
So. A good trove of male dickings. My personal peeve is that I wish he drew more of his older physiques with today's quality. Not those scrawny beer belly boys. But pudge is a thing, I cannot rant so negatively about my distaste.


File: 13578762116.jpg (1.41 MB, 1980x1804, MaxBlackrabbit.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: Max Blackrabbit

Public Profile: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/maxblackrabbit/

A Rising Star (Free, Short, FF)
Beastmania (Pay, Short, MF)
Bunny Boys (Pay, MM, F)
car Fu - Incestuous Boogaloo (Free, Short, MF)
Carpet Munchers (Free, FF)
Coming Darkness (FAD, MF, Colored)
Goldilocks (Free, MFF)
Heaven or Hell (Free, Short, FF)
How to Take care of your pet bitch (Free, Short, FF)
Max Black Rabbit's Canine Portfolio (Pay, MF)
New Generations (Pay, Old, Clean)
Service With A Grope (Pay, FF)
Slumber Party (Free, Short, FF)
Somebody's Coming (Free, Short, FF)
Strap ons wait for no one (Free, Short, FF)
Tam and the Crystal (Free, F)
The Anniversary Present (FAD, MF, Colored)
The Gods Will Play (Free, Short, FF)
The making of a Ferd Sandwich (Free, Short, MF)
Thorne and Evil Miss Z (Free, Short, FF)
Torture (Free, Short, MF)
Wanted Nude and Alive (Free, Short, F)
Zig Zag and Tazer in Going Down on Memory Lane (FAD, MF, FF)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?f873jk4fxal4ub8

Filesize: 54 mb

Commentary: I find virtually all his one-shot comics as infinitely enjoyable (hence, I packaged them all under 'tidbits', because any one of his one-shots are worthy to be branched into 10-pages and reek the greens. An exaggeration, but not my much. So aside from the latest fiasco with him testing facial techniques, Max Blackrabbit is almost perfect in the way he draws. Imaginative, godly gggg I'm blindly praising again. I really hope there'd be another lengthy comic soon.


Kamicheetah aka Aja Williams is a guy? I'm not saying you're still confusing him with Gunmouth but last I checked... Kami was a chick, not a guy.

Maybe I'm wrong. I dunno. Kami has been crazy illusive in the art section as of late.


Yep, at this rate I'll never live it down. So I'll say it for the record. My mistake, Kamicheetah is not a male, but a girl, which was obvious from the fursona but I vastly overlooked. I acknowledge my misinformation.


File: 135788762147.jpg (1.85 MB, 2944x2008, Meesh.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: Meesh

Public Profile: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/meesh/

Commish for Korote (Free, MF)
Commish for Tobi3B (Free, MF)
Dessert (Clubstrpes, MF)
Dorm Dom (Clubstripes, MM)
Down in the Basement (Free, MM)
Eager (Free, MM)
Eye Candy (Clubstripes, MF)
Good Bitch (Pay, MF)
Gyro Comic (Free, M, Hyper)
Gro Comic 2 (Free, M, Hyper)
Her majesty's Messenger Service (Clubstripes, MF)
Horseplay (Free, MM)
Isabella and Annabelle (Free, MM)
Little Buddy 1-3 (Clubstripes, MM)
Loving Embrace (Free, MM)
Man Love Mocha (Clubstripes, MM)
Matted Fur (Free, MM)
Meesh Pawjob (Free, MM)
Midnight Snack (Clubstripes, MF)
Morale (Pay, MM)
Moving In (Pay, MM)
News Story (Pay, MM)
Ordinary Sanctum (Pay, MM)
Posing Boys (Free, MM)
Queers in the Kitchen (Clubstripes, MM)
Requesting a Fuck Toy (Free, MM)
Rest Stop (Free, MM)
Rough Riders (Free, MM)
Shameless (Clubstripes, MF)
Short Cut (Clubstripes, MF)
Special Tutoring (Free, MM)
Swamp Fling (Clubstripes, MF, Unfinished)
The Coach and Corgi (Free, MF)
The Uninvited Guest (Clubstripes, MM)
The Valet and the Vixen 1-3 (Clubstripes, MF, FF, MFF)
Unknown 1-3
Warm Blooded (Clubstripes, MF)
Warm Blooded (Edited Mammal version)
Werewolf Corgi (Pay/Free, MF)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?pxnx4bvl8t1cd3t

Filesize: 142 mb

Comments: It's not the art style but the premise of his comics that garners such a dichotomy of opinions in me. I loved the Short Cut comic where a lot of people criticized it. Many people liked Little Buddy where I didn't like it. A lot of people didn't like Warm Blooded where I did. A lot of people liked Rough Riders and I hated it. But I was with the majority in liking Werewolf Corgi, Coach and Corgi, Uninvited Guest. And measuring both sides of the arguments with all his other comics (particularly with the see through eyes over hair linings). If this can be taken as evidence, there's going to be a comic you'll really love, and a comic you will really...not love.


File: 135795265935.jpg (589.05 KB, 2508x728, Miles-DF.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: Miles-DF

Public Profiles: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/miles-df/

Around the Bend (MF)
haevy_meta (Clean)
Love can be Different 1-2 (Clubstripes, MF, Unfinished)
Two Silver Ankhs (Unfinished, Censored, FF)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?5gidxafqiq6j95o

Filesize: 13 mb

Commentary: I'm correct to assume everybody knows about the Hiroshima ending out of nowhere? If he ever does continue that one, I willing to bet that shotgun will be used at some point. Why else would you show it lying on top of the cabinet? I guess that summarizes my thoughts about the artist, wanting to know what the hells going to happen next rather than all the sexual content.


File: 135801173638.jpg (1.21 MB, 1840x1800, Miu.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: Miu

Public Profiles: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/miupix , http://www.luvpeaches.com/

Ant Comic (Free, Clean)
Ask Jam (Free, Suggestive)
Bathtime Buddy (Clubstripes, FF)
Beast World (Clubstripes, Discontinued, FF, Herm)
Candid Cuties (Pay, FF)
Charming (Pay, MM)
Dark Moon Diaries (Pay, FHerm)
Friendship Is... (Pay, FF)
Good Clean Fun (Clubstripes, MM)
I =3 U (Clubstripes, FF)
I =3 U 2 (Clubstripes, F, MF?)
Jam Sketch (Pay, FF)
Peaches and Cream (Free, Clean)
Peaches, Cream and Jam (Clubstripes, FF)
Pillow Talk (Pay, FF)
Rio Grande (Pay, MM)
The Squees (Clubstripes, M, F)
Winter Special (Free, Clean)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?62lbdbcjvcnx2fr

Filesize: 82 mb

Commentary: Every time I try to write a constructive review for Miu, that flippin frickin rape-a-piller (sorry, caterpillow) keeps popping up my frickin head! It's blocking anything possibly bad I can give. If such a thing exists with this artist in particular. So for most of his comics, especially with the characters Jam and Peach, I spend the whole way either laughing or literally saying 'daww~' out loud, not realizing until the end I was too enamored with the expressions I forgot to get aroused. The lesbian scenes Miu draws should, from a critical point of view, rock your world, and yet that was not the main thing I was paying attention to. Most times, I go "aww, she looks adorable when Jam's doing that to her-. Awww, that's even more cute! OMG Haha! I can't believe that happened." I dunno, perhaps I feel that they're too cute to fap to, pardon my language. Which is a damn shame, because I feel I'm not enjoying Miu's comics to the fullest because I'm only able to appreciate one aspect. Then again, I can't imagine two people having sex and paying attention to whatever's on tv. I guess that's my problem.
Actually, does anybody else notices Miu only drew lesbian and gay comics, but not straight comic materials to this day yet? Unless you count Mr. Caterpillow. That doll is the closest thing to a guy that got to score with a girl in his comics.


I doubt it was her who took it down, why immediately throw out an advertisement where to get more. Then several hours later take it down? Goes from free advertisement mindset to everything must burn over the span of a hour or two? lol Likely just some overzealous follower.


reported it hours before she posted. didnt see her post until now because I was only looking at another site where it got posted. sorry Andante but I love her work and don't want the well to dry up. she's got a fundraiser going with the incentive that if she hits her goal she'll make old things free including some things in that compilation. just feels like the wrong time to pirate it. if anyone's a big tipper this week at my job it'll be going to her drive. hopefully the goal can be met those things go public domanin and everyone can have them.

>I really wish Miranda drew more straight-on-sex scenes than TF sequences. Mitigated with the sex during transformation comics.

that would be good. tf during sex is definitely a fetish of mine. actually just more penetration would be good even if its solo. the best thing she did last year was a corruption port comic with 3 short corruption tfs each girl making an improvised dildo as they changed and turned horny. it even had different versions for the final design after the tf for more furry verses more monstergirl. she said she might do more corruption store itemslike that and that would be good. seeing good girls go bad is the best. there was a myth themed comic too which was almost as good but without the corruption, insertion, and monstergirl varaints. still worth the cover charge but a sequel following that ports model would be even better

not sure if she's still checking the thread but hopefully some of the things she said she would do are still in the works. beside another corruption thng she also said she might do more with the girls from her werewolf cheerleader comic. she had an idea about designing some other characters for the wolfbitches to go after and have fans decide which ones to use and maybe what tfs there might be. she also said she might have the girl from her spacemarine tf comic go after some other girls for more spacebug inspired tf goodness or do an updated version of her minotaur comic. hope those projects are still going ot be done.


So first things first, is Miu actually a guy or a girl? Secondly, I realized in my rush to submit I left out around eight comics from Miu's folder. So is anybody in favor of me resubmitting Miu's collection?

A very understandable thing you did. This is more than enough proof of Miranda's customer loyalty. And to your credit...I did not know of her donation drive until hours after I submitted it. So...I'm still feeling like hell about it all. Anywho, I'll pitch $29 myself very soon. And I suggest to many people to donate a bit if they want any hope of Miranda drawing more in the future. If anything, I hope the preview image of Miranda's content will motivate the viewers here to donate.

http://www.smokingpen.com/ I hope the best. 17 days left is really cutting close.


File: 135804849171.jpg (138.25 KB, 720x1072, Contest03.jpg) Google iqdb

Posting this here as well.

Thank you for posting these comics, and I'd like to add this Karno (>>23948) comic I found a little while ago to the collection. It's kind of like "Game of Inches", except complete.

Contest (Nudity, Growth, Shrink):


File: 135805243143.jpg (1022.53 KB, 2056x1932, Miu-Part2.jpg) Google iqdb

Here is Miu's additional content that slipped my mind.

Snow Day [Christmas Special + Cocoa and Cookies] (Clean)
Paul & Jane (Clubstripes, MF, Presumably by Miu)
Blueberry Jam (Pay, MF)
Jam & The Fantasical Adventures of Left Bunny and Right Bunny (F)
Breakfast In Bed (Clubstripes, FF)
Breasts of Fire (Clubstripes, MF, F, Tentacles)
Midori and Vodka (Clubstripes, MF)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?my4yz0nz40dox6l

Filesize: 13 mb

Commentary: So it turns out Miu did draw a couple of hetersexual comics. But once again, everything else is so distractedly funny and/or cute I simply don't have the concentration for a boner, not matter how much I should be getting one. *huff*, Woe is me.


File: 135805814413.jpg (1.67 MB, 2024x2004, Momiji-Yuga.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: Momiji-Yuga (Or is it Yuga-Momiji?)

Public Profiles: N/A

Book of the Beast segments 3, 5, 6 (MF)
Brave (MF)
Dendo Ganguten (Collection of comics primarily MF)
Fur (Translated, MF, Incest)
Fur Fur (MF, FF)
Ganbari Mahougumi Dendoganguten (MF)
Healing Maker (MF, FF)
Maple Town Doujin (MF)
Mushroom (MF)
Secrets (MF)
Shippo no Jijou (MF)
Vaccine Number One (Translated MF, Incest)
Yuga Skunks (F Nudity)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?996ufa73c5m050z

Filesize: 98 mb

Commentary: I really hope none of these characters are actually underage, or else this would be very, very awkward for me. (Reads the translated titles) Okay, it's been left ambiguous. That's good enough for me! The Vaccine and Healing Maker comics are my highlights, something about doctors solving problems with sex that gets to me. Or the fact of the doctor lady having sex with her own son and using his gunk as well as her assistant's for medicine...wait, that came out horribly wrong. Curious thing to note, Healing Maker was actually translated by wildcritters users...but not finalized if that makes sense http://wildcritters.ws/post/index?tags=healing_maker so like all doujins, you really need his things translated to get the satisfying context.


File: 135810578376.jpg (1.27 MB, 2384x1512, Nacht.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: Nacht

Public Profile: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/nacht/

Content: All titles are free to view
Abducted (MF)
APigForAPig (MM)
BarBrawl (MM, Violence)
Basketbrawl (MM, Violence)
BattlePrize (MM, Violence)
BestSeatInTheHouse (MF, FHerm)
Blazed (FHerm, MFHerm)
BoysRoom (MF)
CamrynsNightMare (MM)
Caught (MM)
ClaudiasHunt (FHerm)
DariusMeatsWarHorse (MM, Violence)
DliagoSead (Clean, Violence)
Don't Peek (Clean)
DroppedTheSoap (MM, Violence)
FightToTheFinish (MM, Violence)
Full Tank (MHerm)
HandsOfWar (MM, Violence)
Houndour Drake (MM, Violence)
InflationRoulette (MM, Inflation)
Initiation (MM)
KangaVsShadowRoo (Clean, Violence)
KeepemSeperated (Clean, Violence)
LifeCycle (FHerm)
Liquid Pressure (MM)
LockerRoomBrawl (M nudity, Violence)
MedicalTreatment (FHerm)
MeetYourNewHusband (MM, Violence)
MotelVisit (MM)
NicetoMeetYouToo (FHerm)
NotAsEasy (MM, Violence)
OnClock (MM)
OneOfUs (MM, TF)
OverTime (MM)
Prisoner (MM)
ReadasaurVsTiptoe (MM, Violence)
Saggin (MM)
SecurityCam (M, FHerm, Tentacles)
ShowSquishShower (MFHerm)
SqueezedIn (MF)
Strangers (MM)
TheShow (M)
TradingPlaces (MFHerm)
TrickorTreat (MM, Tentacles)
TrueBarbarism (MF)
Upgrades (MM, Erm...tail penis)
UsedFully (MFHerm)
Warhorse vs Nacht (MM, Violence)
WarHorse vs NightBasher (MM, Violence)
WarHorseHopper (MM, Violence)
WarHorseVsRedpaw (M Nudity, Violence)
WarHorseVsSento (MM, Violence)
WelcomeHome (MM)
WhoesGym (MM)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?7r5fkbsqxdlcjc7

Filesize: 102 mb

Commentary: I debate with myself if I'm doing this one because I like the artist, or if it's just because of my completionist nature collecting as many titles as possible. So here we go. So this artist does one thing nobody, or most artists who do not consistently. He draws many sequences of two guys beating the living fuck out of eachother to the point of bruises and blood, eventually leading to winner sexually dominating the loser. And you know, certainly not everybody's cup of tea, but I can also see the outstanding arousal it can generate in some people. The quality of his art is - okay. Although I notice his tendency to never color his own work, instead only having others do it on rare occasions, which actually makes it better than okay, but I believe Nacht modus is to churn out as many pics as possible so he skips the coloring, shame. I rather prefer his conventional sex scenes, because there's more pages of them fucking than brawling. So in conclusion, his violent themes would not apply to the general fandom audience, but good for you if you enjoy such things. And well, he does have a few MF and Herm segments to balance the orientation out to everybody. Nowadays, I kinda sorta want to know what two girls (or Herms) in Nacht's style would look like fighting each other with as much fervor as he draws usually, that'd be a sight.


File: 135811452876.jpg (1.85 MB, 2132x1992, Nexus.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: Nexus

Public Profiles: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/nexus/

Back to business (Free, MF)
Karmakat comic (Free, Clean)
Things you should never say while your gal is on PMS
Warhorse Series [Comic Commission, The Rematch, Third Match, TipToe Comic Commission, WH Side-Comic, The Challenges of Tiptoe] (Free, Violence, Clean-Clean-Clean-Clean-Mild MF-Mild MM)
Zoorama 0-4 + Color Special (Pay, MF)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?woiqk4mu6sgdj32

Filesize: 202 mb

Commentary: Damn! This guy can draw! And this kinda lends to my confusion with the Kadu/Warhorse/Tiptoe comics these past couple of years. Wait - no, actually, I do understand, that likely Nexus is in that face he would like to try out an alternative narrative that doesn't always end in porn like his Zoorama issues, which by the way nothing could go wrong with them, well, the fourth issue of Zoorama did get positively weird, what with the Patapon and the TF2 Soldier and -- I'm getting of track. If given time, I believe Nexus can do a graphic novel length and quality work of art. The Kadu/warhorse thing allows him to show dynamic action scenes during a fight, with the enjoyable overtones of an endless cycle of vendetta between these two groups of people. But the one thing I don't like about it was it really, really started out poorly. Granted, I strongly believe Nexus did not intend to draw six lengthy sequels after the first one. To me though, the reason for this whole grudge fighting getting started appeared really trivial to me, a poor excuse if you may. Of late, Nexus has drawn pornographic material of the Kadu/Warhorse series with very comprehensive character sheets and a short adult comic (which the comments on the pages expressed more satisfaction because they had context of the character's history from the Warhorse series), so perhaps we'll see in the future more sexy bangs for all the buck we watched (I don't think I used the expression right).
Fun fact, the characters Warhorse and Tiptoe are properties of another user, how they got Nexus to draw such comprehensive and detailed comics is beyond me.


File: 135812618827.jpg (1003.82 KB, 1776x1508, MirandaLeigh.jpg) Google iqdb

>>24108 No problem
***Important news in the commentary***

Artist: Miranda Leigh

Public Profiles: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/mirandaleigh/ , http://www.smokingpen.com/

Content: (Refer to commentary)

Download Link: (Refer to commentary)


Commentary: I did post her link previously, unknowingly though at the worst of times. To summarize briefly, Miranda has put up a donatation drive to help with her bills, ergo, allow her to continue her digital portfolio activities. And to mitigate this, if the compiled funds reaches a certain limit, she will allow every portfolio and comic material she drew in the year 2009 to be released free of charge from then on.
I like to relate a story. A couple or few years back, I was having an exceptional difficult time ordeering some of her digital portfolios online because at the time I was so unsavvy with paypal and online purchasing. I cooked up the courage to ask her for help, and she helped me every step of the way. I can't remember is that one sketch portfolio was the one she gave to me for free because she thought she was the one putting me through trouble. That really cemented my customer loyalty to her. And for years, no matter what I would post, I would exempt her from my list because of the kind way she helped me. Sadly, I have a very broken way of thinking, somebody asks, I almost impulsively oblige them.
Next thing to note is that on her digital shop, she charges everything cheap. Things most artists would charge $5-$15 for a single portfolio, yet Miranda simply charges her items $2 average, 1 at the lowest and 5 at the highest. And so i bring you here http://www.smokingpen.com/ and here http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/4217535/
Many artists do not have the luxury of opening a new thread asking for donations, or else you seem pretentious and be labelled a fraud (the latter which does happen all too often). Others acting on the artists would need to word to word their requests so very, very carefully or else they'll seem like white knights (once again, all too common)
First, my personal thoughts on the artist. I really wish Miranda drew more straight-on-sex scenes than TF sequences. This has happily been mitaged with some her her sex during transformation comics. But her passions lie primarily in nude clothing tearing transformation scenes (which masturbation mixed with some of them). Thing is, she charges cheap for all her comics, a small part of you would feel bad for posting something a person's only charging two bucks for. What she draws, she draws very well to the point I really consider her worthy to be an applicant for a paysite.
In conclusion for her donation drive, $29 does seem like much. But one must consider the entirely of her 2009 collection amounts to approximately $93 dollars, which under any other artists would fall under the triple digits in money you have to pay for.
So hmm, says on my statistics that an average of 800 people download my files from pawsru alone, not counting the other sites. I'm having to pay $9 a week just to buy more bandwitdh so y'all can keep downloading, but I don't mind, and I found time to personally chip $29 of my own to Miranda Leigh. So between the deadline of this donation drive being January 29, $1800 left to hit the limit in 16 days. Coming from me, I don't think it would hurt to give $3-$5 dollars between all of you in exchange for getting $90 of content for free.
I guess for more motivation, here's my solemn promise. If Miranda does hit her quota, her loyal fanbase willing, I'll post her 2009 collection here AND a few select but golden titles she made between 2010 and '12.
And now for the inevitable event some viewers on lulz uses a quote here against me :D


File: 135813999872.jpg (659.85 KB, 1768x1600, nx-3000.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: nx-3000

Public Profile: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/nx-3000/

Alpha Raptor (Digital Purchase, MM)
Alphabet (M)
Buddy Buddy (Free, MM)
Dolphin Trainer (Free, MF)
RaptorRed & Donamer (Free, MM)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?gtnqgj8e8l2z26n

Filesize: 14 mb

Commentary: Since he's a developing artist, I honestly do not have much to say about nx-3000. I don't find much wrong with him, especially since the majority is free to view. My concern is that the style he draws his characters is way too...standard. I can name 5 artists off the bat who draws a dinosaur's facial features the same way. nx-3000 to our credit is the exception who goes ahead to draw some comics. I only give two cents of my thoughts he refines a style that makes him more identifiable.


File: 135814068765.jpg (1.92 MB, 2522x1800, Okawari-Jiyuu.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: Okawari Jiyuu

Public Profile: http://doujinshi.mugimugi.org/browse/author/62/Okawari-Jiyuu/

Bear with Diets [BotB 13] (MF)
BotB 12 Segment (MF)
Fu-Ta-Na-Ri Dog [BotB 14] (MFHerm, Lactation)
Kemo-mama [BotB 11] (MF, Incest, Lactation)
Maniac Animals - A Dog [BotB 10] (MF, Multiboob, Lactation)
Maniac Animals 6 (MF, FHerm, Piercing, Whipping, Lactation, Nipple Penetration, Electrostimulation)
Maniac Animals 7 (MFHerm, Lactation, Nipple Penetration, Internal Sounding for the better lack of word)
Maniac Animals 10 (MF, Lactation, Multiboob, Electrostimulation, Nipple Penetration)
Maniac Animals 13 (MF, TF, Multiboob, Whipping, Lactation)
Maniac Animals 14 (MF, FHerm, MFHerm, Piercing, Multiboob, Lactation, Whipping, Nipplefucking)
Maniac Animals 15 (MF, Lactation, Piercing, Whipping)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?qs8zbxeadobk7l7

Filesize: 117 mb

Commentary: Ooh...ouch. Ow! OW! (<-- What's seen in the preview)
Mary Mother of Jesus Of Nazareth!!!! Oh my Dogging God!!!! (<--The stuff that's not shown in the preview)
As you can see, you'll need a flexible combination of fetish preferences you can stomach in order to get behind this. It's to be expected, Japanese hentai was not intended to cater to western standards. But goddamn though this guy really know how to draw flesh and skin pressing inwards as you grope them with both hands or tie them tight with rope...*ahem*
And then there's the grauitious scenes of whipping them to harshly, stuffing objects inside of their beasts, intercourse with their breasts, stretching their areolas, and...whatever it is happening in Maniac Animals 7.
So...*cries* why is it he drews their breasts in the exact size I love? So thank god the other stuff I've seen have desentitized my standards enough. oddly enough, the only that really offended me was not all the stuff I listed above, it actually the part the guy in one of the comics physically struck the lady across the face.
Anywho, the preview image here should come as enough warning whether to download or not.


File: 135821460538.jpg (1.91 MB, 2340x1750, AoiTakayuki.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: Aoi Takayuki / Flash Point

Public Profiles: http://doujinshi.mugimugi.org/browse/author/102/Kawai-Takahiro/

BotB 11 Segment (F Nudity)
BotB 12 Segment (MM)
BotB 13 Segment (MM)
BotB 14 Segment (FF)
BotB 15 Segment (FF, Strap-on)
BotB 16 Segment (MF)
Condensed Juice (MM, Translated)
Fleshy Juice (MM)
Hard Juice (MM, Translated)
Hot Juice (MM)
Soft Juice (MM)
Slut Kitty (MM, Translated)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?z4a7dfq82tya2wc

Filesize: 98 mb

Commentary: Just yesterday found out some segments in the Book of the Beast issues were actually drawn by this artists. So, yay. Good to have diversity of gender orientation. For the most part though in this fandom, his most notable for his "Juice" horse comics. What makes me so allured to those in particular is the way he draws their physique in a manner that although not following proper anatomy, makes a very unique muscular tone on his anthro horses. That, in my perspective, is eye candy. Some of the titles I really absolutely like. One for instance a very muscly but meek male being dominated by another. Another masteruflly pulling off orgasm denial and bondage in one. That one with the horse stretching while waking up in the morning, sold the whole thing for me.
And then there's the weird ones, the male maid comic. The muscly tiger that looks like he's wearing makeup. And...that really freaky farmer.
So once again, a collection mixing common tastes and oddities.


File: 135830915367.jpg (1.81 MB, 2543x2300, Rabid.jpg) Google iqdb

>>24194 No problem, I actually nearly made that mistake before submitting :p

Artist: Rabid

Public Profile: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/rabid/

[By my count, there are 120 titles this artist has done. So it is much quicker and easier for me to generalize the content rather than list them out. Most of them are single page sequentials, others follow the standard comic panel formula. For orientations and fetishes below are depicted in equal ratio.]
MF, FHerm, Herm, MFHerm, Macro Growth, Muscle Growth (Female and Male) Inflation, Breast Inflation, Cum Inflation, Fat Inflation, Multiboobs, Udders, Gender TF, Hyperphallic, Hypertrophic

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?sh141sv8is9ckv7

Filesize: 244 mb

commentary: See? If I had included Rabid's content in my past threads, the artist would have taken up a single thread alone. So bear in mind if you decide to download this, there is no standard sex scenes, every comic that has sex is combined with some sort of fetish from the list. A guy turning into a herm to have sex with another herm or lady. A couple having sex as they outgrow the earth, etc. All the works he's done here were beholden to the idea of commissioners, whom he had drawn for them plenty of titles related to kinks. So the plus side is that Rabid charges cheap with an adequate quality to match, and an established style to his characters, hence a near inexhaustible well of commissioners. I personally feel that for the most part, the comics merely cater to a specific fetish rather than giving itself substance (aside from a select couple from the 120 titles). Ultimately, I'm sorta meh in general, but it's a good list to satisfy any specific kinks you may likely have listed in the content section.


File: 135838528594.jpg (949.13 KB, 1944x2004, Ritts.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: Ritts

Public Profile: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ritts/

Bar Hoppin (Pay, MF)
Brittany prag (Free, F, Preg)
Dinner Guest (Free, MF, Preg)
Dook (Free, MF)
Dooksutra (Free, MF)
hooked (Pay, FF)
hoss boss (Pay, M)
Hot Rod (Pay, MF)
Me-ow (Pay, MF)
Milf and Cookies (Pay, MF)
Spongebath (Pay, MF)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?5t7db9p9i42k2ad

Filesize: 40 mb

Commentary: There is something about Ritt's artstyle that's impairing my ability to review him properly. It is because. It is because his designs works so well with the particular preferences he is widely known for - big girls. Muscly, tubby or preg. That was his formula for popularity. Top heavy women with arguably cute quality retained in their faces. The premise in his comics are, although prevelant so many times in yiff settings, is surprisingly uncommon in comic format. Having sex with the milf of your best friend, a physically toned nurse spongebathing a horse, the surprisingly untapped female police theme (Wait, Linno of the Dixie comic did it, but the lady in Ritty's comic was very curvy :D). And of course, my years long anticipation of a long comic reaturing Rochelle was finally fulfilled. So it's no wonder why so many, so many artists fan-art his prevalent characters.


File: 135847788921.jpg (428.86 KB, 2060x728, Ryukyur.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: Ryukyur

Public Profiles: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ryukyur/

Catch Me (Pay, MF)
Golden Flower - The Hit (Pay, MF)
Golden Flower - The Wager (Discontinued)
Hot Steam (Pay, MF)
Nerdy Girls (Pay, F)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?h17n2moaajf6cmt

Filesize: 31 mb

Commentary: So one year, he does a good handful of comics, and them *poof*, he stops making any more. This only makes me wonder what comics Ryukyur could have possibly drawn for the past two years. Points to the artist for drawing his female reptilians without their mammaries, which hilariously lead to the common mistake that they were intersex males (Actually, I'm not sure about 'Catch Me'), that was quite an untapped niche in the fandom. But alas, I believe he found comic making less bang than the buck.


File: 135865066419.jpg (784.46 KB, 1460x1976, Scappo.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: Scappo

Public Profile: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/scappo/

A Gift Given (Sexyfur, MF)
Adair (Sexyfur, MF)
An Acquired Taste (Tailheat, MM)
Collecting Samples (Sexyfur, MF)
Don't Go Near The Sorceress (Sexyfur, MF)
FreyaFantasy (Free, MF)
In Better Spirits (Free, MF)
Morning Mare (Sexyfur, MF)
PrivateWorkout (Tailheat, MM)
Sure Bets (Sexyfur, MF)
Tseduction (Pay, MF)
Underdog (Sexyfur, MF)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?z7q8ls6ap6o64td

Filesize: 40 mb

Commentary: Gonna have to do a "On one hand and the other hand" pitch. Hmm, Scappo does make a good balance of having at least one blowjob/cunnillingus before they go to the penetration scenes. *On the other hand*, until Scappo does another comic for TailHeat, he misses terribly in the MM department. Maybe in another style, I would've been neutral about a character with a beer belly, but dear god it was so unnerving looking at that character. And there were times where their eyes were so close together. My thoughts was, what was Scappo thinking? *But back on the first hand*, he draws nice textures on boobies. Ahem. I mean, Scappo actually seems to understand how breasts sway when the lady reclines on her back, smushing on a wall, being pulled up as they take their shirt off. I think I have a unfair bias here. But my opinion is that as of this yet, homoerotic material doesn't match with his stile. Hetero, really well.


File: 135874508365.jpg (1.72 MB, 2448x2408, shin0r0z.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: shin0r0z

Public Profile: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/shin0r0z/

Entervoid (oC Tournament, Clean)
Fatasses (Free, MM)
gothicskunk (Formerly Free, MM)
Mean Street (Formerly Free, MM)
O Brother (Free, MM, Incest?)
Voyeur (Unofficial Title, Formerly Free, MM, MFM)
Welcome to the neighborhood (Formerly Free, MFM? MFF? The gender of the other sibling was very ambiguous)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?nzndv7fmadnudjv

Filesize: 12 mb

Commentary: Do I watch MLP: FiM? Yes? Do I attend the conventions? No. Do I keep any physical items such as toys or posters anywhere in my house? No. Do I announce what I watch? No. Did I notice my sister's boyfriend is carrying a Fluttershy keychain in his truck? Yes. I'm just sayin this because there has to be context to shin0r0z's latest activities since he's neck deep in it.
I'm okay with twenty percent of my inbox being filled with MLP material nowadays. shin0r0z though, crossed a double bolded line with his submissions, and that's inserting his own furry persona with the characters, explicitly. That goes for any other fanbase, never sexually cross a furry oC with a fandom where anthro characters do not exist. It's like seeing an anthro sexually tossing it up with a Prawn from District 9. The mutually exclusive fans of FiM alone are raging at shin0r0z's antics, while the fanbase of both furry and FiM are yay'ing at shin0r0z. I for one really liked his Patrick Bateman parody with Pinkie Pie. But still...the damn bunny oC of his -- grr!
Good news, there's none of that pony stuff in this package, this is the stuff he did before the show kicked off. And I share many people's sentiments that I do wish that he did. His days as 0r0ch1 were really good, his style working well with the half-shading way he drew. Roughly half the material were commissions from gothicskunk (which is a whole 'nother story on its own). So it's fantastically strange that shin0r0z ends up erasing all of his older work, because it would only appear to newcomers of the fandom to think ponies was all he drew. I can only speculate where shin0r0z will go with his work once the FiM series finishes up.


File: 135883686242.jpg (1.85 MB, 2162x2300, Trump.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: Trump (Team Shuffle)

Public Profile: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/masakado/ , http://trump.sakura.ne.jp/

Book of the Beast 1-18 (Primarily MF, #17 FHerm)
--[Primarily Furry Titles]--
Boku No Ana (MM)
Boku To Asobo (MM)
Dear Lovely Bitch Teacher (MF, Translated)
Furry Boys (MM, Translated, Incest)
Haru-Chan's Creampie (MF, Translated)
Imperfect Item 1-4 (MF, All Except 5 Translated)
Inu Doukyuusei (MF)
Kedamono Gangu (MF, Herm)
Kemo-Shota Halloween (MM)
Love Love Neko Sensei (MF, Translated)
Love Me More (MM)
The Valbadorisians (MF, Translated)
Moratsuu Mania Spice Kiiteru (MF)
Mesunikuren (MF)
Momo An 1 (MF, Male Fur/Female Human)
Momo An 12 (FHerm)
Momo An 15 (MF, Amputee)
Momo An 16 (MF, Amputee)
Momo an Kai 1 (FHerm)
Momo An Kai 2 (FHerm, Udders)
Muchi Kemo (MF)
Muchimofu (MF, Udders)
MuchiMuchi Labo (MF, Milking)
Nin Inu Wanta-Kun (MM)
Nyng to Geo (MM)
Oniku Manjuu (MF)
Shishimaru Yuuya (MM)
T2 of Trump (MF, MM, FHerm, General Weirdness)
T3 of Tump (MF, MM, FHerm, General Weirdness)
Tanoshii Kemono No Jikan (MM)
The Skunk Girls Come to Japan (F)
Trump no T (MF, Herm, General Weirdness)
Trump no T - Logistics of the Homunculus (MFHerm, Translated, Gore)
Waikoy Jyuunin (MF, FHerm)
--[Subtle Furry Titles-- <--Meaning human for the most part, at best the prescence of their hands groping a human while *$(*ing them, their faces in the distance, or a single page of them doing the act.
Chichi Oni (MF)
Dennou Gakuen Eden (FHerm)
Fukyoka 2 (Herm)
Fukyoka 4 (Herm)
Ganniku Rounyou (MF)
Gikatanin (Herm, Weirdness)
Haminiku (MF)
Hot Semen House (FHerm)
Konekuri Nyuu Nyuu (MF, Lactation)
Kutsuniko Sennyo (MF)
Mokuhyou Ka Korekkurai (MF)
Muchipuni Kousatsu (MF)
Neri Chichi (MF, Lactation)
Oniku Musime Houbyouzukushi (FHerm)
Tanoshii Egaki (MF)
--[Various Human/Human titles, because I came to like Trump's style that much]--
--[And the crowning moment of 'what the heck', Playing With Portals]--

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?2jh3np3h9l2opme

Filesize: 348 mb

Commentary: Where Mariano is my most favorite western comic artist, Trump/Team Shuffle is my most favorite japanese kemono artist. Let me just say this first, all the content I have listed above...is only a QUARTER of all the doujins Trump has drawn. What is packed inside is all that were able to find themselves to the internet. I would literally pool all my life's earning to find the rest of them. But alas, some are virtually impossible to obtain, and Trump makes it very restrictive for much of his content to find its way to the west. I remember that he got really antsy when he discovered that a few of his comics (particularly Furry Boys) was translated to English. My memory may be hazy, but he may have, at the time, regarded westerners in the derogatory. He is exceptionally protective of his doujins. He prints a limited numbers of his titles and that's it, if none of his buyers have the drive to scan them, they're lost forever and he won't print anymore. If anything, this link may get taken down in a mere hour, and I get tossed into a metaphorical pit.
So the bad, plenty of times, Trump's crams almost every conceivable fetish only the japanese can do in his pages (surprisingly though, not poop :P), some of which would normally disgust even me. At the same time though, it's Trump's style, the way he draws his characters - especially their faces, that enabled me to actually enjoy such things. The size of the breasts and dicks he draws are, most of the times, hitting my ideal expectations. It says a lot when I actually end up browsing a japanese artist's human only content. My opinion though, is very subjective. Some may find the facial style and the sexual sizes not to be in their liking. I observed though, that whenever Book of the Beast comes out, it's always Trump's content virtually everybody craves above all else. If anything, he is the only reason people would ever buy those books and the other segments in the issues just a bonus on top. So perhaps to sum this guy up, like Mariano, Trump can make anything work in his style.


File: 135891929870.jpg (1.4 MB, 2164x1996, Ushigami.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: Ushigami

Artist Profile: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=297209

dorutyopa (MM, Multiple Comics)
DwarfxAnthrodog (MM, Single Comic)
Even More (MM, Single Comic)
garukaniku (MM, Multiple Comics)
Kemono1 (MM, Single Comic)
Kemono2 (MM, Single Comic)
Kemono3 (MM, Single Comic)
Kemono5 (MM, Multiple Comic, Amputee)
Kemono6 (MM, Multiple Comics)
Kemono7 (MM, Single Comic)
kemono9 (MM, Multiple Comics)
Kemono10 (MM, Multiple Comics)
Kemono12 (MM, Multiple Comics)
Osu!04 (MM, Multiple Comics)
没漫画 牛露出 (MM, Single Comic)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?j2o27fa944mpy3z

Filesize: 105 mb

Commentary: I can actually sum this all up in two words and move on to the next artist. Beefcake Sex. In truth though, I recognize some of the characters he draws from actual anime and games...only beefier. So barring Kemono5, the content is generally tame to western standards, well, except the one with the jelly slug that tried to crawl inside his -- it's japan, people! I do raise my eyebrow because some scenes look like they're contortionist or that their muscles are made of bubblegum the way their bodies become disproportionate at times during the sex scenes. Make of it what you will.


File: 135916793339.jpg (1.28 MB, 1844x2392, Wolfy-Nail.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: Wolfy-Nail

Public Profile: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/wolfy-nail/

Amy's Promotion (Sexyfur, MF)
Anarchy (Free, MF)
Exhausting Break (Free, MF)
FluffyTail4Cash (Sexyfur, MF)
Garage inc (Free, MF)
Girl-own-Girl (Free, FF)
Graveyard Party (Sexyfur, MF)
In Your Best Interest (Pay, Clubstripes, MM)
Orange Light (Sexyfur, MF)
Orange Mix (Free, MF)
Paused Game (Free, MF)
Reindeer Games (Free, MF)
Tammy's xmas surprise (Sexyfur, MF)
Taste of the Order (Free, MF)
Wendy (Free, MF, FF, Incest)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?yvx6w9o9c371d2h

Filesize: 35 mb

Commentary: I don't know if it was this guy or Zaush who did that 'thing' or if it was both of them. It's almost a paradox at the prospect of a talented artist to do something generally unacceptable and only get at best moderate reprisal...unless you're in the furry fandom :P. All the threads over the course of weeks have spoken volumes of what I could say about those types of artists. If it's any consideration, it's hard to critique the material without thinking about the artist's personal actions.
Even the most fiery of haters could at least admit that Wolfy-Nail's content carries an air of taste and quality to them to garner so many viewers. Yet, in the cases where he did the sequential commissions for his clients, this is a big noticable dip in the facial features of the scenes (well, two of them), especially considering the funds that were pooled in those commission series. I dunno, there's a possibility the clients expected a deadline for those comics, which could explain how they were submitted so fast. For some to argue that because they were free, we shouldn't complain? Not if the clients expected a quality they've seen on his paysites or even his tidbit images. I dunno what else to say, he's among my "He's really good, BUT..." category of artists I watch. I think I speak for everyone that sometimes the personal aspects of the artist really ruins any sense of enjoying it.


File: 135917214233.jpg (1011.72 KB, 1524x1952, Xpray.jpg) Google iqdb

>>2477370 (smacks my head) Of course, the term 'Porn' in one of the titles.

Artist: Xpray

Public Profile: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/xpray/

Cooking with Shardfire (Free, MFHerm)
Deal or Bust (Free, MFHerm)
Hunting Day (Free, MF, Incest)
I want to be a PORN STAR (Free, MF)
Last Survivor (Free, MF)
Midnight Lounge Blues (Free, F/Intersex Male, FHerm)
Negotiations with the Temple of Sobek (Free, MFHerm)
Ready to Party! (Free, MFHerm)
Wennie the Zebra (Free, Herm)
What happens in Brewfest, stays in Brewfest (Free, FHerm)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?cqgczvuiozl89ix

Filesize: 50 mb

Commentary: Hmm...Butterface! That is the word I'm looking for. Barring the zebras, but only because their stripes are skewing my perception. None of the characters look nothing like the species Xpray was intending to depict. The jackal characters he draws looks instead like an unidentified prehistoric mammal species, his dragons and reptilians - like a cartoonish lochness monster, his lions and equines-GNNNN! And that shark! ...actually, her postures remind of Hellsing's Rip Van Wrinkle, which makes me want to invalidate all my slights. Don't take my initial opinion too seriously, there is something about their bodies I positively adore (though he could touch up on the hips of a certain character). I identified him as one of my first encounters with Herm characters, or even the concept of a herm gender without disgust. I can freely say I browse Xpray from time to time because despite my objection of his faces, it gives fresh change from the orthodox way other artists draws particular races. His comics, all of which are freely submitted I may add, I love. Probably to this day the only depiction in comic form of a herm being pounded both in the butt and her cooch instead of her giving it to somebody else. Ahem. Nowadays, I consider the facial qualities xpray's artistic signature. Like Jay Naylor, you'd be burned at the stake trying to claim your tracing was original.


File: 135917236160.jpg (1.06 MB, 1400x1980, Zillford.jpg) Google iqdb

Artist: Zillford

Public Profile: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/zillford/

Altruistic Complex - Issue 1 (Clean)
Krista Claret - Winning isn't Everything (MF)
Krista Claret - Tres Cliche (MF)
Krista Claret - T & A PSA (MF)
Lance - Issue 1 (Clean, Unfinished)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ayjti42fdvyh0f4

Filesize: 17 mb

Commentary: While I like his artstyle in general, the problem with Zillford is that nobody is going to pay for a comic if it's only going to have a oral sex in it. Granted, it was a very unique perspective to blow a guy in issue 2. But it's just a blowjob nonetheless. doing it two times in a row does not put much prospect of anyone buying any future comic material. I really am confused why he didn't draw actual sex in most his erotic comics, most of the pics in his galleries gratuitously depicted the joining of the hips. T & A PSA for example felt like to me a frickin cop-out because the final page, supposedly where the action finally got started, got blackened out. I say this because zillford's style looks positively great if the sex scenes were taken all the way. My only consolation is that zillford actually discussed /furi/ on lulz, of all places, and very maturely addressed and considered our suggestions on what to do for his next erotic project. I honestly wish the best of luck for him.


Aaaaand that's concludes my contributions. I'm hoping most of the links hold up for as long as possible.


Any news on her fund drive? Is there any chance the link will be re-uped?


It doesn't appear to be going well. But I'll leave this link as a last ditch effort to help Miranda Leigh out. Otherwise, if it doesn't hit the quota, no dice.


hmmm i'm putting some together but it's looking pitiful since yaoiheaven got taken down so if anyone has a folder of it we should get a po-ju compilation going too


Do you happen to have any content by the artist known as Naga?



The image in the compilation, the one furthest to the right second row, I cant find which file that picture is in. :-/


I think its safe to say now it isnt gonna work out for her :-( would you kindly post the working link for the stuff? :-)



Bump for this


Pardon Andante (and anyone for that matter). Do you have or know where I might get 0r0ch1's old work by any chance? I also find dissapointing how he decided to simply erase all of them all of a sudden without any warning and now most of it conformed mostly of MLP, considering how great his art is. But well, whatever makes him happy and satisfied is what matters most.


All things considered, I would make me feel so very underhanded to post that considering Miranda Leigh's current and desperate predicament.

As it stands, there used to be two separate sites that once compiled as many artworks of certain anthro artists who wiped their gallery. But from what I checked, the site was eventually taken down due to lack of maintenance or the provider dissipating the sites. What you saw from that link of mine was all I was willing to save from 0r0chi's old galleries.


Why is it no one posts any by Style Wager?


I don't know if it's just me, but it looks like the mediafire links for the collections of art/comics/portfolios from the artists listed in this thread are no longer valid, given the message I'm getting as "File belongs to suspended account" when I click on the links.


It would appear my mediafire account has finally been suspended. Not surprising, given the risky names. Also, because of the nature of the content, the complaints are legal tender. So by all means admins, you may unpin this thread.


please can you repost the furonika ,the download link is down


I feel like I just read something from Jehovas Witness furry porn edition with all this commentary added.


Invalid or Deleted File.


Dude, why not make a torrent for this kind of stuff? I'm sure there would be people interested in seeding this.



for the full collection of comics posted in this thread. please help seed


How do I download this



Trying to download, but no seeds, I can help if I can get it downloaded.


How do you download a magnet?>>30347


i've seen a max of 5 seeds since posting the torrent, a lot of people download it then disappear

not sure why you'd be having trouble connecting, there's always been at least one seed and it's working for others



I´m sorry to hear that, considering how kind and helpful you were with us sharing all these compilations. I know it's no help now, bu it might be in the future; next time, I would recommend uploading to anonymousdelivers.us/ so that you don't have any more problems like this. And again, thank you very much.


Copy and paste the magnet on the URL>>30347


bump for this


Ouch torrent has not been up for that long and I cant connect to any seeders.


torrent's still alive, just way more peers than seeds. need more of you to stay connected!


I have most of this stuff I will help seed.


Can someone upload somewhere else or create a torrent just for:

Artist: Ushigami

this one


People please seed


Any chance we'll get new download links to any of these? lost my comics a while ago and there are some great artists here that I wanted :(


Invalid or Deleted File. @ all dl-links -.-


You could ya know...do the torrent. Either that Or I put it on DF I know it won't get taken down there.


could somebody add the comics from dnapalmhead's store like boob camp and flex to the torrent?



Hi, can you re-upload Karno? mediafire rm'd it.


just a friendly reminder, magnet:?xt=urn:btih:A6TTKHEAP3ICGBPQT3O4K535YRPHXGOR for a complete torrent archive of this thread. you can download the whole thing or you can choose which artists you want, the torrent is separate archives.

please seed! seed seed seed seed seed forever




File: 1544960950484-0.jpg (81.57 KB, 400x622, Sasquatch-Detective-Specia….jpg) Google iqdb

File: 1544960950484-1.jpg (172.69 KB, 900x1125, Sasquatch_Detective_On_The….jpg) Google iqdb



Can someone re-upload this plz, mediafire link is down. :-/


File: 1563547370496.jpg (485.79 KB, 1024x1340, uhhhuehuehue.jpg) Google iqdb


File: 1584339247317.jpg (1.1 MB, 1206x1971, Iskra_u18chan.jpg) Google iqdb

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