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>>33911 dammit! why stop there when it was getting really interesting :(



Huh. Sorry, I forgot I deleted those last two a kind anon provided. I'm just not into multiboob and absolutely anything Gideon related. But that's rude of me not to provide for others who might like it. My apologies guys.


I kinda love that her pussy is practically showing, as are her nips

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What is the name of the doujin? It was posted here once, but then it disappeared.

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Does anyone know what the name if this is and where I can find a translated version of it?


It's from Kemokko Lovers 3 [(C83) [迷い猫] ケモッ娘ラヴァーズ 3]
Here is translated version http://preview.tinyurl.com/lovers3



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So, I started this awhile ago and now all of them are finished or in order, but I had gone through and collected every comic that looked interesting to me on U-18chan from page 1 of Furry Comics to the final page (p47 or something).

I am currently in the process of sorting it and trying to get them in order and gather any missing pages. The only one I'm aware of with missing pages right now is Oral Fixation (which sucks), but those are easy to find.

There's still more than what is shown on the screenshot, plus I have the original .zip files straight from U-18.

When it's finished, I'll probably create a torrent and post the magnet here, since torrents are the least stressful to deal with. If anybody wants one of the comics, just leave a message and maybe an email address? I might just post some of them, but it takes a lot of time just to categorize these, so I might not want to.

Also, looking for occasional help, like I have a few comics without names, so if anybody would like to help please let me know.


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Budget cuts don't allow for cookies.


Do post the torrent please :)


Sorry, I've been busy getting ready for college and job hunting. Anyways, this is my first time creating a torrent, so if it's wonky somehow, let me know and I'll try again.

Here's a magnet link. For those who don't know how to use these, copy it. For Bittorrent users like me, it's File>Add Torrent From File>Copy magnet here.

I'm not done fixing it up, so I might release a new one later, but for now, here it is.



Also, if anyone currently downloading this reads this, set the file U-18 to Don't Download. i had started zipping the files into a single archive then realized it was pointless since I was making a torrent. So, that particular file is just an unfinished copy of the content that takes up a good bit of space. Sorry about that, I'll fix it permanently later.

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Wow.. your "creepy" threshold is set very low.
As part of the "furry paradigm".
In most furry universes all 3 creature types
existed in the same universe.
Furry, animals and humans...
So it's not out of the question a furry role playing a non-anthro or a human playing a pet for a furry.


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hell why not ill fap to it...


Uhhhhm, doesnt look 7:30 to me...


The only creepy thing there is how he goes out of his way to portray how she behaves inhuman, and than make goes out of his way to make her look human.

Actually, when I think about it, the double standard of going out of his way to make her look human while the shep gets a free pass is way creepier.


File: 137678185465.jpg (433.62 KB, 765x895, 1188416248776.jpg) Google iqdb

I should note... this isn't THAT bad. Pretty much everything she did there are things done by human submissives: bondage, cageplay, "puppyplay," and so on.

Naylor's done MUCH worse. His "Fall of Red Riding Hood" series, for example. At least this time around the human male is enjoying himself with an eager lassie, instead of being turned into an emasculated sissy slave to demonstrate Randian Objectivist superiority whatever.

Have another Naylor pic to remind ourselves that, as much of a twit as he might be, he wouldn't be so annoying if he didn't draw decent art.

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A couple years ago, I saw around here a comic about 3 equines... Well, one of them didn't look like one, but there was this young donkey and a pegasus. This last one was a champion on a sport, and I think his name was Thunderbolt... or something alike... When the action starts on the comic, both the donkey and the other weird equine take a shower, they start throwing water at each other, then it turns "gay" the situation. Somehow the pegasus look at them at the showers, join them and then they make a trio. At the end of the comic, the donkey seems to be growing wings. I has been searching for this comic for about 6 months... Someone got it?
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I cannot remember what the comic was but all i can remember is that it had a kangaroo that had robot parts that interacts with you
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Thats it
Thanks :)

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can some 1 help me find the rest of this plz


leosaeta or seth-iova is the artist

it's incomplete.



love for him to compleat it

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Speaking of comics, anyone have this one from Freckles?


File: 137494496945.jpg (1.25 MB, 2040x2640, CollegeDays01.jpg) Google iqdb



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this is godawful





I didn't want to say anything.
People get buttthurt when people don't like their preferred artist.

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