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Does anyone know where to view the furry comic called "Free Pass"? It used to be on Furry Tower, and I have been trying to locate it since that website got shutdown. Thanks in advance!
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How the hell is this PR?


PR for a defunct website, now that's genius!


Peanut shut down Furry tower from what I heard,
Everyone headed over to Anthroark,
Which was just recently shut down by Hard Blush [cease and Desist]


I'm not familiar with any of those names, anyone mind summing up what happened?



Simple. Some furries got butthurt because other furries were dumping their comics on sites. World keeps spinning, THE END.

File: 137831830359.jpg (186.77 KB, 638x795, dyoA.jpg) Google iqdb


I'm trying this again for a short time. Once again this ain't *exactly* a comic but I surmise that "comic" is the best category among those availabe for this project.

adventure Praetexta is a lame little project revolving around the concept of drawing and writing a short story based upon the action suggested via comments, much like some sort of textual adventure. The comments are heard by the character like some sort of voices in his head, voices which he'll be keen to listen since he's got very little common sense.
I shall proceed to the same point where I arrived before one of the old wipe wiped the thread away, as a short recap.

"What is this place?
As if I've just woken from a strange dream I walk down a dark tunnel. I can't remember how I got here, or why. From what I can make out in this faint light this appears to be some sort of artificial tunnel carved into the stone."

Suddenly the sound of footsteps can be heard, drawing nearer and nearer.

"What should I do?"
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I have a FA but I can't say I use it much. I use that account for pr0n and I don't usually draw much pr0n. Anyway it's this http://www.furaffinity.net/user/hym


File: 138352071666.jpg (201.83 KB, 787x705, dyoa14.jpg) Google iqdb

The feeling of falling down is abruptly substituted by one of vertigo. Briefly I feel af is someone is pushing me by all sides and then...
...the strangest of feelings, like when you sleep on your arm and you don't feel it anymore, only spread throughout the body. Suddenly I'm again aware of standing on a floor and I realize I have my eyes closed.
Opening ...my?... eyes I take a look at the surroundings. I seem to be in a room, I can't make much out in the darkness, but here the heat is stifling and the air smells of smoke. There seems to be some sort of big metal construct in front of me and I realize that I'm carring some sort of metal contraption. It is quite light.
The construct hums quietly in the background... voices, I'm confused, what should I do now?


Welcome back. You're looking in one direction... look in the other three. And at yourself. Admire 'your' new 'body.'


File: 138395525845.jpg (118.8 KB, 484x800, dyoa15.jpg) Google iqdb

(Thank you. Also I'm drunk and I don't know what I'm writing).

To my left and right there are unadorned walls of rough stone, behind me there's a door which has been left ajar. I can only suppose that I -I mean the body that's hosting me- has come that way. Inspecting my body I feel... somewhat sorter? I seem to be in good shape and most probably female, also. Does this thing have a gender, actually? Well anyways this body seems to have been crafted and modelled as a mix of various races.
What now?


Well that's interesting. You have a few options open to you, I'll leave you (or the other guys/voices) to decide which of them to pursue, according to your own desires or thoughts. You can check exactly where this 'person' who you now are came from (the door behind you), examine the apparatus in front of you (Perhaps you can concentrate and 'read' the runes on it and the item you carry), or you can explore the limits of your new body.

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Best comis




bump for moar

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Does anyone have Trans Fes 1 or 2? or rather A and B?


I didn`t see electronic version





File: 138326095375.jpg (545.59 KB, 810x1080, 1383258231_fisk_lenore04.jpg) Google iqdb


let's see how long this one take. also, support the dude, we always want something to talk/debate/rage about: https://jaynaylor.com/catalog.php
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Bumping for good measure




You know, his porn would be a lot better if all of them weren't full of random internal monologues or needless narration.


just edit out the dialog in any furry porn you download, it instantly makes it 10-1000 times better

File: 137287981176.png (230.14 KB, 1000x525, 1371771581_necrodrone13_ru….png) Google iqdb


We all saw this coming: The Sequel!
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somebody has to have this!


bumpete bump


isnt this out yet? does anybody have it? Please!!!




is this out yet?

File: 137385070140.jpg (85.98 KB, 750x1000, KTQ4.jpg) Google iqdb


Anybody got this?
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does anybody have this?


You do this with every one of these fucking comments. It's fucking sad.


I found this and the other one the other day, but now the site seems to be down.

I'll keep an eye out for when it's back up and then I'll post a link.


The site seems to be back up se here's the link.



the site is nice and all, but the comic is nowhere to be seen. anybody got the pages or something?

File: 138332432847.jpg (94.45 KB, 224x299, 65_thumb.jpg) Google iqdb


Jay Naylor - Lenore

Hoster: Cloudzer

Download : http://s2l.biz/3fuflvmk1lonw

File: 138249154828.jpg (972.22 KB, 2005x576, download.jpg) Google iqdb


strange world
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Boner killer in every sense of the word..


The pure incarnation of feminism.

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Err why do you have posted it here? (Sry bad english, im german)


File: 138297824822.jpg (40.93 KB, 960x489, da4a8c_3744797.jpg) Google iqdb

>>im german
Heil Hitler!

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