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What it seems, the board gets wiped everynow and then.. I have collected some pics and comics wich i could contribute back to the board.
I could pack them with zip or something and upload somewhere for everyones access, or just some individual comics and or folders.

Pic related.
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You might want to upload Better Late than Never here again, the comic has started again (Chapter 6)


File: 137009202413.jpg (54.77 KB, 479x361, laughing_bender.jpg) Google iqdb

> upload Better Late than Never here again
How about you do it yourself?


tried to start chapter six yesterday.
not sure what happened to it, since i can't see it anymore.

*maybe i shouldn't have linked to the other pages via a link*


> since i can't see it anymore.
refresh page, here is your thread


Stick the stuff in a torrent its the best way to go with bulk files.

Stay away from those awful file share sites please :3

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File: 136987388924.jpg (1.03 MB, 3124x4092, Oresen3001.jpg) Google iqdb


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Picture is related .. As, i THINK i have full comic dunno its name.
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Vu06. You can find him on FA. I added the translations to this btw. :3 Glad it has made its rounds. ^^



Any place to download the translated version?


Does anyone have the translated version?
If so please give a link or place it here.

Thank you



Thank you

File: 136925323168.jpg (698.92 KB, 804x1253, CW01.jpg) Google iqdb


Love this comic, but the consistency is rather hilarious.
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File: 136954920186.jpg (1015.97 KB, 896x1300, CW11.jpg) Google iqdb

Final Page!
Art style consistent only with the previous page, and no where as detailed as the rest of the comic.

Great comic over all, but as I said some consistency issues.


Someone pointed this out afterwards, where is his tail in this page?


Hidden behind his leg. That's not the biggest problem.

Did that dildo just ejaculate?!


Maybe he's abusing the lube? Self Lubing?

True, but it just seems off and odd it would be totally hidden.


The cumtube is hidden behind his tail.

File: 136910181471.jpg (374.64 KB, 795x1200, 49833.jpg) Google iqdb


i cant find it and its something id really like to add to my colection or rather a download if we can.


Second result you fucking knob! LRN2 google.



Be civil faggot!



Have fun. This is one of my favorite comics.

File: 13690745833.jpg (254.09 KB, 1061x1500, 131531404244.jpg) Google iqdb


Any idea where i can get those comics? I saw them once here but dunno where they gone ... Picture related. Thanks.


File: 136908172976.jpg (319.44 KB, 800x944, 45078-DisneyGoof_troopPegR….jpg) Google iqdb

A Goofy Plot 1-4
Family Affair 1-2
Goof Troop Lemon-Aid
Peggy Cums Camping (not finished/abandoned?)
Pete's Suggestion (not finished/abandoned?)



File: 136910385426.jpg (27.88 KB, 379x395, thumb_up_fallout.jpg) Google iqdb

Thanks bro, were looking these comics!

File: 136874001243.jpg (536.72 KB, 960x1280, 1365136398_wuffypie_dazefi….jpg) Google iqdb


Any comics saved off of this sight, especially ones still in progress, it would be very appreciated if you upload what you got.Thankz~ (pic unrelated)


wtf this is like the 4th time this sites been wiped clean what the hell is going on around here


File: 136891223435.jpg (479.96 KB, 1920x1080, Smiling_Bunny.jpg) Google iqdb

My guess is ether 1) an artist complained and since they don't know how to erase just the thread that the pic is on so they wipe everything, or 2) people they keep pissing off report the site and they have to wipe every thing...here have a Giant Bunny Smile...


just a suggestion but why not fix the script on the site so that it is possible to delete just one thread????


3) Bored troll flooded the board with spam threads, bumping everything off (actually what happened)


and they dont have a script to prevent that like 4chan why?

File: 13687928529.jpg (365.64 KB, 968x1500, page001.jpg) Google iqdb


Soo, any room for this again?


just make the switch to a competent image-board, i dont know the last time they were attacked, ether they do regular backups or they dont get attacked


it may be competent but its butt ugly and the staff are a bunch of idiot babys about banning people and deleting shit


why are you going there to talk? you go there for porn and not more, ya'hear?


You simply don't understand my son.

A true furry must hold on to the ancient ways of drama, making a big deal about everything is mandatory in the their sacred doctrine.

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