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Why the fuck premium only?!

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Okay, what the fuck is this?


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>>33251 Looks purr-fict to me...lolz =^.^=


When the fuck did PawsRU become Cheezburger or Fukung with all these fuckin' Felines D:

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Hello /fc/

i been introduced to your site today and i apreciated the content a lot , but i cant seem to expand any of the images , be thought the expand buttor or any other means.

someone knows how to fix this?


> someone knows how to fix this?
see http://pawsru.org/pawsX/dis/res/4101.html#4102

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does anyone know if there is more of this
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is this thing dead? XD


Seems so+.+ I didn't see any news for Frisky Ferals


there were a few more pages, but never finnished



I'm too lazy to read the whole thing but I think it means that FF will be return. This time the new FF stuff will be choosen by votes (only people who bought something can vote) but updates will be more often and not every 4 months

File: 136926552931.jpg (60.35 KB, 350x448, dragons-hoard-volume-3-630….jpg) Google iqdb


Does anybody have the whole comic yet? It's been months and still nothing...
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can someone upload this to a faster site.. like mega or something:)


thanks but seems like it's missing a lot of pages



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P: a long word from Mary Poppins


It took forever but the code is

File: 136923110532.jpg (270.83 KB, 1041x774, pawsru_comics.jpg) Google iqdb


What it seems, the board gets wiped everynow and then.. I have collected some pics and comics wich i could contribute back to the board.
I could pack them with zip or something and upload somewhere for everyones access, or just some individual comics and or folders.

Pic related.
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You might want to upload Better Late than Never here again, the comic has started again (Chapter 6)


File: 137009202413.jpg (54.77 KB, 479x361, laughing_bender.jpg) Google iqdb

> upload Better Late than Never here again
How about you do it yourself?


tried to start chapter six yesterday.
not sure what happened to it, since i can't see it anymore.

*maybe i shouldn't have linked to the other pages via a link*


> since i can't see it anymore.
refresh page, here is your thread


Stick the stuff in a torrent its the best way to go with bulk files.

Stay away from those awful file share sites please :3

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