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A tread for Twokinds porn. Everything is aloud as long as its Twokinds related.
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Just waiting on the follow up image fan art for this..


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Its a shame knowing the daily comic updates are going to stop soon ;-;


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was about to post them then I realized that I didn't have them all. I would wait till the next kick starter or something. On the last one he offered a full digital download of all the comics with the updated art. that's what I will be doing.


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Posting what I got so far.
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Dats all I got.

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first of chapter 6

for the previous chapters: http://e621.net/pool/show/1188
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Nice find, thanks for sharing.


Of course page 171 is missing.. dumb Russians can't count.

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So... does anyone have scans of his? Or is there a digital version for download somewhere?
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I believe dragon hoard 3 was already shared...not here I think.
2~3 Mb each page If I remember correctly.
Its the thought that count so thanks for your effort.

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Why Can't I Hold All These Wipes?
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I would appreciate if someone posted it here too, everytime I try to run the download it F**ks my computer up so would someone please be kind to a dude with a crap ass computer and upload it pretty please!?! preferible as jpg images?


"buy comics for me!"
"post comics here in the format I demand"
"chew my food for me!"


Why the hell does it need to be jpg images? if it even does get posted here, just deal with what F**king format the dude/dudette was kind enough to put here dingbat!


1. Its an image board. 2. Jpg or pngs are preferable to download links because of less exposure to malware. 3. Because i ask nicely?



Ehehehe... He does have a point.

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I was looking for full version of this comics. I heard it's called Boystown - compilation of some artwork from hb. Is there any downloadable copy of this?
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Try paying for it and supporting the artists like everyone else.


you do realize the site you are on?


I said try, it's an option, or he can hurry up and wait for a leaked digital version while I caress/fondle/enjoy my beautiful hardbound copy of said collected anthology of comics.


i absolutely positively must have the rest of this comic 0.o

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I like how this is turning out :3


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Tail titjobs.


pretty rare one ^^ , well atleast you get a glimpse of it


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Skin - Illustrated?

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