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furries are disgusting queers, that should be shot.


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2/10 got me to reply
OP is the brightest flame in board.


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OP failed?


Could this be removed please? He can make further comments about this Discussions, not the art categories? (And he stop waving that BB gun of his as well... XD LOL)


>That post has been cleared as not requiring any deletion.



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Better than being a retard who doesn't know where to post.

Please remove this thread or move it to 'dis'


Hmmm okay we'll execute all the furries. Then we'll get the gays, then all the lefthanded people because the Bible says the right hand is holy and the left is of the devil. After we get all those people shot foryou, We will be shooting all the idiots that posts stuff in the wrong section... if you could step into that cage there we'll proceed with the mass execution of idiots first since that would reduce angst much better than killing the furries, gays and lefties. Enjoy the afterlife Mr mfw Furries No. 35001


File: 137830271493.gif (14.83 KB, 275x300, Slowpoke.gif) Google iqdb

Tried a little too hard buddy...
You're a month late to the troll.


oh look, a beretta elite II...

problem one; 400FPS won't penetrate most fur with enough force left to break the skin.

problem two; it's not pointed at me.

problem three; you look like you probably flinch when you shoot a BB gun.

threat dismissed


Okay I just gotta point out... that fucker has a uni-brow that he either shaves or waxes! I mean my God it just...Oh also furries are pretty low on the list of people who need to be shot... Think murderers, rapist, politicians, cultist out to kill everyone, and OP are much much higher on the list!


nah, i'd definitely shoot all the furries before i shot any of those people


this is my new favorite thread, all the internet badasses posting serious furry internet badass replies to it are utterly killing me. this is hilarious




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File: 138023814816.jpg (74.21 KB, 750x600, argueingontheinternet.jpg) Google iqdb


LOL I love when people make an account on a website just to cry about the stuff on that site. try hard troll much?


You know.... I wonder... If the guy began this thread with those words, "Furries are disgusting queers..." Why use a photo of a guy with a t-shirt reading, "Humanity is Overrated"? That sort of counters their view... XD

Also... has anyone heard.... that the bird is the word...
Well, Bird, Bird, Bird... Bird is the Word... oh well, Bird, Bird, Bird, Bird is the Word... <sings as annoyingly as Peter Griffin>


... make an account? on a chan?

are you eating stupid pills?

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