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I'll be posting the Schooldays portfolios over the next few days.
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Anyone got this one?


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Just released a new portfolio.


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New portfolio announced.


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Does anybody have The Gathering Part III that they'd be willing to share?


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Well, yiffparty is useless now. Guess there's no way to get his arts now…


It's official, you guys have no way to get exclusive work from Krezz.


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Why would we want to? His art is awful.



Still, you can't get it otherwise. Now that 8chan's out of commission, you can't do squat. Plus Yiff.Party is going to shutdown soon. If you can't get want you want there, tough luck.



Thank god, yiff.party was a shithole anyway.



Where are you going to get exclusive stuff, genius?



I dunno, probably Patreon. I like supporting artists I like, plus I wouldn't want to give shitty artists any exposure anyway.

My dick doesn't really know the difference between exclusive and non-exclusive art.



So you are giving up. Just so you know, this site's next. It doesn't have any patreon work, so you're shit out of luck. If this sites dead, it's a waste of your time.



Bruh this is just a foot porn imageboard that I fap to sometimes, idc about exclusive stuff tbh, a wank's a wank


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And now Krezz's patreon is gone. Guess that's the end of the road and Krezz can now have his content pirate free. lol



He does have a Pixiv FanBox. But I doubt you guys actually getting exclusive content from him. After all, without 8chan on your side, you're shit outta luck.


News for ya: 8chan is back.





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There are a number of ways to access it:

Clearnet address:

Lokinet addresses:
Duke : http://pijdty5otm38tdex6kkh51dkbkegf31dqgryryz3s3tys8wdegxo.loki
Dune: http://s5swbfcf4joom9tzf8w7ss5fptywwpnnfop3pxcf5ebjnz8ioksy.loki
Rosie: http://pchpjz7ubqsfwa7qeyotqszrx5ayt3p1y4mbfnuffoupwq53nury.loki

Tor address:

They are still migrating boards from the old site for board owners who request it.


Clicked on all of them. Didn't work.


To use the tor address you must install the tor browser, OR use a tor-to-web gateway such as this:
You won't be able to post while using a gateway.

Lokinet also requires installing special software.

The regular web address https://8kun.net/ goes up and down because of DOS attacks.


Well, Krezz teased the latest chapters of his (supposedly forever free) comic, School Days, over a month ago, and he hasn't posted them at all. It's not like he's on hiatus or anything, he's clearly posting art to his IB account.

Sure, they're on his Pixiv fanbox, but you need to pledge to him to even see the content.

"School Days will forever be free" my ass. Guess he decided to go paywall with his comic anyway.

I'm done with Krezz and his crap.


Any updates?


Can somebody delete the troll's posts and ban him? On a side note, we need new posts.


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File: 1581818777778-1.jpg (274.71 KB, 604x800, Trick or Whatever portfoli….jpg) Google iqdb

File: 1581818777778-2.jpg (384.6 KB, 863x600, The Special Bunny portfoli….jpg) Google iqdb

someone has these collections?.. please



Although he is no longer active on Patreon, I bet stuff can still be uploaded on there.


I doubt you guys can actually get them.


Good luck trying to get it by paying yen.


i posted the yiff.party shared files because they have a lot of things not shared anywhere else.


But not all of them from 2019.

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