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Lets see the female fursuiters... also source and more of this plz...


Yes! This everything about THIS!


File: 137038013181.jpg (73.47 KB, 1200x1561, badkitty.jpg) Google iqdb

Surprisingly the holy grail of a lot of furry forums, considering.

I've always wondered why more stuff from Califur's shows doesn't end up on the Net. Somewhere, there's an entire CD of this sorta thing. Looks like the same sorta thing as this video clip from Motherless: 90DF8E2.


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i used to know a guy in orange county who did bodypainting, he worked with all sorts of beautiful women. that guy knew what was up


One of the best female fursuit videos out there. It was on vids.theyiffgallery.com for a while, but isn't anymore.



there's actually a kickstarter thing for some f/m fursuit project. it's almost out of the voting phase, in which after that it will be taking pledges. http://offbeatr.com/project/go-kemono-43845245780 might as well spread the word since it hasn't gotten too much attention yet.


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