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I noticed someone complained about shitty images here, and I *think* he might have been talking about the very first one...

The anatomy on that image literally made me cringe. It's scary how Bernal makes money off of actually good artists like he does. He *used* to draw pretty good, but something happened to make him stop caring about proportions, perspective and anatomy.



>Reminding me that that picture of Dawn was done seven years ago

Oh my goodness...


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Anyone got the full image of this?



Anybody have the full picture of this?


this image complet please


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I found this, but I think it's a poor decensor, not the real thing


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I want new image shakti please



Do want


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>Bernal drawing character's feet in back to back pictures




This pic is still missing!


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the new otter please


the new shakti please


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the new shakti a otter please



Will much appreciate if anyone is willing to post on here, or to another file sharing site. (don't want the extension, nor do I want chrome)


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Someone be a real man and post the "new" Sasha picture.


pft, stop being a faggot and asking others rudely for free stuff. if you want it so bad, be a real man and pay for it yourself.


"Be a man, post paid porn for free!"
"Be a man, buy porn!"


Please stop the begging and complaining. If you have it and wish to post that's fine but stick to images not bickering.


File: 138021755216.jpg (63 KB, 350x499, sasha-reimagined-64156.jpg) Google iqdb






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I like Bernal's art, but oh my God.

This is easily the most retarded pose he's ever drawn.


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File: 138295440919.jpg (112.39 KB, 701x1000, 1382638409_evilartnazi_cha….jpg) Google iqdb





Thank you!

Anybody have the de-censor for this?


File: 138496423066.jpg (953.71 KB, 1300x1018, de04_u18chan.jpg) Google iqdb


File: 138496437955.jpg (1.15 MB, 1300x1300, de1382975124_Orchid_Hallow….jpg) Google iqdb


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Once again, the site just trails behind the stuff dug up by U-18chan. C'mon, people!


Sadly, you are right. this place has become nothing more than a spot for retards to repost what they find on U-18chan.


yea, this chan used to be the best but the inept management and repeated content wipes drove all the good posters away



In agreement there fella', they doesn't let the recent content be on the top of lists...


Ack! Where'd the new Otter pic go? It was here a couple of days ago...


>Makes a post without using name, thinking it'll get flamed to shit
>Post receives responses of agreement instead

FML. Yeah, I'm the one who made that post As if I could even prove it anyways... *facedesk*

I really wish somebody *cough VIRTUALFOX cough cough BARTIMAEUS cough hack wheeze* would've gotten off their lazy asses and restored all the awesome threads we had right after that elusive CP-shitting chucklefuck flooded them all out with those goddamn CP spam posts several months back.

By now, I'm pretty sure those threads are gone for good, with no hope of being restored.

(I'd been having so much fun pwning a troll's ass on one of those threads at the time, too... >A< DAMN YOU SPAMBASTARDS!!)

Oh, and incidentally, in the event that those CP spamfags show their fugly mugs around here again, everyone remember that the proper way to stop the thread is by enacting OPERATION BUMPED-OFF -- by which I mean the minute you see another CP spam post, immediately go and bump as many of the IMPORTANT preexisting threads as you possibly can (e.g. ones with lots of pics and/or contain stuff that's liked by most of us, such as JJ's work, Sexyfur, ClubStripes, Chalosan, etc.), and knock the CP spam post to the bottom of the thread, where it'll eventually get flushed down the virtual sewer where it belongs.



they were gone with no hope of restoring them from the second they were flooded off the board but thanks for that giant wall of incorrect text anyhow, i guess. i mean its the thought that counts right


*shrug* I'm just going off of what another Anon posted right after the incident happened-- they said something about the mods being able to restore the lost threads. Guess they were mistaken (or I misunderstood what they meant).

Speaking of which, the least the mods could do is run a damn backup of the threads, seeing as the last backup was done TWO YEARS AGO.


the site has been backed up daily ever since i was given access to the server. the least you could do is not post when you don't know what you're talking about

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