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Let's make a experiment on the New PawsX. You know the rules

1. If you approve, don't say shit. If you don't approve, don't say shit.

2. Post Porn.

3. Fuck your fetishes. Keep it vanilla.

4. Post good porn.

5. Post more porn. Especially if it's a widescreen pin-up. Then I can use it as wallpaper.

Got it?
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File: 136935183757.jpg (175.33 KB, 707x1000, Funkyalien-Fran14.jpg) Google iqdb


File: 136935210126.jpg (114.86 KB, 618x800, thefunkyone_t-kay_cinnbunn….jpg) Google iqdb


File: 136935218954.gif (45.12 KB, 960x550, tegerio_lovelies.gif) Google iqdb

Tegerio's got some good stuff, though there's a lot of room for improvement.


File: 136935233362.jpg (458.5 KB, 771x1000, striderorion_terryalllonel….jpg) Google iqdb

Strider again, and the same character too!


File: 136935250611.png (406.03 KB, 1000x1000, striderorion_mirandacommis….png) Google iqdb


File: 136935260041.jpg (262.34 KB, 1000x1000, striderorion_strayterri.jpg) Google iqdb

And here's that character (Terry?) finally getting some. :D


File: 136935275238.jpg (148.46 KB, 1000x633, striderorion_strayterrypor….jpg) Google iqdb

Gettin' some more.


File: 136935300490.gif (462.18 KB, 3.6536536536537E+23x5.1651651651652E+23, bittenhardgif3.gif) Google iqdb

It moves!


File: 136962315857.jpg (2.25 MB, 2400x3200, 136812112731.jpg) Google iqdb


File: 136962401378.jpg (852.52 KB, 2200x2200, 1368864650_kanel_doodles_f….jpg) Google iqdb


File: 136962413519.jpg (1.33 MB, 2200x2200, 1368864454_kanel_doodles_f….jpg) Google iqdb


File: 137000994018.jpg (86.24 KB, 633x800, 22ebf0a07361d2ee918d745f29….jpg) Google iqdb


File: 13700100819.jpg (97.06 KB, 742x800, 17a3c89ffdc0dbab4a740ff915….jpg) Google iqdb


File: 13700101045.jpg (74.45 KB, 591x800, a8e97e57c16a30e49d9490c462….jpg) Google iqdb


File: 137001073480.jpg (54.57 KB, 800x540, e017ad8ac3aa00b585ae148639….jpg) Google iqdb


File: 13701009644.jpg (506.1 KB, 850x1450, Penny-summerlovin.jpg) Google iqdb

Keep it vanilla huh...IS Swirl OK? Xp


File: 137016057011.png (290.79 KB, 541x850, f9055589c5f6bcd04129fa9ef1….png) Google iqdb


File: 137055566996.jpg (59.84 KB, 592x694, 1252901584574.jpg) Google iqdb


File: 137061879738.jpg (114.85 KB, 743x1280, tumblr_ml9u5u51HY1s4oqx6o2….jpg) Google iqdb


File: 137061891815.jpg (107.59 KB, 570x800, tumblr_mnxpjp1oJn1st5hi3o5….jpg) Google iqdb


File: 137061917560.jpg (68.41 KB, 640x800, 3e91b8a4df1fb031a7af51e615….jpg) Google iqdb


File: 137182852236.png (1.11 MB, 1600x1200, naughty_charrs_by_schasm.png) Google iqdb


File: 137192798925.jpg (78.63 KB, 800x672, 43f02c52de7bbe23540ab3345a….jpg) Google iqdb


Hey can one post more art work of the fox that looks like a librarian please I like the artwork but I cant find the person on any artsite



File: 13730317973.jpg (405.56 KB, 765x900, f5a82944ba45d003a559a226e4….jpg) Google iqdb


File: 137321768031.jpg (74.38 KB, 597x800, tumblr_mpftwlj0Vt1recuw6o8….jpg) Google iqdb


File: 137356056441.png (869.67 KB, 900x720, ec400b08d070afb50d1758424d….png) Google iqdb


File: 137431772849.jpg (255.45 KB, 1200x854, deer01.jpg) Google iqdb


File: 13743177565.jpg (402.38 KB, 1200x854, deer02.jpg) Google iqdb


the glowing dick oh lol


File: 137515234176.png (909.52 KB, 1000x1000, 22e5cb7ee78a57d587ed983fd7….png) Google iqdb


File: 137540263539.jpg (71.6 KB, 400x500, 87614b.jpg) Google iqdb


File: 137650133622.png (336.24 KB, 932x1606, c644a043e5c164850582940e02….png) Google iqdb


File: 137654418322.jpg (424.59 KB, 1020x1275, bcc3ae6f2b106d5599aabc18f4….jpg) Google iqdb


File: 137667436141.jpg (149.71 KB, 684x952, tumblr_mqpn4flbNi1sd1a4ro1….jpg) Google iqdb


File: 137732200858.jpg (770.85 KB, 772x1000, 1377005454_alty_altykrysta….jpg) Google iqdb


File: 13789180958.jpg (58.37 KB, 634x800, tumblr_ms22qyAcsU1r7s0ano4….jpg) Google iqdb


File: 137891813860.jpg (74.45 KB, 508x800, tumblr_ms22qyAcsU1r7s0ano1….jpg) Google iqdb


File: 137891863598.jpg (127.05 KB, 743x1000, tumblr_msu07m8hhh1st50rao2….jpg) Google iqdb


File: 137900222289.jpg (449.97 KB, 1000x790, tumblr_msudefeaiR1su4gvqo8….jpg) Google iqdb


File: 13790022777.jpg (328.16 KB, 620x1000, tumblr_msudefeaiR1su4gvqo1….jpg) Google iqdb


File: 137900231580.jpg (89.61 KB, 500x708, tumblr_mszovgLZD41rlklewo5….jpg) Google iqdb


File: 137900239393.png (502.52 KB, 1000x1125, 93afbccfc47d59e83239cf3e1f….png) Google iqdb


File: 137900243514.png (318.03 KB, 700x840, bb46eabc888e4a2a7ca175085a….png) Google iqdb


File: 137900402643.png (383.82 KB, 800x1000, 3469d903b1bd20f93c858042b8….png) Google iqdb


File: 138272650489.jpg (740.05 KB, 3300x2550, image.jpg) Google iqdb

Made this for ontas contest and didn't even place :( I thought I did good oh well that won't stop me from drawing some good porn


File: 138457829358.jpg (704.88 KB, 1000x1470, 1384299707279.jpg) Google iqdb

the perfect girl


File: 1521729854556.png (1.04 MB, 2000x2000, Tetchie Razzel color.png) Google iqdb


File: 1521952838097.png (273.64 KB, 1800x2000, second thought request.png) Google iqdb

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